SBC League Results (June 2018)

in #sbc3 years ago

June 30, 2018Jonkopings Sodra (0)71.73PushMarathonbet
June 29, 2018Lincoln Red Imps AH(0)71.80PushMarathonbet
June 28, 2018Colombia71.84WonMarathonbet
June 27, 2018Andreescu, Bianca Vanessa71.60WonMarathonbet
June 26, 2018Argentina Over 2.571.75WonMarathonbet
June 25, 2018HJK(-1,5)71.98WonMarathonbet
June 24, 2018Osters AH(0)71.95PushMarathonbet
June 23, 2018Set Betting: 2 - 071.6WonMarathonbet
June 22, 2018Nick Kyrgios71.56WonMarathonbet
June 21, 2018France (-1) Handicap72.22PushMarathonbet
June 20, 2018Cilic (Set 2-0)71.83LostMarathonbet
June 19, 2018Kohlschreiber81.50PushMarathonbet
June 18, 2018England (-1)71.86PushMarathonbet
June 17, 2018Serbia Under 2.571.51WonMarathonbet
June 16, 2018Argentina (-1.5)72.08LostMarathonbet
June 15, 2018Lucas Pouille71.53WonMarathonbet
June 14, 2018Shakhter Karagandy AH 0:071.68PushMarathonbet
June 13, 2018Sugita71.73LostMarathonbet
June 12, 2018Poland(-1.5)71.68WonMarathonbet
June 11, 2018Belgium(-1.5)71.70WonMarathonbet
June 201820103791+26.25+ 28.8%


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Round 16 - Croatia vs Denmark
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