The SBC League: Template & Rules

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The Steemit Betting Community League starts on June 11th.

If you haven't already done so, read about the idea behind this league. Here's the gist of it for the lazy:

The idea behind the SBC League is to encourage the tipsters to publish their tips and keep the record of their performance so that the bettors can make an informed decision when they place the bets.

How To Enter the SBC League

In order to participate in the SBC League, you have to be a whitelisted member of the Steemit Betting Community. Basically, if you are followed by the @sbcbot you are a whitelisted member.

You are entering the league by publishing the post using the official template (described below) and tagging the post with the sbctips tag.

The SBC League Post Template

The template is based on How I Post Bets on Steemit ! (Explained) by @costanza and looks something like this:


Here's the code that gives you the above, modify it as needed:

June 07, 2018|England Over 2.5|1|2.04|Pending|Pinnacle

<a href="the link to the monthly report">June 2018</a>|0|0|0|0|0|+0.00|+0.00%

<center><a href=""><img src=" Animated Fast.gif"/></a></center> 

The Rules

The SBC League starts with the soft rules in order to identify what needs to be changed, but there are few rules that are enforced from the start:

  1. Stakes are in units/points, not in $, €, £,...
  2. The post has to be based on the template
  3. The sbctips tag is required
  4. Keeping the record is a must

The Reward

The SBC League is sponsored by @stimp1024 with 6 SBD for the monthly prize. At the moment I'm not looking for additional funds and sponsorships, but I'll work on increasing the prize pool in August.

If you've followed the first run of the league, you know that @stimp1024 has been placing the SBC Bet and donating 50% of the winnings for the monthly prize pool. The last bet won and the winners of the league got nice prizes.

That's about all, for now. Ideas and suggestions are welcome.


How can I get whitelisted? I got confused on that part, but I´ve been a tipster for a long time, especially after betfair got banned from my country. (legislation problems, still not solved).

Great, excited for it to start!

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