Satoshi•Steem (SSTEEM) Tokens Buyback Results

in satoshifund •  2 years ago

Buyback of SSTEEM tokens was carried out on January 21, 2017 as was announced at this post.

32 holders received 18,933.7298 SPIES

Satoshi•Steem tokens (SSTEEM) price was calculated using a following formula:
SSTEEM price in BTC = (qty of STEEMs at satoshifund account / SSTEEM supply) * STEEM price in BTC

(372,145.89 / 763,038,846.8035) * 0.00017203 = 0.00000008 BTC per SSTEEM

Prices used in calculations:

  • BTC price = $922.14
  • SPIES price = 0.00256059 BTC
  • STEEM price = 0.00017203 BTC

Buyback Exchange rate: 1 SPIES per 32007.3747 SSTEEM

List of buyback transactions:

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