SAND token is the first steem-engine token to be listed on Newdex and the first native Steem Engine token to be listed ANYWHERE outside steem engine!

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I am pleased to announce that will be listing SAND the first native steem-engine token to be listed anywhere outside steem engine and especially first to be on @newdex-io and I hope to teach my users how to trade and arbitrage between SAND on steem-engine and SAND on newdex

@newdex-io will be listing SAND trading it for EOS will be possible. You can withdraw EOS SAND on


If you are in San Diego like @fitinfun you can get upvoted, staked and delegated Sand and SAND Power for writing posts that have to do with San Diego or Southern California. Even if you haven't been here any posts about the city will be welcomed.

SteemSanDiegoBanner1.png will have SAND listed in its EOS trading zone, and we will be pleased to marketmake and help provide instructions, and free EOS accounts through @myeoswallet Download the Mobile App and get a free EOS account.Attic Labs is a great EOS Block producer and they will help you all get 1 EOS account but you may have to do a quick twitter resteem and post to prevent abuse of people taking multiple accounts as they are expensive almost 1 whole EOS per account for normal creation costs, so we will make sure you get them free but you should understand that before EOS Voice and new free accounts come out and are subsidized by dapps and block one, we will be happy to help you get one. Murmur is also giving out free EOS accounts if you use their dapp. But I would go with myeoswallet at first. Although Murmur is an AMAZING messaging app for EOS, I wish it was mooning with SENSE, SENSE has a great start but murmur so far is on its way to replace telegram at least for EOS users :)


Anyway please come check out and make yourself familiar with its layout, as I hope to get SMTs and Steem Engine tokens listed with trading pairs here, after I get STEEM on Scatter.

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Wow! Great job, @ackza. You have my name spelled wrong, but I found you anyway. I am definitely on board to learn more and continue to post about San Diego on STEEM.

Tagging @metzli and @mariannewest to check this out. I will think of more :)

Typo Corrected! Thank you so much for being a part of SAND and

I am going to buy back SAND and make sure we get ADS enabled to have a constant supply of money to buy back sand so as long as we have users on we can have funds to support SAND price

We need to get a list of SD peeps on STEEM, @ackza. I have some due to my @socalsteemit activity. We have quite a lot, but we are not organized!

This is all pretty cool and exciting! I'm trading some SAND on both NewDex and steem-engine. Also tweeting and resteeming a bit :)

I hope to teach my users how to trade and arbitrage between SAND on steem-engine and SAND on newdex

So is there a way to move SAND from Steem blockchain to EOS blockchain? That's the only way I can think to arbitrage but I'm not really a skilled or experienced trader. :D


OK I just found this post:

It explains it a bit more. But I'll need to read it again in the daytime when I'm more awake. :P