You can now trade SAND for EOS on for 1 to 6 cents per SAND, EOS SAND that you can withdraw from your SE SAND. very large incentive to trade SAND and post on

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SAND is now trading on Newdex! A decentralized exchange that uses many Dapp wallets including scatter, lynx, myeoswallet meetone SQRL and hopefully soon we can get steem on Scatter if my SPS proposal passes. But even if it doesn't I will still spend my valuable time to get Steem on the scatter wallet pack. Anyway

SAND on EOS can be withdrawn on and traded on @newdex-io

You can now Trade SAND on Scatter, Lynx Token Pocket MeetOne using web app. There are many options but lets keep it simple: Use these website or and simply download SCATTER for desktop, or, if you want something working across desktop and mobile use LYNX . BUt if youre just on Mobile, and you have an EOS waccount, use Lynx, or if you NEED a Free EOS account and are just on mobile OR need one regardless, use MyEOSwallet which you download from the App Store and get a FREE Promo code when you follow instructions to message myeoswallet on telegram. You can import this active/owner key from myeoswallet into Lynx or Scatter and now you can Trade on newdex and get access to all the amazing EOSIO tokens from DAPP to Telos to pEOS to now SAND!

You will need Scatter or Lynx for mobile or MyEOSWallet on App or Playstore which will provide you with a Free EOS account promo code when you telegram myeoswallet with their instructions followed with a simple retweet to avoid abuse of free account claims, and youll have your free eos account worth 0.8 EOS around $2 so its not cheap, and there are plans for subsidizing millions of free eos accounts, but TELOS has free accounts and a pool with 1 Million and more if needed. EOS can use its tens of millions of EOS in the EOS savings account. I will be using TELOS and launching a TELOS SAND token either pegged or new and airdropped. TEACH will be involved and you can talk to us here soon when Douglas Horn the Telos White Paper Author who created the group for me, also performs the quick formality of giving me permissions to make the TEACH+SAND group public to share, in which case the address chosen will be

Anyway the EOS SAND block explorer and smart contract information is here:
Bloks io EOS Block Explorer and rich list

Steem Engine SAND token Block Explorer Richlist

@privex and @someguy123 can answer questions about the POOl system used to synchronize the two supplies. I take care to never issue any tokens except from the steem engine SAND, and withdraw them from steem-engine to issue them from @sandiegocoin ON EOS (not steem) I WILl eventually Transfer Ownership ( A JSON option @holger32 told me about ) over to @sandiegocoin so this account ends up being the account issuing SAND not @ackza .

You can withdraw your Steem Engine SAND as EOS SAND on just click withdraw. There is a 1% fee as with all tokens.

I am going to ask @blockchainstudio aka @steemfinex if we can please please add Steem SAND and EOS SAND and I will give him some of both tokens to begin being able to exchange for his @steemfinex rate of 0.25% with added option of going for 0.01% every hour as a number placed in the memo. So JUST adding "25" in the memo, allows your transaction to be FREE no fee as long as you wait 25 hours.

So come try out and earn some SAND which you can now sell on for EOS

I will be needing help with San Diego related content, so please, post anything about San DIego using the hashtag sandiego and I need curators and people to create videos about this tribe on youtube. I will be willing to pay liquid steem for this help. COntact me if interested. 619 500 3748 TEXT first. Southern California RELATED people are preferred but Ill be willing to work with anyone who has even the slightest interest in promoting San Diego, California and the idea that a city can conform to global blockchain standards allowing a large portion of its residents and school students to directly benefit from cryptocurrency. Basically, we are preparing for the next Bitcoin Bull run so when it happens, none of our residents will be left behind.


Newdex Listing Live here:

You can still trade the same pegged SAND here, the token can be withdrawn with the Withdraw button to your EOS account

I even bought more EOS RAM for withdraws to fresh accounts that have no SAND yet, which require 240 bytes. Perhaps a minimum withdraw limit per coin can be set by @someguy123 or @beggars in the future. I have many ideas to strengthen the withdrawal system.

The ram is for my sandiegocoin EOS account which handles the withdraws from steem-engine @privex gateway (Thanks to @aggroed and @someguy123 for the amazing help! Without them none of this could have happened!)

I will also be hosting NEW SAND curation teams, and Ill be asking @fitinfun to help me by continuing what shes doing! And hopefully she can curate, and will have an incentive to do so. I just need to get as many steemians that live in San Diego as possible to join the team and apply to get some stake and delegation from me. Now that EOSSAND is a lot more expensive, i can afford to only give out delegation, and perhaps a small stake of 100 SAND power but with more delegation I should allow @fitinfun to provide at least a few SAND per upvote, but I will need to balance out my own SAND upvotes from @ackza and @sandiegocoin which I will start to save only for proposals if they start coming in. I will need to find people to distribute delegation to and as long as I find more San Diego related steemians and come up with a standard amount of SAND to delegate to, I can let the market price in all of these actions. 10 M max supply can't help but be respected, however the circulating supply of SAND will will always depend on the amount being distributed everyday from the ScotBot system. When I consulted with my friend @gerber who was instrumental in helping me to understand the scotbot social blockchain distribution system by steem-engine he reminded me that its over 500 SAND everyday being given out and that number I believe will only diminish in the future OR that option can be enabled for 100 ENG with a scot update.

If i can show the world that only around 500 SAND are "printed" everyday to reward people who promote the token, and if I can create my SAND DAC with @eosdac using Dac Factory, then I can allow EOS SAND holders to vote on what to vote on from @sandiegocoin which has the power to create upvotes worth 100+ SAND at full vote power. This will be used for proposals, but as you can see the steem based system of SAND already has an informal DAC of sorts. However I am excited to formalize it with @eosdac but I have many questions for @disregardfiat and @dlux-io about how we can achieve a DAC on steem, using the SAND POWER users may already have staked, to allow them to vote on what to vote on with the large stake of the @sandiegocoin account. I could use a sort of curation trail to do this, see who my users like upvoting and follow their upvotes.

Anyway I have a lot fo work to do, and so I hope to invite all Southern California steemians into the SAND project, and I hope to have a new white paper by the end of the month along with a new series of videos and infographics, media and team of curator authors like @fitinfun who I can depend on to write posts that have something to do with San Diego, and which will always allow her to earn Steem as well, (and now EOS )

Contact me if you want to get access to SAND Power Delegation so you can Manually Curate and write daily posts, images, videos, it can be short content as long as its local! The closer you are to actually living here, the less effort your content needs to be as locals can just post a selfie of them in San Diego and it qualifies as being very San Diego! Someone not living here will need to at least write something about San Diego or find some pictures of San Diego to compare to their own town etc. I am open to any content that has to do with the Beach, San Diego Zoo, Sea World, the GasLamp and the Speak Easys... Coronado, the Us Navy Bases in San Diego... OH that reminds me I have a lot of work to do creating the San Diego Zoo Steem EOSIO Telos project for a Taxonomy Blockchain with a wallet for every animal species allowing people to donate and upvote endangered species and allowing memes about endangered species to go towards Zoological research. These people at CRES helped saved the endangered COndor just like Jurassic Park predicted!

Heres some old images from years ago where I have been preparing for this!

The bear was a hint at my next EOS token which will be Airdropped/Grabbed to Steemians, EOS SAND holders, for California, which i call the BEAR token for which will have an immutable SOV style deflation :) Instead of EOS genesis account holders, we will give to California residents, 400 million 10 for each of the 40 Million residents, with a 1 Billion max supply. ut that is for later. For now Im building up SAND with its 10 Million max supply, with 2 Million saved t attempt to give 1 SAND to every San Diego city resident, and perhaps even 3 Million to give 1 to every San Diego COUNTY resident.

These old photos I made years ago show how far I have come! The end game is still to replace all local city taxes and non voluntary revenue with an inflation based token like @dan Larimer and his Programmable US Dollar, with 20 Trillion Supply, and a 1% inflation a year allowing for 1 trillion US Dollars as a yearly budget for the US Government, and if they wanted a higher budget theyd have to increase the value of this new programmable US DOLLAR. if we can use SAND as the first stepping stone and prove its concept then who knows how far the programmable US Dollar can get.... we may not even need it if SAND and more City wide local cryptocurrencies emerge. And I envision an entire framework for local city tokens, to exist, compete and cooperate to allow the new blockchain governments to just start popping up all over the place. Eventually the largest city DACs in a state will come together and form a STATE wide dac and we will eventually have a framework for all the DACs to enter into an electoral college. The EOS Paralele US presidential elections are already a thing in EOSIO world and Telos has these E Government or eGov Solutions coming but they are very secret and new. I would check out to find out more from Douglass if you are actually representing a national government or public sector organization.


Wow! I just looked in Steem-engine. Nice move, @ackza! Letting you know I also have @bxlphabet and @fitinfunfood who curate SD posts too. I am all on board with this one :)

yes thats good to hear because i need to sit down and get some users to create enough content that i cant curate it all. We cant loose because its also steem... and the eos is a bonus...

I just have to work on the nextdoor style app, or getting those features on the nitrous front end so people use maybe i can do weekly meetups in Balboa park and hand out some crypto to people who show up with a post even if its a selfie, I dont wanna be strict. I also need to get people an easier way to share to steem, i wish @share2steem was back it made it SOOO easy to connect steem account to youtube twitter twitch or instagram and all we had to do was use #share2steem in our tweets or instagram posst or youtube videos and it woudl auto repost to steem... i gotta find something like that again

ALSO, I need to use it let me post to like 30 social media sites at one time :D I also need to use restreama nd live stream some twitch and youtube streams wheer i trade on steem engine and newdex live! i think no one has really done that on twitch but i can be the guy who trades on steem engien OR ID RATHER find some one to do that...w e should ask who wants to do 1 hour a day trading steeme ngine using OBS to stream like just on youtube and twitch etc...

Anyway I need to produce some more videos maybe vids are ok but ill make some more videos that actually show off ow to use the site etc

maybe if you or find someone to make a tutorial video i can pay you or them some steem :) Im gonna get 10,000 SP delegation soon as well.

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