What Do You Think of Sacred Geometry?


Are you familiar with Sacred Geometry?

It has many different meanings and interpretations from religious, to spiritual, to natural. I rather like the natural aspect of it (via Wikipedia):

According to Stephen Skinner, the study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles at work therein. Many forms observed in nature can be related to geometry; for example, the chambered nautilus grows at a constant rate and so its shell forms a logarithmic spiral to accommodate that growth without changing shape. Also, honeybees construct hexagonal cells to hold their honey. These and other correspondences are sometimes interpreted in terms of sacred geometry and considered to be further proof of the natural significance of geometric forms.

Today I searched YouTube for "Sacred Geometry drawing exercises" and found ways to draw all kinds of interesting things.

The "golden spiral" is one of them:


You can find these patterns all throughout nature, including the shells I recently collected at Ocean Park in Puerto Rico (the last time I was there, I got three of these shells!):


Sacred geometry has all kinds of interesting patterns and shapes. You can learn to draw them with nothing more than a compass and a straight edge with just an afternoon on YouTube.

I did all of these today:




Metatron's cube is a really interesting one:


What I'm most interested in is the Sri Yantra. Two months ago I did a DTube video on Prototype for a Daily Sri Yantra Meditation and Education Tool. I've since updated that tool to use an SVG image instead of old-school image maps. You an see it working on your desktop here: https://sri-yantra.lukestokes.info/

Today was the first time I ever tried to draw the Sri Yantra using this video tutorial which, oddly enough, has a computer voice. I messed up a few times, but eventually got through it start to finish, while my first attempt was actually more precise than my second attempt. Here are some of the pictures through the process:






Viewed up against my light box:


My second attempt had a four triangles slightly off.


My first successful attempt after a couple of full failures is probably the best one:


So what does all this mean and why did I create a Sri Yantra meditation tool? I don't really know yet. Maybe this is important. Maybe it means something (those who have seen Close Encounters will get this reference).

Or maybe it's just mashed potatoes because humans love to find patterns and give them meaning (those who have seen UHF will get this reference).

Or maybe... maybe this shape which some claim is 12,000 years old has some important meaning which we are meant to discover.

What do you think? Have you looked into any of this sacred geometry stuff? What does it mean to you?

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Re: Sri Yantra

It must have been 10 years ago that I was studying yoga and trying to understand tantric philosophy. Basically, everything is relative and reality is an illusion. We are attached, in time, to the present and the present is all that is. The future is unknown and the past is a projection of the present. We ride on the seed of creation.

Here is a paraphrase of how Philip Rawson explains it in the book "Tantra, the Indian Cult of Ecstasy":

The past is a trail of things and events which is being projected from the mouth of the present, like the flames from the tail-vent of a rocket (or mouth of a monster) ... Each person's 'present-frame' is itself a mouth of that monster vomiting out his world of experience and knowledge. We will never be able to find the origin or causes of all things "out there", among older projected things. Their origin is the projection-mechanism itself within the psycho-physical oragnism. What is being projected is ... reality. We have to 'turn around' and look back up into the place from which experienced reality is coming. And, having done it, we have to go on living, fully aware of what is really going on ... the continuing act of creation ...

Then he says: "This backward look into the mouth which spews out time and space is represented in the great Tantrik yantra-diagrams, especially the Shri Yantra. The act of meditating on them is meant to drive the mind to take that backward look, in fact to reverse the act of Genesis, and stare straight into the continuing act of Creation. All the Tantrik practices and art revolve around this process. The key word in Sanskrit is 'Paravritti', which means 'turning back up'. And the attitude of devotion or reverence, which expresses itself in the ritual of offerings and worship to symbolic images, is, at bottom, a way of keeping this possibility continuously in mind."

Me: All religions use sacred geometries and the sacred geometries bring in energies or emotions that people experience unconsciously. If you are conscious of them, it kind of takes the magic away because you know what is going on (kind of like the "observer effect" in quantum mechanics where the act of making an observation changes the experiment you are trying to carry out.)

From Sacred Geometry by Robert Lawlor:

"Functioning then at the archetypal level, Geometry and Number describe fundamental causal energies in their interwoven, eternal dance. It is this way of seeing that stands behind the expression of cosmological systems as geometric configurations. For example, the most revered of all Tantric diagrams, the Sri Yantra, images all the necessary functions active in the universe through its nine interlocked triangles. To immerse oneself in such a geometric diagram is to enter into a kind of philosophic contemplation."

Great stuff, thank you! I’m curious what you think of the little meditation tool I link to in my post. I’m thinking of turning it into some kind of tokenized game where people can earn tokens for competing meditations and exercises on a regular basis. I’d love to have recurring revenue income and if sold saw that tool as valuable, maybe they’d be willing to subscribe to it for a small fee. The tokens earned could also help others know who is aware of these perceptions which may translate into better business associates, partners, etc. what do you think?


I tend to agree with the quote about "reality" being an illusion but I prefer to say that our perceptions are an illusion and that nothing (reality) is the truth.

I also think it's an even greater paradigm shift to realize that one's sense of self, sense of personhood and selfhood is nothing more than a fabrication created in the mind + that it CAN be removed from consciousness with the practice of Inquiry.

"So what does all this mean and why did I create a Sri Yantra meditation tool?"
You are a searcher.
Who am I?
The biggest question in our life.
Many ways can lead to wisdom, meditation is for sure one of the ways we can communicate with our subconscious.
In our subconscious is the key to ourselves.
Hope you will find the answer.
So mote it be!
Have a great day

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About one year ago I made some posts about ancient western meditation, here is the link if you're interested :

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If you like sacred geometry, you will love this vid 😉

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Yeah, I was there in the audience when it was made. :) I also watched another video with Frank that went into great detail. That one was fascinating.

Wow, great....
Is it on his YouTube channel?

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Here it is. There are others online as well:

Morality is in between the integers? I don't know how to think about that.

Awesome drawings Luke.
Here is a good old classic regarding sacred geometry in nature for ya, in case you aren't familiar:

Beautiful. I’ve seen a few Fibonacci in nature videos, but not this one.

great great job brother, super happy to see you this creative! will resteem tmrw for sure. Much love @lukestokes !

I've always liked these kinds of symmetrical geometric patterns. They weren't Sri Yantra as far as I know, but I found myself doodling stuff that looked similar when I was bored out of my mind listening to teachers lecture in school. I've also been fascinated with the mathematically consistent patterns that can be found throughout nature.

One of my favorite examples is in regards to sound. When you harmonize two notes together, they sound pleasant because they're two tones that have wavelengths that line up with each other periodically and reinforce each other. It has the same effect of a rogue wave in water, and those higher peaks that are created as a result is the pleasant sound that you're hearing.

I also geeked out on the golden ratio/Fibonacci stuff when I learned about it. I found that some of the numerical patterns that I had already noticed repeating in my life (addresses of people I knew, the amount of some receipt or bill, phone numbers, etc.) tended to be part of the Fibonacci sequence.

Regardless of whether these things are sacred, they are certainly part of actual nature, otherwise we wouldn't see them everywhere. I think it's just natural to notice these patterns and apply significance to them. It's fun to think about either way.

I love the golden ratio.

Me too. This was my first time drawing one.

Those are some very nice drawings. It all makes sense when you relate the math to the natural sciemce. Who knew lines, circles and especially spirals could be so pleasant?

Never heard the term 'sacred geometry' before but am well aware of the links between mathematics and the natural world, or perhaps that should be between the natural world and mathematics! But it does figure that these links mean that maths can be applied to practically anything in life, the patterns are there to be discovered and applied!
As usual, I will ere on the side of doubt as to the mystical slant on this but rather think you missed out by not having a 'Spirograph' set as a child my friend lol;-)
I also can't believe you didn't use the terms 'magical triangle' or mention the mighty Fibonacci in this article! So much interesting subject matter in here and lots of fascinating stuff to go at!
Best wishes to you and your loved ones and great post :-)

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I think we did have a Spirograph, but never used it. Now I wish we did. I’m not very familiar with the magic triangle, but the sum of digits squalling nine comes up quite a bit in some videos I’ve been watching. I think the Fibonacci sequence may just be the tip of the iceberg.

If you're interested, take a look at Fermat's last theorem which has only fairly recently been proven. It's a bit like a three-dimensional Pythagoras but again, it's about the threes!

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Seems like an interesting way to keep the mind and body busy! It could be similar to patterns used for therapy sessions which people color in.

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What a beilliant thinking, never forget such an effort that presented in this flat form

Very interested. Hypnotic ) it will nice with trans music

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IMO opinion the most meaningful thing to discover is an idea that eliminates all thoughts, ideas & meaning since it is our own ideas, thoughts & fabricated meaning that leads to suffering (cycles of Enjoyment & Hardship).

This idea is meaningless too like all the others but might lead to ideas like suffering, death and hardship meaningless.