Prototype for a Daily Sri Yantra Meditation and Education Tool

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I'm playing around with an idea, and would love your feedback. What's the deal with sacred geometry anyway? Is it worth learning about and incorporating into our mindfulness practice?

Would you pay for a tool to help with your mindfulness meditation, has some education, and hopefully is a little entertaining as well?

Click through to see the DTube post. Otherwise you can view the YouTube version below:

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I love this idea Luke. I've been thinking about a Steem powered education app for a long time and believe it to be fairly low hanging fruit. Basically all you need to do is help people organize their posts into courses. I also love the idea of a meditation and mindfulness (which I recently learned are not the same thing) focused tool. I think at the current size of the Steem user base, there's probably not enough people to power a niche educational application, which is why I would favor a more general-purpose educational app where people could share educational information on whatever topic they wish. With Communities integration we could probably get much of the benefits of a dedicated tool, and of course, if there is that much interest in a particular sub-category, creating a dedicated UI for all the information already stored on-chain would be fairly straightforward. Love this approach to brainstorming! Glad you're doing so well you're forgetting what day it is! ;)

P.S. I do pay for a tool to help with meditation, the "Calm." While I think the guided meditations are good, I find myself not using it much, I think because there is no community element. If there was more UGC, information sharing, etc. you know, all the stuff Steem could add ;)

I was actually thinking about building this first on EOS (don't throw stones at me) as I want to eventually learn C++ and get experience with smart contracts. If it worked, it would be fun to build it on Steem Engine and maybe even Ethereum as well. I don't know that we're ready for a full education app just yet, though if we did, I imagine @steemiteducation would be interested. I've been delegating to them for quite some time.

But yeah, it could be done as content on the Steem chain also, but then you'd have to figure out some kind of on-going value contribution of sorts to make it worth it. I guess regularly updated content or new games could be released weekly for new upvotes. I'm also thinking about adding some kind of NFT token reward system that is also partly random. Most games people play include some level of chance which keeps that dopamine firing and keeps them interested. I like the idea of a game and an educational tool but not just a game that wastes your time, but one that uses your time to better yourself.

Yeah, I've been thinking about buying a guided meditation app (I've tried a couple free ones). Mostly, I'm just learning basics at the moment, focusing on breathing, etc. But this whole world of possibility really fascinates me. Some believe there is something to all this spiritualness while others believe it's just mind and energy and still others say they are one and the same thing, described with different words.

Either way, this nagging idea of building some kind of game/tool/educator thing just won't go away. I guess I'll keep itching it here and there to see what happens.

Yeah there is DEFINITELY huge opportunity in the gaming/education/blockchain space. I mean, we have these really powerful reward mechanisms. Figure out how to combine that with actually healthy activities? I mean, that's what drew me here in the first place. I believe content creation is actually healthy, and we gamified it.

I think this is a great idea, I am not aware of any meditation assistance apps on the blockchain, but I guess there may be some. Love your idea and will keep an eye out for further progress with this. 🙏

Thank you. :)

Love this @lukestokes! I have the Sri Yantra tatooed on my forearm :) I think people need these tools and great you are bringing the info to the people :)

How did you first find out about Sri Yantra? Why did you decide to get the tatoo? I'd love to know more about your reasons and ideas beyond what the symbol means to you. Thanks!

I was trying to find a tattoo that meant a lot to me. I stumbled onto the Sri Yantra and instantly felt my vibration lift. Then I learned the meaning and symbols and fell in love even more. I believe in true love and the balance of divine feminine and masculine. I believe in the micro macro the fact we are a small part of whole. Our small ripple can make a big impact in the larger picture. I also love the lotus petals and the symbols for the 4 directions. This tatoo brings me immense joy when I look at it. As an avid meditator, I love having this beautiful mandala Tatooed as a reminder everyday of the power we harness as divine beings.

Thank you for your reply. :)

❤️❤️❤️this is a great goal to strive for . We can grow as mentors with a like minded message ... great idea !

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