Playing With The Camera: Hatch!

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Hello there and have a great new week ahead, everyone!
I have a fresh new photostory for you with some... hundreds of my favorite models!


A mommy weaves and sacs she builds

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (7).JPG

Her precious babies in she keeps

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (8).JPG

Through days and nights, a sleepless watch

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (5).JPG

That guards the ones who need her so

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (2).JPG

Some patience just for two-three weeks

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (3).JPG

Before her babies she can reach

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (4).JPG

And when they hatch, they'll swarm her arms

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings  (6).JPG

Before they start raiding our yards.

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (2).JPG

Look! There's another sac out there!

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (5).JPG

It's open too, babies to share

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (6).JPG

So fragile, tiny and ooh, so cute

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (4).JPG

I find them sweet, how about you?

ruth-girl_steemit_spiderlings (3).JPG

Yes, yes, we have new babies in the garden! And I hope they stay there, I wouldn't like to see them in the house... The first photos were taken just a few days ago. Today I took a walk in the garden again and saw that one of them had already hatched! The excitement I felt was indescribable, so I ran to grab my camera and... voilà!

I'm going to write a steemstem post tomorrow (or the day after tomorrow, depends on the time I'll have available).

Now excuse me, I have a distilled to write!

All images (not free for re-use) and story by @ruth-girl - Steemit, 2018

Thank you so much for your time!

Until my next post,
Steem on and keep smiling, people!

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I think this post should get you at least a cameo appearance in the next Spider Man movie!


Hollywood, here I come!!! 🕷️🕸️🕷️

That tree in our garden is full of eggs sacs, I'll drop by every day to check when more are opening!

ελα ρε φιλεναδα....που τα πετυχες τα γεννητουρια???....πολυ πετυχημενες οι φωτο....πως τα πετυχες....απο πανω τους ησουν???


Σημερα κατα τυχη. Χαζευα να βρω κανενα μαμουνι να φωτογραφησω κι οπως παω στο δεντρο βλεπω κατι περιεργο πανω στο αβγομπαλακι. Βγαζω μια φωτο, κανω ζουμ να τη δω κι εκει παθαινω πλακα κ λεω "Εεεεεελα ρε συ! Βλεπω live ντοκιμαντερ μπροστα μου;" Μακαρι να ειχα καλυτερη μεγεθυνση στο φιλτρο μου. Εδω βεβαια δεν ειναι ανεβασμενες σε καλη ποιοτητα γιατι θα μ επαιρνε καμια ωρα να βαλω 10 εικονες. Στο αρχικο αρχειο φαινονται πολυ καλυτερα

Damn you got some rhymes! I told you before, you could be writing songs! Bangers to be precise! Lol

Great shots by the way! Poor spider was like ''leave us alone you insect stalker!''


Ahahaha! I should be writing youtube parodies! 🤣🤣

Yes, I was quite annoying this time. At first she was so still, I thought she was dead and the spiderlings would be eating her over the next days. I was blowing on the web but she wouldn't move. Then I poked her gently with a leaf, she moved a bit andI was like "ok, you're still with us"

Do you know the type of spider?


I think it's the common house spider (from a quick google search on the mother), but I have to check again to make sure.

OMG, how much time did you actually need to capture all this?

The photos are amazing!!!

And yes, they're adorable :)



I was there for an hour or so trying to get good shots. I need a macro lens to get better magnification, but for now I'll be practicing with my close-up filters...

These images are not high quality, I resized them so as to upload them easier and faster

Thanks for sharing these sweethearts ♥ Very nice photos!


Thanks! It kind of felt like being on the set of a documentary 😜

@ruth-girl, Every creature hold it's unique process of life and for sure these creatures are great to watch.

And in my opinion your Photography made this an amazing work and that means, sometimes in real time we never concentrate upon these things.

But for sure these closeups are helping to see the life of these creatures closely and for sure it's an great experience.

And keep up your great work and i hope that you are enjoying this work because, observing the lives of other creatures gives great essence.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


Thanks a lot! It's true, we always keep our minds busy with so many things that we forget to take a look at the small miracles around us.

Have a great day too @chireerocks! 🙂


Welcome and thank you so much. And you've said absolutely true point for sure. Stay blessed. 🙂

Hellish little creatures <3


And wait until they grow! 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

"sweet" would not be an appropriate adjective for me :), these small and delicate creatures give me chills!

Excellent pictures! Happy day @ ruth-girl


Oh, those are nearly 2 mm long, how can they give you chills? 😜

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