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The sun came back for a visit yesterday and was shining for pretty much the whole day. So as soon as my work was done, I laced up my new running shoes and took to the streets.

I wanted to see how they performed around my usual 10km circuit. After all, that’s where a lot of my bulk training happens. They felt really good at the start of the run and I quickly got into my stride. I wasn’t trying to push hard and get a good time. I was just circulating and keeping my legs working.

But I seemed to be running faster than normal, quite bit faster. I didn’t seem to be getting out of breath or anything. I didn’t feel I was pushing hard at all, so I just carried on. It wasn’t quite cruising, but it wasn’t so hard that I had to walk to catch my breath either.

I got to the 5km mark in 28 minutes and thought, “that’s pretty good”, especially since I wasn’t feeling like I was dying.

I carried on around the second half f the circuit at pretty much the same pace. I even ran all the way up and over the hill back into Newtown with no worries – hardly panting at all.

The shoes just kind of disappeared after a bit. I didn’t even think about them except when I was trying to dodge a stream of water from a burst water pipe. So I’m really happy with the way they are performing.

Even the run downhill was nice and easy and I felt in good control the whole way.

In the end it wasn’t a personal record or anything, but it was much faster than my usual comfortable run.

I seem to find this boost in performance happening after every ultra marathon that I do. I always seem to be able to go harder for longer with less effort.

So I’ll keep on with this circuit and a couple of other circuits for bit, and then kick back into the long runs again.

I have big plans for the summer so I’ll need good solid foundation for that.

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Awesome, i started to run recently too. Yesterday i ran 11 km, today my legs hurt a lot. I think I will do 5 today, that would be smarter i guess


hehe I did the same thing when I started running.

The best way is - for two weeks only run 5km. You might feel like you can do more but resist it. Just do 5kms. You need to give your body time to adapt to the new stresses.

Then bump it up t 10km for a month.
then each month you can add 5km. that's the best way to avoid injury and having stiff legs.

Good on you for getting into running. it will do your body and mind a lot of good ;-)


Oh yea, now i think i will for the next weeks do constant amount and add up as the time goes by


I have found a wee secret to avoiding the sore legs a couple of days after a run...

If you run a bit pretty much every day, without a gap of more than a day in between runs, you don't get sore legs. It sort of, postpones the sore leg feeling.

I hope that helps ;-)


I wanted to run yesterday, but it started heavy raining...


hehe if it is raining I don't run either.

If it is too windy I don't run, or if there is beer in the fridge ;-)

The trick is to think of days off as recovery days. your body needs those days so you don't get injured.

I'm having one of those days today.

So don't feel bad about it. It's all a valid part of training ;-)


Oh yea. If it would be raining a little i would go, but it started quite heavy

Those shoes have given you wings! It always feels great when everything comes together and you can enjoy the run


It sure does. The sun is back today, and it's the weekend. Woohoo!

So you know what that means..... :-)

There is another part of your kit sorted out, you will be flying soon.


Well, it's a good upgrade.

I need to upgrade my trail shoes also at some point. They only lasted about 18 months. Probably because I did a lot more running in them on much rougher terrain.

I'm slowly getting everything sorted. The big key is my fitness though. That seems to be getting better all the time.


You are definitely getting a lot fitter

Sounds like you ended your run with a great feeling, there's nothing like it!!


Sounds like you ended
Your run with a great feeling,
There's nothing like it!!

                 - marenontherun

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I sure did.

I'm looking forward to doing the same thing today. It's the weekend, time for a long run ;-)

After ultra-super compensation + New shoes = FLYING
Good run!


Thanks very much :-)

I see you continue running) You really have a very strong will)


not so much a strong will, just too stupid to stop :-)