Running Adventures Ep 27 - An overview of the last few weeks

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The irony over the last few weeks has been the lack of more training runs in spite of awesome weather with a lot of sunshine and warm temperatures; we basically went from full on winter to full on summer in a span of a couple of weeks, which had kind of a funky effect on my energy levels.
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The general feeling was of constant tiredness, which combined with my lack of time management skills and also some new knee problems made for a slow start to my spring running season. Every time I ran my knee started to swell and to fill with fluid, not a lot, but enough to get my attention - so pauses from running were kind of a necessity. The best thing would be to get a knee MRI but I'm notorious for not listening to my own advice :P

Most of my runs ( about 2 or 3) were on my "traditional" uphill route :


With ok-ish times I might add, though I think I would be slower now with all the inconsistent training.

The one run that stood out is when I extended it more in the forest and enjoyed some awesome and peaceful trails surrounded by a lot of new life about to make everything more green and colorful.




There was a distinct lack of mud which made me feel kind of strange - not getting as filthy as a pig while running on the trails was quite a new feeling, and I was almost tempted to jump into a puddle just to feel "normal" :)))


I didn't break any speed or distance records this time either, and apart from the knee that was nagging me, I felt reinvigorated and with a bigger appetite for more runs on a weekly basis. Unfortunately time management was severely lacking again, coupled with several days of knee pain following this long run messed with my upbeat perspective on getting more runs in that week.

As the weather becomes nicer and the weekends filled with biking and hiking adventures, it will be more of a challenge to keep up with my runs. We shall see if I fail spectacularly or manage to get my act together :D

Take care.

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Same happen here, we have passed from 10 degrees to 25 in 10 days... That's crazy! My body doesn't adapt so fast :-(

I was freezing on my bike in late March with below 0 temperatures so I think it was even more sever here, at least it is nice now until the heat waves come :P

Hehe, I can recognize the sudden lack of mud and the feeling that somthing's missing. Beautiful pictures and nice runs, I hope that your knee heals fast.

Ignorance heals all :P

wow!! you are strong .you running skill is fantastic.@calatorulmiop

I love the simplicity and freedom of running. A pair of shoes and you are all set to explore new trails.
Rachel Boston

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