The 6th Easy Rule for Navigating the Steem Ecosystem

in dmania •  10 months ago

I've made a new account on steemit because I recently discovered dMania and wanted to have a separate account in order to post memes. You can check out what I post on that account here .

As you might have guessed dMania is a platform built on top of the steem blockchain which rewards users who post memes in a similar way to steemit for example. It's a bit like 9gag with the added bonus of real incentives to create memes. But there is a twist to this story: the dMania bot, which if it fancies your meme gives you a mighty upvote.

So if you like making other people laugh through your memes and also like being rewarded for your humor, this is the place to post them. Also you would contribute content and thus helping to grow the steem ecosystem, which benefits all of us.

Fell free to share your memes in the comment section.

Take care,

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