My Double Marathon Story, a thank you to all of you!

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'@bingbabe posted this 601 word article on Facebook of all places. I told her to do it on the STEEM blockchain but she won’t, so I, @slobberchops am posting it on her behalf'

I’ve done the London Marathon in 3.55.31 which I’m still not satisfied with given the standard of my running but I’m happy all the same. Under 3:45:00 was actually my target.


Please just bear with me with my long post.

Throughout my two marathon journeys I really discovered that sometimes relying on the friends that you think will help and support you... don’t; I was wrong.


YOU WIN SOME YOU LOSE SOME!! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the people who DID help me with my fundraising, Lutchie Salundro and Marites Bercasio - Whiteley and the others, you know who you are.

To @steevc, who I only met twice during Steemfest 3 and SteemCamp 1, @shanibeer who I only met once in Kraków and @revisesociology, @daan and @preparedwombat.


To @pennsif who I never met but still helped me out and to @goblinknackers, the reluctant Steemian; thank you!!

I’m forever grateful to dai Lutch for having @dismayedworld since Friday until today and for that you have my undying gratitude. I can’t thank you both enough for helping me through out this journey of mine.


I just want to thanks also to my sister Monica Tanginan and my high school friends Fhe Malapitan Macauling, Marie Lou Marañon, and Robi Salan for donating to my good cause.

I’m humbled through your generosity knowing it’s hard to earn a living in the Philippines.

You’re not even benefiting from this charity because you’re not from the UK but you donated anyway from the goodness of your heart.

Added to this a special person who made me cry when I saw his donation knowing he’s not from the UK but from Frankfurt, Germany.

I never met him in person but only from Runtastic app Norbert Lind, your one very special guy to me and thank you so much.


I reached my target through donations from strangers and dog walkers who saw and watched me run all these years. I’ll tell you this journey wasn’t easy for me.

6 weeks before my Manchester Marathon my left knee played up and there was something wrong with it on the X-ray. I was advised to see a physiotherapist privately or else I wouldn’t run a marathon at all.


Very few people know my injury and those are the strangers that I cried too when I’m running. I was advised by close friends to abandon the Manchester Marathon and focus for the London Marathon but I can’t do it,


I did Manchester first before London (I can’t abandon Manchester it’s like abandoning an old friend because you found a new one) not a chance!!

I considered a Steroid (Cortisone injection) privately despite it would have cost me £500. Instead I relied to my GP for the medication that nearly cost my life during Manchester Marathon.


The other Dr told me that I was lucky to be alive running a marathon on Tramadol. But despite all those injuries I still managed to finish in 3.59.03. I wasn’t so sure if I could do the London Marathon due to both knees hurting now but I’ve done much better this time at 3.55.31.

As I said many times that my life is not perfect, my heart had been broken by so called friends but still I seem to have found some good ones.


And lastly ‘he’ is always there to pick me up when I stumble and we nearly got divorced 7 years ago, but I suppose he loves me that much that he can’t let me go.

Thank you dude @slobberchops for being there for me all these years.

Again thank you to those who I didn’t mention but you know who you are. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO!!


hey @bingbabe !!!!
Congratulations for that great time you get on the marathon!!!
It is an outstanding mark.
Give yourself a rest in order to get recovered from that injure ;-)

Thank you so much but I think your a legend when it comes to running. I'm thinking to do Barcelona if i can get a space for next year. Any advice?

I don’t think you will have problems to enrolled there but take it easy, don’t destroy yourself with such amount of long distance races that you want to run!

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Sounds like an emotional roller coaster.

Congrats on a great achievement - 3.55 is great especially if yer injured and it's a double.

Time to rest those knees now I think!

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Thanks @revisesociology, 3.55 is not bad considering that I'm injured. I have Half marathon coming in two weeks time 'TheManchestergreatrun' and a trail half marathon 1st June.

Crikey, maybe no rest then!

At least take it easy until the middle of the week!

Congratulations @bingbabe! What a story of grit and perseverance! Thank you for sharing here @slobberchops so we could share in her journey. Now rest up and take care of that body so you can continue to be a powerhouse for good!

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Thanks so much!!

Very nice. That is still a really impressive time! I am sorry I dropped the ball on donating to you. I really have no excuse, that is all on me and I apologize.

Thank you @bozz, 3.55 is not bad but when it comes to my standard it's a bit awful.

Congratulations and what a heartwarming story of dogwalkers and other people who saw you running and donated! That is so lovely. I guess it is the case when you take on big challenges like this that you find out who your friends are. Good to know who will stand by you. I'm sorry about your injuries and I hope you make a speedy recovery.
Lovely photograph of you and @slobberchops :) x

She's asleep Shani, so its me replying. Thanks for the support you gave her, it's a shame she's not attending SC2, but the re-schedule saw to that. I'll let her know you commented. She's due another post in around another 6 months or so.

Congratulations @bingbabe on an impressive run time.

It would have taken me more like 3 days to get round than 3 hours...

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