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As I wrote in the flash report, yesterday the 1st HAT Kobe Marathon was held, I improved my personal best substantially in the race.

Today I’d like to report a little more about the race in this post.

The site of the race was Harbor Walk at HAT Kobe ( a east new urban center of Kobe city ), where I usually do running workout.

About 8:30, I left home and went to the site by bicycle.

At the reception desk, I showed my entry ticket to receive my number bib and participation prize.

This is the participation prize. It is a belt bag.

I pinned my number bib on my T-shirt.

The number bib had a measuring IC tag. The tag automatically measures the time. There are 4 sections (4 km, 12 km, 20 km, full marathon ) in this race, and the colors of the number bibs are different for different kinds of section. My number bib is white. White is the color of the full marathon section.

Every runner spends time just before the race.

This is the starting point of the full marathon.

The runners of 4 sections run a common course of a 4-km round trip, we make 10.5 round trips in the full marathon.

After I did some stretch and warm-up exercise, I went to the starting point. It was 10 minutes before the start.

At 10:00, we started the race.

I usually run at too fast pace in the beginning of races, although I understand I should not increase my pace in the beginning. Also in this race, I ran at pretty fast pace in the beginning. Because of that, my legs became heavy as early as after running about 20 km. I had to run the remaining 20 km with such heavy legs. Besides, the wind was so strong. When I ran against the strong wind, I felt like I was running in the hell.

When there were 4 km left before finishing, I checked my GPS watch to know the time was about 2 hours 51 minutes. As I was sure that I would improve my personal best, I felt so uplifted that I put forth my final effort and managed to finish the race.

The time was 3:10’45, and the rank was the 4th. I regrettably did not win the 3rd prize, but I am so satisfied with having improved my personal best by about 10 minutes.

The following graph is a comparison of lap time between this full marathon and the previous full marathons.

This time I improved my personal best substantially, not only because I had increased amount of workout to gain stronger physical capacity, but also because the temperature was low and the course is perfectly flat with no up and down. And of course, it’s also thanks to the cheering of you all. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.




My running profile of this race is as follows.

Distance(距離) : 42.195km
Time(タイム) : 3:10'45"
Average Pace(平均ペース) : 4'31" /km
Speed(スピード) : 13.2 km/h
Calories-out(消費カロリー) : 2,233 kcal
Steps(歩数) : 34,267
Shoes(シューズ) : WAVE RIDER 22 (total distance : 127.4km)
Temperature(気温): 8.8~9.2℃
Wind Speed(風速): 5.3~7.0 m/s
Humidity(湿度): 38~51%
Lap time(ラップタイム) :
1km 4’17” /km
2km 4’09” /km
3km 4’13” /km
4km 4’12” /km
5km 4’12” /km
6km 4’11” /km
7km 4’14” /km
8km 4’11” /km
9km 4’13” /km
10km 4’16” /km
11km 4’13” /km
12km 4’12” /km
13km 4’18” /km
14km 4’14” /km
15km 4’13” /km
16km 4’24” /km
17km 4’14” /km
18km 4’25” /km
19km 4’23” /km
20km 4’28” /km
21km 4’33” /km
22km 4’21” /km
23km 4’20” /km
24km 4’33” /km
25km 4’34” /km
26km 4’34” /km
27km 4’39” /km
28km 4’46” /km
29km 4’42” /km
30km 4’38” /km
31km 4’37” /km
32km 4’54” /km
33km 4’47” /km
34km 4’49” /km
35km 5’08” /km
36km 5’00” /km
37km 5’01” /km
38km 4’52” /km
39km 4’46” /km
40km 5’08” /km
41km 5’00” /km
42km 4’53” /km

Thanks for your reading. Let's enjoy running & steemit together !


Full Marathon : 3:10'45" ( The 1st HAT Kobe Marathon, 8th December 2018 )
Half Marathon : 1:28'09" ( The 2nd HAT Kobe Dream Run, 7th January 2018 )

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Excellent achievement man! Congratulations for that time!

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The day has only 23 hours and not 24, do you know why? Because one hour is booked always for running.
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Congrats buddy.. all your hard work pays off..impressive time.

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