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We have concluded the third Week of our #RunForSteem Challenge

Thank you for participating

and myself

Click our names to see your entries

The 3rd #runforsteem week post made 3,44$ which is a gain of 218.51% compared to the week before while we had one participant less this week.

Today's Steem price is

Since we collected 3,44$ with 1,78$ being 1 Steem, I counted 1,93 steem to be divided among this weeks participants with everyone receiving

0,482 Steem


Now! Always Saturdays

All week until payout next Saturday December 2nd

Upvote & resteem the challenge post I created and participate by going for a run. Then prove you ran by uploading a 30 minute video of yourself - just kidding! Using a running protocol app on your phone should do it. Then upload your stats with the given data and date linking the challenge and myself in your post.

The earnings of this post here will be paid out equally among participants a week later so the more you resteem and spread the word about #runforsteem, the more we earn.

I will use the power up 100% posting option while powering down in order to be able to pay fellow steemers.

No worries!

I got Steem in a separate wallet if this post makes more than expected.


  • Upvote & Resteem Steemit Runner Challenge Post
  • Post your running data & date mentioning the challenge and myself so I get notified or better leave a comment with your posts' link in case notifications don't work again.

I will write you down as this weeks Run For Steem Runner.

but you are free to choose whether you want to add additional content like a selfie or a video - knock yourself out!

  • Hashtag #runforsteem has to be included in your tags and post title
  • I will do this on Saturdays. You can enter the challenge any day you like during the next seven days until payouts have been made and next weeks challenge has started.
  • One entry per person

Thank you


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Thanks for my payment. I hope more people will join the challenge. It's getting cold out and I need incentives to run :)


I have to walk 2km every day to work because my company has its gear in the middle of nowhere + they have a shower there so I can do my workout then. First week was harder because I wasn't used to walk so much every day. It's better now


I'm walking a lot more since I changed jobs. Before I just drove, but now I have to walk to the station. I think it's doing me good.

Thank you for the payment :)


My pleasure

yeah....steem run fast

Thanks @jumowa. I think I'll be back on the treadmill this week as I need a softer impact and more importantly it's bloody cold outside!


treadmill sounds great in this season


I think it doesn’t count, I did this run on Saturday... But I will run tomorrow for the challenge then :)


As you like. you can run post your entry saturdays for next week cause the payout is staruday for last week


Ok thank you for the information :)