Free: Really Old Tube TV & Exercise Bicycle

in #roommate5 years ago

If you can come up with a reason my roommate would believe as to why they mysteriously disappeared out of my den you can have them! When trying to make room for my elliptical machine I have been frustrated on what to do with the bike and TV. I'm tempted to stick them in the garage but eventually he'll notice they are missing and want to know where they are. Then he'll tell me about how the bike has to stay in my den so he can use it and he needs the TV to watch his VSH tapes.


Sigh... He hasn't used it in over 3 years. When I first moved in you couldn't even get to it and it was covered in dirty clothes. After unburying it he told me that he needed to use it. He told me he likes to watch some of his old VHS tapes while riding it. I arranged the room so that the old tube TV and the bike where he could use it. I even went and dug an old VHS player out of my parents storage and hooked it all up. After a year he hadn't used it and I got tired of walking around it. I pushed the TV stand and bike to the corner of the room. He regularly walks by it and then tells me that he needs to use it. Luckily my back is too him most of the time so he doesn't see my roll my eyes like a kid.

Not long ago he told me he wanted me to see if I could find someone to fix his old VCR's since he really likes watching them while he exercises. I do mean old, they must be from when VCR's were first released. He doesn't like the newer VCR's because the tapes don't play as well on newer machines. When I asked him what he meant, he told me that when he used a newer machine to watch a VHS tape it had lines in it that DVD's don't have.

I tried explaining the difference but gave up and finally just showed him that the DVD's on the old tube TV also didn't look as good as on his LCD TV. Now.. Here's where I made my mistake. I hooked up a VHS player to his LCD TV with a newer VCR. I played a VHS tape and it had lines in it and of course wasn't DVD quality. His conclusion was that if I had one of his old VCR's repaired and hooked it up to his LCD TV it would be just as good as his DVD's!

Of course all of this is just a waste of time since he can't afford to have it repaired - this is a recurring theme to most conversations.

Hmmm... Maybe I can somehow convince him I traded a recliner for them! Might be worth buying a recliner to be rid of them!


After all to to you I am an alien. To me you humans are the aliens.

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