"Robot surgeon" succeeds in 150 minutes!/“机器人外科医生”在150分钟内成功!

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The US robotic system "Senhance" confirmed its effectiveness in work, especially after it was able to perform 150 accurate surgical operations.

"The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially authorized this robot for surgical operations that require precision, especially after it has proved its worth in the surgical operations of members who are difficult to reach by regular surgery," the company said in a recent statement.


Although the sensors of this robot are able to sense and give the smallest details of the structure of the fabric of the process, and cameras designed to put images of the three-dimensional internal cavities of members, but the supervision of the delicate work of the experienced surgeons, who monitor every step.

Of the 150 successful tests performed by the robot, 45 were for patients requiring intestinal intestinal surgery, with experts confirming that the accuracy of the equipment helped reduce the operation time by 30% compared to traditional surgery.


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