ADSactly Tech News - Westworld, Androids and Startling Possibilities for the Future!

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ADSactly Tech News: Westworld, Androids and Startling Possibilities for the Future!

Image Source: Pixabay

I don't expect readers to keep up with every single sci-fi series to hit the screen but if you are familiar with the show Westworld, you're going to be in for a real treat. Wait, scratch that... Even if you're not familiar, I'm going to make you familiar right now and possibly spark some interest in checking it out. Be warned, I will not be held responsible if a few spoilers come out through the course of this article so if you like the idea of a show with androids that look like humans interacting with humans in a wild west type theme park then go catch up with this show and come back and read this article when you are finished!

Ok, where to begin... I've already given away the fact that Westworld is a sci-fi fantasy set on a future Earth that is based around a greedy corporation's surreal western theme park. In the park you can choose your own adventure... If you want to be a homesteader go for it. Want to be a bank robber, give it a shot! Good guy or bad guy the wealthy guests of Westworld get their pick.

In the theme park they interact with robots that look and act just like humans. They are androids of the most advanced nature. They breath and bleed and are fully functional in every sense of the word. The only thing that seperates them from being human is the fact that they are dictated by programming and have a computer instead of a brain. And that little concept of a soul which going into that topic I'm afraid is simply beyond my pay grade.

Now, there are a few interesting points that may deserve a bit of exploration. Firstly, if robots like the ones in Westworld were real, would human beings use them in substitute of having a real relationship?

Would humans try to find companionship in machine and prefer it over their own kind?

Sorry to move so deeply into philisophical quandry without buying you a cup of coffee first but I'm afraid that we aren't in Kansas anymore, lets see how deep the rabbit hole goes, shall we?

Image Source: Cultjer

Attention, spoilers ahead! Turn back if you don't want to be privy to juicy details before seeing this series for yourself!

When you watch Westworld series you will be amazed to see how man and machine merge is this sort of dystopian time machine of the wild west. The show provides examples of artificial intelligence in robots or ‘hosts’, they look almost identical in every way to us humans (but we still need to believe they are machines to make this little fantasy trip work!).

On the surface level hosts appear to be capable of forming complex and meaningful relationships with guests. When I refer to guests I mean guests of the theme park i.e. real human beings. Humans visit the park to meet physical and emotional needs that they may have trouble obtaining in the outside world. These experiences tend to boil down to sin, where guests explore their deepest sexual fantasies or most violent desires.

Of course, Westworld hosts are played by talented human actors, but developments in A.I. and Robotics are advancing rapidly in the real world. And although we won’t be able to create a robot like the hosts anytime soon, tech companies are already creating software to try to mimic a human, such as Google Assistant.

This is a very good point above. If you aren't aware how far Google Assistant has progressed let me take you to the building blocks of a real life Westworld, take a quick look at the clip below and then we'll continue:

So, lets take inventory real quick shall we? We just saw Google Assistant make an appointment with the girl on the other end of the phone being completely unaware she was talking to AI (an example of a real life host albeit without a physical body yet).

When we add that new technological marvel with the fact that there are brand new robots being designed and tested which can open doors, jump and even do somersaults we are clearly moving closer to Westworld type possibilities in the real world.

As tech companies build better and more sophisticated robots, it is plausible that they will one day create a version that is so close to appearing human-like, some people may decide to ditch human-to-human relationships altogether. There is mounting evidence to suggest that large swaths of society are shifting to a more reclusive lifestyle, with less human contact and interaction than ever before.

Well, I'd like to say that I will always prefer real human contact to something of an artificial nature. I like dealing with people of their own free will. Robot AI drones programmed to do my bidding sounds too close to slavery for my tastes and I for one believe in the universe dispensing karmic justice so the idea makes me cringe at the moment. I'll pass.

Image Source: Pixabay

The idea of free will is quite an interesting one to explore in itself. How much of what we believe is truly based upon our own free will. Am I am who I am because I want to be or because I've been programmed by society to be so? How much of me is me and how much of it is societal programming? Am I just a herd animal?

These are good questions to do some self exploration and maybe even come to a breakthrough or two since we are on the topic right?

The creators of Westworld toy with the viewers’ minds on what it means to have free will. The AI robot hosts who have not achieved self-awareness do not realize that they are following a pre-programmed story-line created by humans. AI robot host Maeve exercised the first act of free will when she chose not to infiltrate the mainland and escape out of Westworld on the train in the finale of season one. Instead of following a predestined path, Maeve decided on her own volition to find her daughter.

This is an interesting concept to explore as well. Have you ever had an epipheny which made you reconsider your judgement of someone or something? Have you ever caught yourself judging someone and slapped yourself on the wrist with a warning that thou shalt not judge lest ye wish to be judged. Well I do believe we are sentient beings with the ability to make our own path, figuring out what we want is half the battle, the other half is simply acting upon it.

A major draw for Westworld’s human guests is the ability to live out any fantasy, no matter how evil, without any real consequences. Guests can choose to be good or bad characters. Is this choice of behavior exerting free will? Does free will absolve one of moral responsibility? Or does the perceived absence of moral judgment and consequences strip the guests of their façade and reveal the nature of their true selves? Is the AI robot creation, in effect, a mirror of the human condition?

Do we abuse technology? If we are sure it isn't sentient than it surely can't be abuse. I'm pounding away at the keys of this keyboard in full knowledge that the keyboard doesn't hate me, it doesn't have feelings or a soul. I can continue on with this long article (uhmm... rant...) without feeling guilt that I'm wronging someone. But if we make robots that are sentient and can truly feel, we must then give them rights and treat them as a new life form right? This is a slippery slope indeed.

Image Source: Pixabay

I really do wonder if something like Westworld will exist in real life when scientists and engineers solve all the complex problems required in bringing it about. Would more human beings commit sin if they thought they could get away with it?

Are members of society simply restraining themselves due to the fear of punishment and judgement and if placed in a land with no law and order would they behave completely differently. I think Westworld hits on some very interesting themes and is taking a close look at the dark-side of humanity while presenting possibilities to evolve.

The closest thing we have at the moment to Westworld is Google Assistant which now seems to have the ability to schedule appointments without people on the other end realizing they are talking with a robot! What is around the corner in regard to AI and robotics I can only imagine...

I want to know what my fellow @ADSactly society members think about all this. Are you a afraid of a world in which humans prefer robots over human contact? Would you feel shocked to know that the person on the other end of the phone wasn't actually a human at all?

I hope I haven't scared you by opening up this can of worms but I want to know if this theme excites you. If so, I'd like to proceed further down this path with future articles.

Here's a chance for the @ADSactly community to leave their thoughts and opinions on this topic!

Thanks for reading.

Authored by: @techblogger

In-text citations sources:

"Could Westworld-like robots of the future be a solution for loneliness?" - Beyond Westworld

"How "Westworld" Ignites the Deep Thinkers Among Us" - Psychology Today

Image Sources:

Pixabay, Cultjer

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I think you could totally build something like Westworld today, of course not with the current real state of technology. Whether it would be practical, profitable, or ever actually made is another story, but nothing in it strikes me as impossible. What is more fascinating to me is the question of ethics that goes with the question of whether humans would ever knowingly create these kind of robots/androids. Beings that obviously experience actual physical and emotional pain when damaged, or at least are programmed to make an extremely good simulation of that. They are such good simulations that the average person can't tell the difference, in which case the makers are philosophically unable to really know whether these artificial people are really People, or just objects/things.

The series definitely dwells on causes and consequences. When William first arrives in Westworld he is still 'human'. For example, he refuses to have sex with a robot. He is afraid of all kinds of guilt. He does not want to deceive his fiance, who is waiting for him in the real world.

That changes when William realizes how easy it is to live without there being any consequences to your behavior. First he falls in love with Dolores, but as the years pass he becomes increasingly detached from his own humanity and he turns into a murderer and rapist (with Dolores as the stereotype victim).

The Man in Black is driven by one thing, and that is solving the puzzle of Westworld. There appears to be an end game: a final puzzle so difficult that no one has succeeded.

In fact: the Man in Black, that's us. Viewers of Westworld, who watch episode after episode, season after season, cliffhanger after cliffhanger, yearning for that great revelation that will make us free, to an end that will finally offer us insight into the deepest secrets of being human.

Do we want that? Is the 'ultimate answer' not a miracle (finding the truth) and a curse (the end of the story) at the same time? When the Man in Black would solve the final puzzle, he will irrevocably be forced to face his humanity. Gone will be his free life. Gone will be an existence without consequences …


Nice analysis... Just poking around I saw you wrote this in your article already :)

I'm going to make you familiar right now and possibly spark some interest in checking it out.

First of all, this first time I hear about Westworld (lol of course since it doesn’t exist yet). And at the beginning when I started to read about your article I actually did try to imagine to be a hero or just a bank robber in this theme park. It sounds pretty exciting to be in this kind of world knowing there won’t be any consequences.

some people may decide to ditch human-to-human relationships altogether.

I believe it’s already happening.

When it comes to judging people, I try to avoid this as much as I possibly can. As you mentioned “thou shalt not judge lest ye wish to be judged”.
Is it even possible to abuse robots or technology? In my opinion robots or technology itself absolutely not. It comes back to humans who can feel this way inside their mind for robots or technology being abused. Sometimes people get attached to their technology toys, they eventually start to treat them like it’s their child, like it’s a real human. I just don’t believe humans will ever be able to create such a technology as robot with a soul. Humans are not God. That’s just my opinion and that’s what I believe in.


I don't think Westworld exists yet... But I can only imagine there is something like it replacing androids for humans. Sorry to get so dark. I agree that the idea of abusing robots or technology doesn't seem obvious certainly the harmful effects are limited to ourselves unless the technology which we are using is sentient which I highly doubt.

Westworld is definitely a unique view into a possible futuristic world, like you say it makes us wonder a lot about human nature. What holds us back from abusing other people - is it respect for other humans, or is it the fear of getting caught and punished? This also makes me wonder about the nature of psychopathy - do they view other humans, the way that humans view robots in Westworld? A scary thought for sure...

That said, the beginning stages of AI taking over aren't so scary or have such gray moral boundaries (I guess that's how it always starts?). In some cases, I wouldn't mind talking to a robot on the phone, in any case I prefer to use a visual interface like a web ui to manage a lot of my things anyway. Some people find it hard to understand me when I speak anyway... From a business perspective, it's probably a lot more efficient to have robots manage basic inquiries because it's 24/7, doesn't need extra training and doesn't get sick and ultimately it helps humans too. Plus humans in general probably hate working at those call centers anyway.

I guess it's also hard for me to imagine being troubled by AI and robots until they look and act so much like humans that sometimes I can't tell the difference, in person, from humans. So far, robots help us do a lot of manual, boring, maybe dangerous tasks that humans are better off not doing directly, and there's a lot of potential for growth in that area (self driving cars etc, I hate driving). But I don't necessarily see a utility purpose for robots to be Westworld-ified... Unless governments want a way to deal with the huge gender gaps in say China and India but that leads us down a rather funky train of thought, not too keen on thinking about that too much...

I think a version of westworld already exists its simly not on that scale yet. There are so-called pleasure destinations and service providers who cater to rich people who want to fufill fantasies, just look at that cult Allison Mack was a part of.

Westworld also pulls a lot of inspiration from the user beahviour we see in online gaming and think about how profitable that has become

Its only a matter of time before AI and machine learning catch up a long with robotics and we'll see an increase in productivity and the rich will get richer for it.

They will look for new ways to spend their money to be part of exclusive experiences and I really can't put it past a Westworld type experience would be an attractive proposition.

It might not be as advanced or dramatic but can definatley become a reality


Good point. Sorry I just said that same thing above but great minds think alike! It may exist but that doesn't mean that it is a good thing or that it cant be torn down much as the series is turning out this season! Thanks for your contribution.


Lol we always seem to be on the same page or rather wave lengh with these things hopefully I’ll disagree with you eventually and we can take apart each other’s points of view!

By no means would I feel it’s a good thing all it does is give man more of a god like feeling of control and power and will quickly distance us from values that keep society together! Having no love for your fellow man, no empathy, no trust and no comradirry is a path to eventual self distruction

Maybe I’m old school in my thought but tech, money and business have no mortality they do what improves them and it’s up to humans to keep it in check ! Profit and innovation at all costs isn’t how we thrive as a species

No problem lol I enjoyed this piece and really gets my thoughts going! your content is dope keep it up

Wow. That is a tremendous piece of writing my friend.

I just put the end to a piece on the history of democracy. If it has a theme it is the thundering need for democracies to represent all citizens. It is the history of the growth of democracy, that theme. If robots become sentient and can act on free will, are they eligible for citizenship? Then where does the 'sin' factor go? Oh my. A can of worms indeed.

Thank you for this incredibly thoughtful article. I, for one, certainly hope to see you explore this and other themes as needed. Very thought provoking stuff here.

I'm not familiar with this show, but after reading the article I was intrigued. Now I plan to watch it. But you can answer your question only from a subjective point of view. Since each person is an individual and the fact that for one person is the norm, for the other is unacceptable.
I think in the future people will be divided into those who prefer to communicate with artificial intelligence and those who remain faithful to traditional communication. Deny the fact that the world can not be changed. The world is changing and with it the values ​​of people are changing. Changes in one way or another affect everyone.
In modern times we are faced with the fact that people become more lonely. A person can have many "virtual" friends on social networks, but in life he will be alone. Such technology will help these people. In addition, many people from time to time have a need for communication. This helps to get "psychological relaxation." Therefore, a truly intelligent artificial intelligence will be useful. In addition, he will be able to give really useful advice.
But as long as there is no strong artificial intelligence, we can only guess how it will actually be.
Thank you

We will all become programmed cyberbots eventually :(


Well maybe not that extreme but there are some potentially controversial technologies coming to market which could be used in nefarious ways... I think we are still a decade or more away from a true Westworld reality... But who knows what kinds of toys the uber rich have at their disposal?


Great article @adsactly thank you for sharing.
I think as far as programmed, programming of ourselves, and the cultivation of free will, is entirely up to the individual.
Have they realized self-awareness? Do they actively try to grow a habit of it, and then create their will in action. Free will is a great thing to ponder and I am now far more interested in taking a gander at Westworld. Thanks!

You suckered me in.... Then I read spoilers alert. I've finished season 1 and loved it. So much so, that after I finished season one I watched the old Movie, But i haven't started season 2 yet, so I don't want to read on yet in case your talking about season 2.

Ai concept is very cool , but very complex .

I hope the same technology you develop will wipe you out !! at first it will look interesting and new but eventually it will dominate you feed the world stop war rise the awareness stop playing with this stuff we are not ready !!!!!

I don't think its a great idea.... Human requirements and interests change from time to time, AI can't handle it as of now...If we go by this, our basic human thinking abilities and working abilities may suffer....Like we go for calculator now...Even for a small math problem...I feel it some kind of stoppage for the brain to think... Google must focus on sectors like health care, water management etc such initiatives must be brought up...So that poor nations and resource scarce regions can take an advantage of technology.

Combine this AI with NLP and IT's GAME OVER. Relatively Benign case - Imagine P&G uses this "service" to launch its new shampoo - the AI "grooms" its customers individually, using NLP techniques and convinces them to buy new "Doom Shampoo" Not So Benign case: ISIS used the NLP techniques to groom "soft" targets for jihad in the west - This AI would allow nefarious actor to "groom" the population at a mass scale customizing the" grooming" with all the online profile data. THIS IS DARK and OMINOUS. Road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I do not "wonder" if this is a glimpse of the future, I am reasonably certain it WILL be the future unless people get over their love affair with technology. It is a wonderful thing, but people literally fell in love. Look at how they treat their gadgets compared to how they treat their spouse, children, parents... lol!
Predictive programming, that is what Hollywood specializes in. Unless people refuse to play along, they love to show us what they have in mind for our future and label it "fiction."

This is very interesting, I'm excited also in a world with ai, but in the other side, we still need manual operation for a job that is coming from the heart and dedication to work. The new technology has a big benefits for us someday, we just need to maintain goodness of use. Thats all i can say, Thank you for sharing this post.

With the advancement of the times and technology, robot is one solution to facilitate human activities and needs

Congratulations on the great ideas.

One of the realities we must live with in the next few years is an upsurge in use and applications of AI. More and more traditional roles will be taken over by AI and machines. In fact, entertainment would also, as we are beginning to see, soak in AI. Sci-fi movies would win more of the market. Of course, the best movies, both in terms of earnings and viewership today are sci-fi. That's a inking to what the future holds.

But in all of these, are these trends unexpected? Not at all. Are there reasons for concerns? Perhaps.

In order to maximize the opportunities these emerging trends would afford us, care must be taken.

I have extremely bad anxiety. Talking on the phone to just order food or make a hair appointment sends me into major panic attacks. I have to write down everything i am going to say and go over it so many times before i can make even the simplest call. This will help me so much and make my life so much easier i could cry


Hmm that is very interesting. My brother use to be like that.


Ohh really that's the good .


Ya he had to drop of school n everything, but he did get better and now has kids n family. Although I know he still has problems he does seem to be much better

Very beautiful robot and I like it

ah bueno eso es lo que necesitamos aquí en Venezuela, haber si esto funciona,y no nos roban

This series is great, I had the opportunity to see some chapters and they are very good. As science and technology have advanced, the human being has wanted to make the most of it just to acquire greater comforts or acquire by means of a machine or program what he can not obtain naturally. In some cases this is beneficial but I consider that all things have a limit. Very well you said that in the Westworld series the theme park was used to satisfy the sinful nature of the human being and I think that is not right. While it is true is only a series of television but without a doubt every day make great progress to make this happen in real life. Excellent post I like it

Really it's an exiting and much needed post.@adsactly hopefully you'll be connected to us in future.thanks!


Its ciming to reality . We are moving awaybfrom sci fi and moving towards reality .Robots will become rulers of this world And take control of Humans . The more AI advances, a time will reach where they will think that they need protection from humans and humans will be seen as a threat to the existence of bots. More so humans 're not seen as companions

hello, class posts. well done

Full blown robotics aside, I foresee humanity becoming more automated. We have seen prosthesis evolve to the point that it will soon become an elected surgery. The US Army is already out in front of the human enhancement initiative.
I think the first commercial, available to the public, products will come from the communication sector. Apple's R&D iPhone Black is rumored to be named so because of its ties to black ops contracts. I guess the cell phone of the future will be an implant. At least texting and driving will be accomplished without taking your eyes off the road.
robotic eye.jpg

Full blown robotics aside, I foresee humanity becoming more automated. We have seen prosthesis evolve to the point that it will soon become an elected surgery. The US Army is already out in front of the human enhancement initiative.
I think the first commercial, available to the public, products will come from the communication sector. Apple's R&D iPhone Black is rumored to be named so because of its ties to black ops contracts. I guess the cell phone of the future will be an implant. At least texting and driving will be accomplished without taking your eyes off the road.
robotic eye.jpg

I think there is a very good chance that people would choose companionship among other things with lifelike robots. Imagine being able to program your "significant other" into the person you always wanted by your side. There are already people out in the world who are marrying adult dolls that do not move, talk, or share any commonalities with real humans beyond their appearance.

I on the other hand will always value the human to human connection. It will be a scary world if someday both humans and robots are so much alike that we can no longer tell one from the other.

Also +1 for Westworld. It's a very interesting show.

The technological advances that humanity can reach have no limits ... If you ask me, the human should be careful with the creation of these "androids" and give him intelligence, because it is simple if you program and give him decisions, they can create serious problems ... it's not a utopia.
Of course, it's been many years before that happens, we can rest assured ... for now!