RobinHoodWhale Success Story : @ziogio

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@ziogio made this fantastic post about his experiences coming out as gay at a young age and dealing with the aftermath. It was an incredibly personal and honest account, which deserved to be seen and appreciated by as many people as possible.

@ziogio posted at 18:46 (UTC) on 2016-09-06.

Like many new users, @ziogio had only made a handful of posts and did not have many followers. His post was quickly lost in the shuffle.

By the time a RobinHoodWhale curator found the post, over an hour had gone by. The post had received only a single vote, at 25%, from a minnow... Something had to be done!

At 20:07 (UTC), @robinhoodwhale voted on @ziogio's post, and the users contributing to the project by trailing RHW's votes followed suit.

@robinhoodwhale helped give the post the little boost it needed. It went on to receive 129 votes, and draw $70.83 in rewards!

Ideally, such a great post wouldn't be in danger of going unnoticed. But until that becomes a reality, @robinhoodwhale will be on the job, working hard to give quality posts the signal boost they need to get the recognition they deserve.

We tracked down @ziogio to hear what he had to say.


How long have you been using Steemit?  

How did you find the site?


I've been using steemit for 6 days. I found out about it in some articles about "how to earn online". It seemed really cool to me, since I love sharing stuff with other people, so I make my reddit karma positive and then I subscribed :) 

@robinhoodwhale :  

How would you describe your experience on Steemit so far? 

What was your highest earning post prior to the featured one? 

What were your expectations of the post? 

I'm having fun posting and chatting with the community so far. At first I was a bit scared about joining, since I don't believe in anarchy and I found out that it's a recurring topic, but then I decided to sign up and it was a great decision. I also discovered about the giant help you and other projects are bringing in the community. I love them all and I love your work.  
My highest earning post before the featured one is the introduceyourself post. It made 7.34$. I didn't expect that much and that money made me realize everything I was searching for could have been reality in the platform :) So I started to get involved chatting here, commenting and upvoting. I have my own schedule for steeming everyday :)

Beyond the direct benefit that the RobinHoodWhale project is providing to authors, the platform benefits from the positive reinforcement that RHW is able to give. When authors come to Steemit with a desire to share their perspectives and experiences, it is imperative that they are acknowledged and welcomed. This is how we grow a healthy community.

And as an added bonus, @robinhoodwhale received a nice little curation reward of 1.276 SP. RHW gets a little bit stronger every time he votes on a new featured post. As the curation rewards pile up, RHW's ability to directly reward authors will increase. And when it's time for RHW to ride off into the sunset, the value collected in this way will be returned to the investors who made it all possible.

All liquid rewards will be powered up. @ziogio will be allocated 50% of both the SP and SD as an investment towards RHW.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thank you so much for your work. We need project like yours! :)

Good work rhw, keep fighting the good fight!

I like what you guys are doing and very much appreciate the professionalism and disclosure throughout the post. Thanks.


yes a great thing indeed !! So come on everybody break out the mead time to celebrate in Sherwood Forest !!

It's really nice from you guys! I wait my time to come. I know that some day or some post of mine will show up at your door! Since then keep it up guys!

I'm so happy to see this both for @ziogio and @robinhoodwhale!
That was a great post he made and awesome find for RHW... my hero! :P

finally you've posted, I was worried you're a bot.
thanks for supporting one of my posts.

Great Stuff! Well Done!
I personally have been spending more time on the New section trying to find some hidden gems. Been finding some really good posts and even with my .12 up vote it can get a post seen, which is always good.


Hopefully the @robinhoodwhale can keep helping great posts get exposure!

Good catch!! Nice to see this project helping people.

hi @robinhoodwhale I just dropped back to let you know that you are among my favourite reads today. Great work you folks are doing. Thank you. You can find my post that mentions you here

Amazingly motivating! That's some good karma :)

This story is very interesting my friend. And i want to thank you again by read and upvoted my first article of folklore and mithology from my country. Argentina. Now i published the second part. All of you are invited to know more about Lobizón and Pombero. In adittion Zamba and Malambo. It´s very exciting that some people find our culture as a interesting thing. Thanks again.

Awesome posts! Thank you @robinhoodwhale for your service :)

This is very nice what you are doing, I can feel big love. If you have any tips on how to get my posts seen I'd appreciate it. All the best you!