Reviving The Whale (Robin Hood Whale)

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Many of you are already familiar with Robin Hood Whale (@robinhoodwhale), the community initiative aimed at rewarding high quality posts that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. The project was an attempt at growing a "whale" account for the purposes of voting on worthy content.

Over the past couple months, the state of the project has declined... The curation team has lost members and even those who have remained are less enthusiastic.

The RHW account has been underutilized, and it has fallen well short of its promise for both authors on the platform, and the many investors who sacrificed their hard earned Steem and SBD.

We need to expand the curation team.

An influx of new energy will help snap RHW out of its current stagnation. We are looking for community members who are willing to dedicate time and effort to finding posts which are truly worthy of the support of RHW and lives up to the standards expected by the users trailing RHW.

The incentive structure for curators needs improvement

In order to attract quality curators and keep them interested and motivated, we have to enhance the incentive structure for curators.

In the earliest days of RHW, we had a general understanding that we weren't in it solely for financial gain. As a result, we decided to adopt a method of paying curators for their contribution that treated them similar to investors... Their rewards would be deferred to a future date, when the whale was to power down and distribute the funds that had been accumulated.

We now recognize that it was not a sustainable situation, where the time and effort of those who actually did the day to day work was not being compensated fairly. We are working on designing an incentive structure that will pave the way for RHW to do its work well into the future.

Robin Hood Whale needs to communicate more.

It's absolutely critical that the RHW team produces regular updates in order to engage with the community on a regular basis. Those posts can put a spotlight on the efforts of curators, provide additional attention to deserving authors, and help build a stronger Steem community. As an added bonus, the rewards from such posts can be used to furnish incentives for the curation team to continue its work.

Want to help?

We are currently looking for several curators to join the team. We are especially interested in curators who are willing to help compose posts and interact with the rest of the Steem community. As we are formulating new standards and practices, we need thoughtful people to bring fresh ideas and vision to the project.

If you are interested, stop by #robinhood on or send me a PM.

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Synergy. I feel we can utilize existing projects and work toward specified goals. Looking forward to RobinHood Whale joining us! Thanks @bacchist



So, are you guys still planning to power down the account once it's big enough to do so? Because to me that seems counter productive to the goal of curating content and providing high rewards..

As of now, there are no plans to power down.

Thank you, I'd love to see more curation on Steemit. Regular curation needs dedication, and some incentive will go a long way. Given that powering up a single initiative to whale status is a very long term goal at best, I'd even recommend looking at other models that are working short term (i.e. Curie/Steem Guild/Steemtrails) - plenty of unused voting power by whales looking to delegate their curation. If you could strike a deal with them to share a proportion of curation rewards, it could be enough revenue to pay a regular curation crew.

There are plenty of curators on Steemtrails and the #curie channel on who may be interested.

Thanks for your insight. We do have some whale support at present. But we are always open to more, of course!

I will check in #curie at some point. I didn't ask in there previously because I didn't want to step on any toes.

While I can't speak for them, I don't think anyone would mind. There are plenty of submissions there, and RHW complements their goals.

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I wish you the best for the revival! ^^