The Drive from NL to Grindelwald, Switzerland

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Yeah, I've been gone for more than a week but that's cause we decided to go on a holiday, too. It's not very often that my husband has more than a week free so we always take advantage when such free days come cause We Only Live Once! .. or at least, that's what I believe in.


I've always had Grindelwald, Switzerland in my bucket list for 20 years now and I sure was very excited to finally make that dream come true so sit back and relax, let me take you to my adventure from the time we left home, driving through beautiful DE and back but first on the way there.

We left home at 2pm so we knew, we'd be damn late. The nav sat says it'll take us at least 8 hours of non - stop driving and probably longer if we take short pee and snack breaks.


We took the shortest route - along Germany and along the way, we passed by lots and lots of mills and I thought I was still in Holland cause it just felt like so.



The drive was smooth but since it's summer, we were slowed down by roadworks. We passed by a long line of trucks cause there's a sign on the road that forbids them to overtake so though we were slowly moving, the right side was on a stop.


When we got to the end of the bottleneck, we found out, some guys were fixing the rails.


It was the only yield we passed by after that, lots and lots of hay bales, oh yeah mon ami, I had you in my thoughts. I had to open my window a wee bit, the smell of fresh cut grass is irresistible but I had to close it right back anyway.



I fell asleep after a few "pee and grabbing a bite stops". I woke up to the sight of the sun on my car window setting. I could still see the sunflowers planted between corns just as what you can see on that thumbnail above. I had to explain to my husband that farmers do that when they're planting different sorts of corn to avoid cross breeding. Though we're driving on 190 km/hr speed, my D Eye has managed to capture some of those on a sports setting.

The storks' nest on top of that mill's chimney on the thumbnail photo above was just a bonus.


Before we even reached the border, the sun was already like so.


Soon enough, we've reached the border, having a vignette lets you just go through, no need for passport inspection whatsoever. "Woooo ~~ hooo, we made it!!!"; I exclaimed when we passed through the toll booth.

It was sure a starry, starry night. We passed by Zurich and it was really dark. The reflectorized signs between the main road were too tiny. We went through tunnels after tunnels and had a hard time reading road signs cause there were very few street lamps.

It felt like travelling to a remote countryside like Tynarlo in The Netherlands in Christmas season except for it's summer!

I've decided to take another short nap than get bored but my husband woke me up for another pee stop. We found a water closet under a power line somewhere in the mountain road. Thousands of stars were looking down at us that night. For a pee stop, it was very clean and well kept.

We stared at the stars a bit more, stretched our legs, re-hydrated ourselves and headed for our hotel. Here's what our drive looked like that night.

Yeah, we got there at dawn. Clock says, 13:35 am, pretty late and the hotel owner was waiting to let us check in. I went to our veranda right away, it was pitch black and cold.

Summer ... and still feels like early spring. I think we hit the bed at 2 am. The next day, we woke up to a beautiful surprise.

to be continued ...

This content's 100% mine . I took some of the pics with my D Eye . and I made and edited the videos with my smartphones.

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What a lovely travel log! The wind generators, hay bales and trees reminded me of Upstate New York!


hey you!


I haven't seen you in a while
glad to see you around!


I've been a bad Steemian but I'm mending my ways. lol


no one can call you that ;)
we all just have to do what we've gotta do
you must have your own reasons

am glad to see you anyway :D

There is nothing more beautiful than to make a trip postponed for so many years, that I hope your husband got vacations dear friend @ englishtchrivy to make this trip.
the video is amazing, it seems a narrow and dangerous route, I do not know how your husband could drive for her.
Anxious about what will come.
Thank you very much for including us in your beautiful trip
I wish you a lot of success!!!!!!!!!!!


thank you
we got there safe and sound

yes, it was quite a tough drive
I probably would have bumped a wall or worse - a roof !

I'll take you to more places on my next posts
cause who says you have to go there to see what's in there

Thank you for the best wishes ^ ^ !
I hope you're having a great week :D

Hey, fabulous post buddy. I love these types of article and informations so much.

You are saying that Grindelwald is in your bucket list for 20 years, looking at your picture you look not older then 30, have you put it on your list with 10 years?

It is a long way when you take a car but normally the roads in Europe very good so even you can have a nice nap.

I hope you enjoy your holiday!


thanks but am very much 40
a few months more and I'd be officially 40
edit : If I were Korean then am officially 41 turning 42 :D

I've read about it when I was 19
somewhere in some Mag my mom used to collect

you're right, it was a long route
it looked like it was short
but I think because it was mountainous and the route isn't really on a straight road like in Germany
we kind'a got delayed

we had so much fun
thank you

Thank for share your journey with us, night driving is always always hard to drive, I commend your hubby for perfect drive, everything look so darky in that photo only sky, Stars above and distance Street Ligh a bit scary for one person to embark on such journey.... Nice to hear you made it safe and sound to your Hotel room.. those golden sky shots was awesome.

Thanks for share @englishtchrivy


yeah he's a great driver and very safe


That sounds good to hear ..

Glad you got there safe and sound. I don't like driving at night. I can't wait for the surprise! I like surprises!


thank you

My husband doesn't mind
It's actually less busy at night
We just didn't expect the place to be pitch black :D

let's hit the bed for now
still dead tired from the trip
have a great day
it must be morning on your side of the earth

time to retire for me
night night :D


Night, Night. Sleep well!


thank you!
loggin' out :D

That's kinda adventurous journey


@englishtchrivy wow !! i am sure you will be enjoying your trip. happy journey and keep on enjoying

This road trip will be remembered forever it was nice reading and exploring your blog today : )

Hey Ivy, have a great vacation the both of you!


dank je wel
wij zijn terug

ik blog nooit als ik weg bent
anders .. hoe kan ik daar genieten toch?
vakantie is vakantie .. rust met plezier gaat niet samen met werk



The new style windmill have very much taken over the old style.


yeah ..
we still call them mills
but some call them wind generators indeed


The whole load together ones are called wind farm over there too?

Hello englishtchrivy!

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veel plezier daar !


Sometimes we do really get lucky to live the dreams that we get to dream for a long time :)

The journey of yours is sure a pleasant one and will be remembered as well.

No wonder the places that you have gone through are awesome and beautiful in their own way !

Will sure have that kind of ride someday :)

Have fun beautiful and I really like the way you are treating your life :)

This looks like a fun trip. You mentioned something about having a "vignette" to get you through the border. What does that mean? I'm going to be traveling to Switzerland in a bit in a rental car. Should I get a vignette? Do I already have one? Should I just try to be really really sneaky as I cross the border? I'll be coming from Austria, if that makes any difference.


sorry for the late reply
been offline for days
I hope am not too late

it's a sticker you put on your car that serves as a toll fee
you will need it
you can't outsmart the guards lol

you can buy that in Austria
and I suggest that you do
if you don't you will have to go through the toll gate that says; "no vignette" so if you choose to do that
make sure you have that reflectorized triangle we use
for in case the car breaks down on the road
make sure you have that, too

Switzerland isn't an EU land so you will need it
we came from Germany but we needed that still

plus get another sticker
I think the Austrians and the Germans have the same word for it
am not sure - Feinstaubplaketten, mileusticker in NL

must be cheaper in Austria
good luck


Thank you a million times over for the advice! It's not too late at all.

When we rented the car, then gentlemen said that we would need a sticker to go into some places, like city centers. He couldn't tell us which places, but recommended that we get one at the border going into Germany. Well, when I asked at the petrol station about a sticker the woman behind the counter said, "I don't have, but you don't need. Even if you did, I don't have." So we just decided not to worry about it. :-) Going through Cologne I thought we might need one as we spent as night there, and then again in Frankfurt I thought we might need one. Now we are just outside of Munich and so far we haven't needed one. I'll definitely get one before leaving Austria though. Thanks so much for the tip!

And Switzerland isn't an EU land? So my euro are no good there? What about Belgium and Liechtenstein? I'll be passing through those countries as well.


you're welcome

hmmm.. I suggest that you get both the stickers I told you
if you get caught - that sticker for the environment would cost you an 80 euro fine

you got lucky this time ;)

if you read my new post
you'd find out the answer about whether your Euro is good there or not
as for the other places
am not updated on them
sorry I choose not to say anything
you may as well ask someone who's been recently there
travelling by car

it's cheaper to fly than to travel the EU by car
but we'd miss the beautiful views and random acts of kindness from the many people

if you are going via Germany
I suggest that you get your tank full
before you go through the boarder


Thanks for the tips! I read your newest post just now. Excellent advice! Thanks!

The guy at the car rental said to get the stickers before going into city centers. Does that just mean before going into cities? For example, I'm staying about 20 minutes outside of Munich. Do I need to get a sticker even though I don't plan to go into Munich?

I'm rather confused by the sticker thing. How do I know where I need stickers and where I don't? Aaaaaaah! :-)