#roadtosteemfest - Why do I want to go to SteemFest? Help me fund my trip!

I am on the list of speakers at STEEMFEST4. 

This is one of many reasons why i am participating in the '#roadtosteemfest' contest sponsored by '@blocktrades & @anomadsoul' title; 'Why I Want To Go To SteemFest. Help Fund My Trip'. 

Steem is special to me. I have been on it, stayed on it, seen its stories and histories and 'i am surpassing google with steem'.

I have been on steem for more than 3-years. My affection towards steem is the same as it was on the first day; my affection towards steem is ginormous!

I have seen what steem represents, where it can head and how i can help and i have become also about these things. 

Among other amazing things, to me, steem constituted 'a CCTV in the truest state of the world' and upon it, i accomplished my 'most learning'. I sat on it and paid attention to 'life and humans', evolving the 'vision within the dream (surpassing google)' into levels of spanlessness

I have seen many of steem's forks. I have been present its 'ups and downs'. I have been a part of steem. I really love steem

From a lowly writer, i progressed towards starting the 'steemgigs' witness, offering a 'full public RPC node' to steem (in the past), overseeing many communities and emanating a number of 'down-to-earth innovations', some of which are enlisted below:

  • marlians.com (SCOT-tribe)
  • ulogs.org
  • steemgigs.org
  • teardrops.network
  • macrohard.pro
  • legit-illiteracy (a school that every(any)one can school in)

Yes, before i found steem, i knew nothing about the cryptosphere, tokeneconomics or technology. Till date, i am a 'legit-illiterate'.

One of my down-to-earth innovations, '#ulog', has been used so far by '5700 steemians'. See stats! 

Thus, one other valuable reason behind my desire to attend 'STEEMFEST4' is to expand my learning, make connections that can enable my steem-based projects to attain 'full-realization' and to create awareness to the importance of emanating down-to-earth innovations on the steem blockchain.

Many STEEMFEST(s) have gone by me! I didn't attempt to attend SF1 because i was new to steem at the time. I had relished the opportunity of attending SF2 but notice of its location deterred me a bit as i was worried about a visa-denial and overall, i wasn't very-ready at the time.

When i eventually attempted to attend at SF3, i also got news that my mum was dying. After being away from her for 5 years and alone in the Philippines, with the sole intention of bring her 'her first whisper of good news', i got news that she had Leukemia. (We eventually saw for 16-days only and she passed).

If i had succeeded in going to STEEMFEST3, among other things, it would have constituted a 'small healing' but i was denied a visa. After a 30-mins interview, the woman said 'NO'.

Before then i had applied to attend a STEEM-event in USA and i was denied a visa too. 

Now, STEEMFEST is in SE-Asia, nearby and visa-free; should i miss it too? If i attended this time, it will be my 'very first rest in life'. Yes, i haven't slept in years!

Besides, all the many steem-related things that i do, i stay at home now with my dad '24/7', who is ill. I live in the Philippines but i rarely see sunlight.

Upon his relocation here, to live with me in the Philippines (after my mum died), he arrived with many illnesses. Shatters me! It shatters me each day as i watch him suffer.

On the day that i heard that STEEMFEST4 was in Thailand, i gave way to un-fell tears. The news was some sort of 'breakthrough' on its own. Months before this venue was established, i had reached out to the STEEMFEST-operations via a chat to push for SF4 to come to the Philippines. Thailand thus, is a win!

This is a very valuable chance to be at STEEMFEST4 and one more reason that i want to go to STEEMFEST

Being in STEEMFEST4 will help me heal a bit. I have had excruciating pains 'all body long' for years now, lost all ability to relax and i haven't slept for three years. In Thailand, i will seek my 'first two weeks of rest'.

There is more....

There are many steemians that i long to see. Besides Ned himself (if he is present), i will love to meet with a lenghty list of steemians, many of whom i have interacted with over the course of my steemit journey, something that would have been so far-fetched assuming STEEMFEST4 was to be in Europe etc and involving of a visa-application. 

All this aside, here is why you may want to help fund my trip...

My first power-down on steem came after more than 2 years of being on steem. It was depressing. Steem wasn't money to me. It represented way more! 

Since then my 'STEEM' has exhausted very rapidly. Besides, all the expenses for servers, the 'steemgigs' witness, projects-development, sustenance etc, there has been the 'daily-medicine expenses for my dad and other hospital expenses' and coupled with 'low steem price', my 'valued steem' exhausts so rapidly.

My @surpassinggoogle account now has a 'minnow' status.

My expenses will not abate any time soon and the date for STEEMFEST4 is still faraway. Recently, i started the marlians.com SCOT-tribe and my expenses related to 'steem growth' continues. (Speaking of 'steem growth', that is one major paradigm of all my aforementioned projects).

There is no doubt that regardless of a 'financial disability', i will push hard to make it to STEEMFEST4 and 'not miss this valuable chance', especially considering that i am among the speakers and that it is in THAILAND but to increase my chances of being present at the event, i have decided to participate in this '#roadtosteemfest' contests.

I am 'your boy Terry and i have highlighted some of the reasons behind 'why I want to go to SteemFest4 and why you may want to support the me'.

Your Boy Terry


My witness name is 'steemgigs' to represent the words "everyone has something to offer".


I am currently a minnow with approximately 570 Steem Power nowadays, and I supported you with my 100% upvote, which currently worth approximately only $0.006.
I am not even interested in SteemFest 4 (or in any other SteemFest), but I see how important it is to you, and I would like to help you with what I can. And every little helps, I think.
Currently there are 1133 upvotes on this blog post, and the current pending payout on this blog post is $25.38 USD.
I can't send you any liquid Steem, nor Steem Dollars (SBD), neither other coins/tokens, because I obviously use them to build make Steem account to make my upvotes more valuable, but probably some people will do send you some donations.
And you still have a lot of time (a little bit more than 3 months) until SteemFest 4.
With regular posting I am sure that you will get enough funds to be able to fund your trip to SteemFest 4.
All the best, and I wish safe travels to you and to everyone else!

You comment is love in it is sufficient. Your being and presence here is bigger than things like money. Stay awesome

Thank you a lot. You can add #marlians to your posts and your husbands too. You steem posts will appear on the marlians.com tribe enabling you to earn marlians too, along with steem/sbd and other tokens. Stay awesome

I really hope you make it there!

I look forward to following your journey.

Sorry you still have not slept :(

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You are sweet. Thank you a lot. Thank you.

We can make this a reality and congratulations, brother. You deserve this and your efforts with sweats on Steem cannot be overemphasized. You can't miss this 4th based on how the other 3 turned out as you have explained.

You can help me. Help me. There is the current marlians.com

I hope you win the contest Terry. If there's anyone here who deserve to win, I can't think of any other than you.

This is funny, it's exactly what I was about to comment lol

Thank you a lot bro and for all the years of help

I hope you get funded. It would be inspiring to see you talk. I have been inactive here but I will be in Bangkok for SF. See you there :)

See me talk. Hahaha, what can weak me say?

Also Help me on marlians.com, it is a steem-based interface but you can earn marlians with steem/sbd and the steemfest thing is ‘If I am able to make it’

I'll check out marlians, thanks for letting me know. I have been inactive for awhile and still catching up on changes here :)

I hope you get to go via sponsorship Terry! What a journey you've been on this past 3 years and wish you well in the contest - sorry to read about the problems you've been through and know that your hard work will pay off.

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Thank you a lot bro


Life will test us, my friend. Sending positive energy your way, and hope that you will be able to achieve your goal!


Thank you a lot bro. So valued. Stay awesome and strong too


Day by day, my friend... just have to keep spreading that #thoughtfuldailypost movement! 👍

How many things have happened before you had a tangible opportunity to attend a Steem Fest. I wish with all my heart that it becomes a reality and that you can enjoy this magnificent experience, which is very gratifying and well deserved for you. I believe that for divine justice, for all that you have promoted on this platform, it corresponds to you and it will be so.
I have great faith that you will be there and you will be able to share with many influential steemians your vision of the project and your achievements, but above all, what I most desire for you is that they enjoy it so much, that you keep it as one of your most enjoyable experiences in your life.

With affection, a hug,

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Very special. And oh how can a translator do this much. Very special. Hug received.

We can talk on discord. Incase you have a community of interest or a dream to push a bit,l and marlians can help

I guarantee you brother that you'll be there. I give my supports in ways I can. I'm with you on it. The whole story is touching and I feel so concerned cos knowing you for these few days, you're such a great brother with a good heart. Trust me I'll support.

I really hope you'd make it to SteemFest 4, sir Terry. I know it would mean so much to you, but I also know that people attending SteemFest 4 will learn so much from you when you speak with them. I must say you deserve to go there, not solely for your love of steem, but also for being "human" who thinks beyond. You're the man who can surpass google, so I'm positive you'd get to SteemFest 4. (^_^)

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Thank you a lot for your neverfading sweetness.

You're very much welcome, sir. (^_^)

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In my book, nobody deserves that ticket more than you, not just because of how much you help better the platform as whole, but mostly because of how inspiring you are. Wish you luck brother, tho I know you don't need it as by any means necessary you'll be there!

I'll send you a small something before then tho I can guarantee you it will be pretty insignificant

Very special bro. Thank you alot

This is such a heart wrenching story. If you go to Steemfest 4, i want to go too and meet you for inspiration!

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Very very special bro. Yes come. I can always manage to inspire.

Make it happen bro! Maybe the green days of the market will be a good sign for what to come and make the burden of the tickets cheaper.. Especially since you are a speaker you reaaaaaally need to be there, also because we should meet!

Also you can add in #marlians to your steem posts.

Since the post is older than 7 days I upvote one of your comments

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Hahaha. I am on the list of speakers but no speaker hahaha. Yes, somehow we will meet. Stay awesome.

but i was denied a visa. After a 30-mins interview, the woman said 'NO'.

I know all about this bullshit!

'You going to stay and not come back', you can hear it without hearing it..

Look forward to meeting you, your a bit a of Legend on here!

Hahaha bro. But that is exactly how it is. I was born in Greece and I applied at the Greek embassy and the woman did rapport and all for 30 mins and said no. The smiles and all was part of the job I guess. I sent you some marlians stake. Thank you for your support. It is small but it can spark a measure of growth at least. I saw the last older comment where you spoke of me in the past. Thank you a lot. You know I am truly not a human these days. I am more like walking and talking dead and that is true but how do I explain these things, hence the delays but I don’t forget. All those comments and all are giant in how it helps. I just mentioned it to say a big thank you

I was born in Greece and I applied at the Greek embassy and the woman did rapport and all for 30 mins and said no

Do you not hold dual citizenship? Greece is in the EU, so I guess you don't.

Thanks so much for the Marlians, I did notice them and wondered where they came from! It's one of the tags I use and have invested some STEEM into the token.

You may find little rest in Bangkok. Steemfests are very much, no rest things. You end up exhausted by the end.

Hoping for your win to be able to attend the Steemfest.

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Very sweet. Thank you a lot

I resteemed it brother @surpassinggoogle and excellent post. It's one of the bests of the best 😊👍🏼

Thank you a lot bro. So valued

Thank you a lot. I will push to be there. Stay awesome. I sent a small amount of marlians stake as well. Thank you for the support. It is so valued.

hope it keeps growing!✌️📈

You have indeed been an integral part of our STEEM Community. Your tireless work and devotion to the STEEM Movement has helped so many on this platform. It is my hope that you realize your dream of attending the latest STEEMFEST.

Blessing and prayers for both you and your father. May my G-D bless you both and your G-D bless you even better!

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@surpassinggoogle, For sure this time you should not miss this chance and wish that all the obstacles will vanish and with ease you will attend the SteemFest 4. And hope that when you will return from the SteemFest 4 you will going to receive the blessed sleep.

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You got my support for sure ;)

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