Orca! + The Road to Steem Fest | The Thai Life and what to expect

Yesterday I got the coveted badge I have been after for so long.

I don't think I would ever have got here but for the ridiculously low price of the STEEM token.


I just find STEEM a steal at 16c and considering we have to do very little these days to get a return, why not?

What the hell are you talking about?

I mean curation. Before HF21 I was personally yielding between 4-5 STEEM a day. They told us curation rewards were being increased from 25% to 45% right?

Then how come I now get between 12-20 STEEM? I would have expected it to be in the region of 8-9 at the most.


Some people are telling me they have not seen any change in curation rewards. I have to ask if they have changed their voting habits?

Some of us have some accounts on auto-curation using SteemAuto or similar. I partake in some manual curation but auto-vote some trusted accounts.

Setting the voting time to 4 minutes seems to do the job and gains me the above yield. If you're still using the 15 minutes rules, then wise up and change it!


There are so many changes going on I can scarcely believe it. In the short time I have been blogging on Steemit (18 months) I have never seen such radical events.

So much abuse is being stamped out, some of it on-going, the downvote pool is being used profusely by many of us, and the bid-bot empire is not crumbling, but being forced to reinvent itself.

If anything it has reinforced my belief that STEEM is going to recover, but word needs to get OUTSIDE of this very small community that things are improving.

I see the more prolific accounts are getting bigger votes, but let’s not forget the small ones too. They need support as well, as many won’t agree with my perception that the HF21 is for the greater good.


I was happy to see the very new account, @lurvylady gaining a proper big @curie. She writes like the clappers!

Personally, I intend to keep growing my stake, not become a bombastic arsehole due to the new ‘badge' and try and entertain with my writings.

There have been a few new people arriving on the platform recently. I’ll try and find some more, and give them some support in the form of votes and resteems.


If any of you reading this are attending SteemFest 4 in November, then please approach me and talk.


I’m not the greatest conversationalist but will try not to bore you to tears with my droning.

I’m expecting the attendees to be somewhat different than Krakow, and I’m really looking forward to Bangkok and all its diversities.

I have quite a passion for Thai food but what we are presented with in the UK and the genuine stuff in Thailand could be quite different.


For example, what would breakfast consist of in Thailand? I am booked in the Prince Palace Hotel which includes breakfast but I somehow doubt they will be serving Bacon and Eggs?

How many people from the west will be attending? I guess a lot less than what we saw in Krakow. I suspect but hope most can communicate in English or I'm going to be a little screwed.

Today is Sunday 8th September and my mother’s birthday.

It’s also the last chance to enter the @blocktrades and @anomadsoul’s writing incentive on this particular topic.

Information about SteemFest 4 can be found here. I had better stop now and hit the post key before the date rolls around to the 9th.



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Drooling Maniac.JPG

If you found this article so invigorating that you are now a positively googly-eyed, drooling lunatic with dripping saliva or even if you liked it just a bit, then please upvote, comment, resteem, engage me or all of these things.


Congratulations on finally getting to the major milestone. Do I have to call you sir now? I'm still a long way off that mark, but I respect your commitment to the Steem platform by investing so much and I hope it pays off big time. Steem on!

I wouldn't be here if its wasn't for you, and your early support. I know your know this already, but its a testament of what a Dolphin can do for a newbie and what can come of it. Thanks once again.

I'm happy to take the blame for this. We need more big accounts, so any upgrades are most welcome.

Nice profile pic

How's it working out for you on Tinder?

How's it working out for you on Tinder?

I occasionally get offers from mental case crazy women who like to get kicked around, but that and the odd psychopathic female ex-serial killer, it's strangely quiet for me on there.

With SF4 coming closer I need to change it again albeit temporarily, people will simply get the wrong idea about my handsomeness :)

Happy birthday mum!!!

Oh, and congrats on the fancy new title!!! I’ll be joining ya before the end of the year. 😜

Thanks..!, I noticed your stash was on the up and up. I might calm it down a little now, the next badge is way out there somewhere.

Yeah. Slowly chipping away. Ever so slowly. Once I hit that I’m going to do the same and pull in the reigns a bit on the purchasing.

Either way, congrats. It’s a big move to the top brother and I super pumped for ya!

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Hope to see you in Bangkok, but are you going? We barely talked in Krakow.

Congratulations on your milestone!

Might join that rank one day, depending on how I feel about #NewSteem.

Thanks, there's nothing quite like here is there.., the drama ;)

Yay! Welcome to our side of the deep ocean. :)

It's like stepping into Mariana Trench...

Congratulations, Orca is really exciting news. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time at SF4.

Really looking forward to it, just seems a long time off somehow!


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Amazing Orca skillz!
Yeah I need to change my voting habits too.

Didn’t realise you were off to SteemFest 4. That’ll be amazing. Be sure to represent the North UK massiv!

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Be sure to represent the North UK massiv!

Yes, I'm committed now. Hotel, Flights and Tickets already paid for. @goblinknackers the same.

For the moment the new changes are going well also at my end, despite I’m getting less as an author it is compensated somehow with curation.
Congratulations for the new achievement.

I really think we are on the edge of massive changes. Not everyone will like them, and I wasn't convinced before it all happened, but love what I'm seeing.

Congrats. I got my ticket the other day too. Still need to arrange flights etc, hopefully not to broke to buy ticket lol

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Oh, I never doubted you would come, not with that name and your travelling bug!

Some people are telling me they have not seen any change in curation rewards. I have to ask if they have changed their voting habits?

Some might have gone down if they were voting on shite or frontrunning bidbot buys.... lols.

I’m not the greatest conversationalist but will try not to bore you to tears with my droning.

I can attest to this!! ;D

Pretty sure you will be fine there this year too, have fun.

And fuck, you did say you would give me a run to Orca and you were not far behind at all! Congrats.

Some might have gone down if they were voting on shite or frontrunning bidbot buys.... lols.

I have never been a fan of bid bots, and was never comfortable with @ocdb either. Still there's massive changes in the air, and every day seems to bring something new right now.

I can attest to this!! ;D

Bleh!... I could barely get a word in... you never stopped talking..., and all in around 5 minutes.

And fuck, you did say you would give me a run to Orca and you were not far behind at all! Congrats.

I did..., when did you get there, around 4-5 weeks ago?

Still there's massive changes in the air, and every day seems to bring something new right now.

Indeed, keep an eye out ;D

Bleh!... I could barely get a word in... you never stopped talking..., and all in around 5 minutes.

It was the only time at SF I couldn't get a word in edge-wise.

yep, about a month or so back, a little more. I am glad that people who actually work toward the future are growing their accounts with more than words.

Again, congrats mate.

Congrats on the new badge! It's well deserved. I'm still grinding my way to dolphin, I'm almost finishing my accumulation of another crypto and after it I'll get some STEEM! Still not decided for how much I'll go for, at these prices I'm thinking either 5k or 10k... How much is dolphinhood? 10k?

Thanks!, 5k for Dolphin.. once it was out of the question for me to become even than, but now it's not that large an investment to become an instant one.

Hello dear friend @slobberchops.

The increase in your SP return levels are very valuable, you really had a 300% increase. This is amazing.
Maybe it's because you increased your stake? Although this recommendation to adjust the automatic vote to 4 min seems interesting.

I think that now that you obtained this category of Orca you have a greater commitment to the platform and especially to the small accounts. Maybe you should spend more time on manual healing. With the launch of HF21, curatorship levels have increased, it is notorious that quality publications are now averaging $ 10 reward.


All best, Piotr.

Congrats on the milestone! I surely want to follow soon! Now that I have finally stopped buying Splinterlands cards with my Steem I am considering making some moves soon towards the goal. Unfortunately, I am still lost with the Hard Forks but will get there!

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It's like Orca is what Dolphin was once. I remember Minnow I being 'somewhere up there' to me and the vote weight of that status around 70c. If and when this token recovers, the ones who believed are going to feel great.

You will get bacon and eggs so don't worry ! But lay off the sausages , they will be variations of hot dog sausages and gross!
Orcas buy the beers by the way, it's actually the law here!
Congrats on the badge fella. Well deserved. Onwards and Upwards :-)

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Orcas buy the beers by the way, it's actually the law here!

I'll buy you a beer, and you can tell me stories of old STEEM, when it was the wild west days. I'm still a comparative newbie compared to most of the old gnarly veterans.

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Yes yes yes. Congrats bro. This is the kind of news that inspires me to pull up my socks. Thanks for the mention. Hey on a side note I heard men lose their beards in Thailand. Please keep yours safe! We need yours on at all costs.😂

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Congratulations man! Following you guys with small steps...

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Hope so, let's all get bigger together.. and thanks!

We are doing well... reaching targets one by one...

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Good to see you have done so well. Was that all generated on-chain or have you invested some from external sources? If thats all on chain then really well done. I remember submitting a couple of your post back in the day to curie. Just goes to prove that content can increase your stake here.

I remember long ago me quizzing you about the requirement of what constituted a @curie post and you were quite tight-lipped. It seemed all dark and mysterious then. It's all moot now, and I'm more happy to find posts by promising newbies.

As for the STEEM, I bought the majority of it. I posted some time ago that I feel it's no longer viable to earn your way to be a Dolphin and I still stand by that thesis.

It was always a great feeling to receive a 'big' @curie. I think I got 2 or 3, and a spattering of the minor versions. Are you still doing the @curie curation?

I don't actively curate for curie any more, a few of us branched away and created @c-squared which has a wider reach (although not the same voting power). I do still have the ability to use some curie VP on posts (the minor version as you call it) and use that in conjunction with our @c-squared curation.

Ooft! Well done you!!! I am nearing it but it is still a little away. I do regret powering up 1000 to my alt account a month or so ago!!

I do regret powering up 1000 to my alt account a month or so ago!

Thanks, and I know that feeling. I have been powering down an account that had over 1000 STEEM over the last few months. It's almost empty now.

I have been tempted to power down one but I just don't like hitting that button!! I suppose I tell have to be happy knowing that technically I am an orca. Lol!! Will probably power up some today

Congrats my friend

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hi @slobberchops, .. am i still worthy of sitting next to you on the plane ?, .. i am a mere Dolphin, .... although there is time yet. :-)

NO PEON!!, you must now sit in the hold amongst the cargo rats.. that is unless you purchase enough STEEM to become an Orca in your own right!

Congratulations on the major milestone, that's a big one.
You are right a lot is changing in the voting habits and I see that votes are coming through rather easily then before. Anyways one need to keep focussing on the content and if need to stick out here that's the thumb rule.
I am sure we will have a lot of English speaking folks, I don't think language is going to be much of a challenge. I am sure that the hotel will have a more global approach in their breakfast menu so that also does not seem to be much of a challenge. See you there......

Thanks @nainaztengra, yes will see you there.. are you in the main hotel or a different one? Last time.. everyone signed a roster.. in the foyer. It was cool to see all the names that mean absolutely nothing unless your a Steemian.


Yes, I am at the main hotel. I do not want to do the back and forth travelling :-)
And this is so cool, true only a steemian will know the importance of it

That is awesome, congrats on the new title. I haven't noticed much in the way of curation rewards increases and I have had my settings adjusted for the past two weeks now. I move them to 4 minutes and now have them set at 5 minutes. My rewards are still about the same as they were before the HF. Maybe I am just too small...

It was you I referring to in the post, the one who said he had seen no difference. That kind of bothers me, and I was hoping for some answers from the community.

Yeah, it is crazy. Maybe I am not reading Steemworld right, but it looks like things have stayed pretty steady for me. Maybe I am not voting enough? I am voting the same percentage as I did before, so it seems like it should still increase...

Hey man conrgrats on your milestone! I am also starting to send some of my money back into steem these next few days. feels like the time is here to buy in again! There's some pretty great movement going on at the moment

I havent followed all the progression and changes on steem so One question: What is the "timer" for voting now? is it 4 minutes now?
Cant seem to find it anywhere:)

I remember a time when we were neck and neck at around 7k STEEM, was over a year ago. There's a lot going on, mostly good.. hope you can join the new STEEM again with us.

One question: What is the "timer" for voting now? is it 4 minutes now?

What was 15 minutes is now 5 minutes for a 100% curation return. At 4 mins, 20% of your vote slice will be returned to the pool, but you may get in earlier than other bigger voters. Its a juggling act.

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Finally, welcome to the club!

Thanks, you leapfrogged me!

Congrats on getting 50k Steem Power! You've come a long way since you first started blogging here :)

Now if that dang price would go up just a little bit...

Get some while it's cheap!

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Well that is a great milestone. While I did buy back a bit of Steem, I still have worries about Voice. I know they have a Sept 22 update or HF needed and I wonder if we will hear more then. Voice still seems like the 800lb gorilla in the room.

Well done on becoming an Orca! I am JEALOUS - not because of your Orcahood, which you more than deserve, but because you are going to Steemfest! I simply can't afford it, mainly due to a load of unexpected expenses. Maybe next year. *Sigh.
I totally agree about the writing talent of @luvlylady - thanks for "finding" her. And I am definitely going to take your advice and readjust my autovoting time. I'm still struggling a bit to find time to focus on Steemit so the recent changes are still a bit of a learning curve, but I agree that the effects of HF21 seem to be positive for the platform. It will take time. Abusers of the platform will be looking for new ways to carry out their abuse. A few weeks ago I noticed that some big circle-jerkers were madly powering down, however at the same time they appear to be receiving some enormous votes - maybe from new accounts that they have powered up? Abuse always seems to find a way to adapt and survive.

but because you are going to Steemfest!

I had to think hard about this one. The journey is what I fear, it's just too far and my back is not good these days.

I'm still struggling a bit to find time to focus on Steemit

Curation is the deal now, you can do less and do more at the same time. There's less posts, but you need to vote the good ones that are making the effort.

And I am definitely going to take your advice and readjust my autovoting time

Yes, this is important and many have not even made the changes from HF20 and are voting at 30 minutes. (@katharsisdrill)!

AHA! So the rules have changed!

I have used all my mental energy on keeping up my downvote power so my Dolphin MIGHT can hit as hard as possible. The new and even sadder Bitbottophant was hit by Mr. Crystal today, then upvoted! then unvoted, then downvoted again. No voting power though! He seem distressed, almost demented.

I will update my auto-voter.

They did, around a year ago! .., HF20 told us to vote at 15 mins or thereabouts... HF21 is now optimal at 4-5 minutes.

Crystal still doesn't get it, about voting and flagging, best he doesn't really.

Seems Crystal and I have something in common. But as they say:

I'm just a jester, not an investor.

Re-curation, @exyle was saying something similar about 10 days ago. I need to seriously look into this (but already I'm getting distractions). I need to get focused. With your account worth about $10K this curation increase will make a big difference - with mine, a small difference.
A while ago, when Steem was worth about 21 cents, I had a look at an account that was worth $100K. This guy was writing a "meh" post (a couple of grades above shitposts) every day, self-voting, and making about $65 per post. I worked out that he was earning more by doing that than I make from renting out a flat that I bought for £73K in 2007 (it's now worth about £98K). And I see that as a good investment - I never have problems finding a good tenant, and I've never had missed rent.
It shows that even when Steem is very low, it can be a more lucrative investment, (although a much riskier one) than bricks and mortar. That alone should be pushing the Steem price up, if only the market had the rationality to see it!
Now, with rewards 50:50-ish, you don't even have to self-vote in order to make your investment pay. You can actually earn significant ROI from rewarding quality work.

Now, with rewards 50:50-ish, you don't even have to self-vote in order to make your investment pay.

You make a good point. I have been self-voting from the start but am thinking about ditching it. I can use that VP elsewhere and gain as much or more if it's done wisely.

I stopped self-voting soon after joining Steemit, because I realised that my self-votes were worthless. But if your self-vote is worth a significant amount, it could be seen as a reward for your investment of time and money.

I’ve heard rumors that Orcas have secret fin shakes. I suppose it’s too much to ask for you to confirm or deny the rumors; plausible deniability never loses its charm.

If they do then I'm not parley to that info... yet. I'm the smallest Orca in the depths right now!

Congrats! And look forward to meeting you at SF!

Likewise, see you there!