The road to Steemfest | Shutouts and the phisical road.

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Hi steemians
I wasn’t very active last week because we had the Orientation Week for new students at our university and I helped there, what means I had a lot to do and to drink. But now it is time again for the road to Steemfest organized by @anomadsoul. Since I missed last week I will make the topic from last week and the one from this week in one post. Check out his weekly post here.

Last week’s topic was Shutouts. The goal was to make a shutout to everyone you were excited to meet at the Steemfest and have a look if you read their post. I already got a lot of shutout from a lot of different and I was happy to read all of them, but reading them all I thought I have to also make one myself.

This week’s topic is “The physical road” to steemfest or how we get to the steemfest and where we stay.


First I will start with my fellow ocd-curators:

  • I am really excited to meet @guyfawkes4-20 there and party with him. I will try to exchange some of his Palinka against some German beer and then we will discuss with one was better.
  • Also meeting @anomadsoul and @acidyo will be amazing experience, I really want to thank them for running @ocd. I will also make sure to drink some beers with them and play a little bit of poker.
  • I will also appreciate meeting @fukako again because I haven’t seen her in a long even if she live in the same city as me.
  • I will also meet there a lot of other @ocd – curators and hope to have a great time with them. Some of them are: @gmuxx, @meanmommy33, @travelgirl, @theaustrianguy and others I probably missed here.
    Next is the German community:
  • I am excited to meet the twins @louis88 and @rivalzzz that are some of the most active German users who I know since their start on steemit. I will try to have some beers and fun with them and also already thank you @louis88 for taking me from the airport to the hotel.
  • I will also try to find a muffin for @reggaemuffin so he can get cannibal.
  • I think it will be also very fun to meet also the older German community like @twinner, @felixxx, @alexvan or @pharesim. I will be thanking the last one on the list very much for his help on getting me to the steemfest
  • I shouldn’t forget here @lichtcatchtoby. He travels a lot and I am excited to hear all his stories.
  • I will also enjoy to see again my far away uncle @detlev with I will help at the #beersaturday and also have some beers with.
    Other peoples:
  • I am sad that not many people from the French community were able to make it to the steemfest, but I will still have some nice conversation with the ones that will be there like @french.fyde, @yann0975 and @heimindanger.
  • I will also try to speak with @roelandp because I think he is an amazing person for organizing such a big event and to thank him for his support for the ticket.
  • Also I want to thank and drink a beer with @raj808 who sold me his spare ticket for a low price and made it possible that I can come to the Steemfest.
  • Last people on this list are all the ones I wrote with on the MSP discord like @soyrosa and @crimsonclad

The physical road

From where are you going to Krakow?

I am coming from a beautiful small town near Karlsruhe from where I will take the tram to the main railway station in Karlsruhe. There I will take a flixbus to the biggest and busiest German airport Frankfort International.

Do you have to take 2 planes and 3 boats to get to Poland?

Fortunately I don’t live too far away from Krakow and so I have to only take 1 plane from Frankfurt to the airport of Krakow that only takes 1h35. There probably @louis88 will be able to take me to the city.

Are you coming alone or are you bringing your 3 kids, the dog and the parrot?

I am a bit young for kids so no for this part, my only animals that I can bring are some fishes and I don’t think they will appreciate the travel. The only person from my family that is also coming is my uncle @detlev.

Where are you staying in Krakow? Are you staying in one of the hotels with your partner? Is it the fancy one?

I am staying in the @blocktrades apartment thanks to @louis88 who sold me his place there. I don’t know exactly where it will be and how fancy it will be, but I think it will be pretty fancy (edit: I got the info that it will be Inxs and qubus hotel so it will be pretty nice). Also I am staying there with the other amazing steemians: @nomadicsoul, @jayna and @coruscate.

Do you prefer a lie budget hostel to be able to spend more in beers late at night?

The first plan was to go to a very cheap hostel, but after @louis88 proposed me his place at the @blocktrades apartment for a very cheap price I couldn’t say no even if the price was higher than the hostel I chose.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you there!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków


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Looking forward to it!


Me too.

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