Spontaneous Trip to Pattaya Thailand

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Photo by @derangedvisions

Wes has always told me how incredible the Steemit Community is, and I have always believed him, but experiencing it was something he couldn't explain. I am so grateful I was able to make it here with him this year, and meet all the beautiful and amazing Steemians from all around the world! @khimgoh @kaerpediem @elizacheng
I wish I would have gotten more pictures of everyone else!! Next year!

Photo Taken by Me @faitherz33

Being able to explore these stunning Temples has me awe struck! The beauty and detail that is placed in each section of the property is quite immaculate! I have had to let a few tears flow a couple of times on this trip, filled with gratitude and happiness! These flowers were so vibrant and beautiful!

Photo By DV

Bohemian Rhapsody hit! I had so much fun singing with my new buddies @buzz.lightyear @stoodkev @firepower, it was seriously the most fun!! Fun fact, I LOVE to sing, but am TERRIFIED to sing in front of people.....but I did it!! Courage is taking over this lady (part of my soul healing)

Photo by DV

Wes and I are very great at spontaneous decisions, we rarely stop and think about things that sound fun, we just do it. HA HA. This time was a great idea, we were exactly where we were supposed to be at that very moment. Pattaya City, Thailand. Right along the beach in the cutest hotel, Rabbit Resort, I could EVER imagine in my lifetime, during the Loy Krathong Yi Peng lantern festival on the BEACH!! ALL THE HEART EYES!!! When we had gotten back to our hotel after watching thousands of lanterns light up the night sky, I had realized a year or two ago, I had put on my vision board to see this lantern festival....I opened up my vision board and realized we have checked off many that are a part of Thailand! I am so so grateful for that! Releasing the lantern off to the night sky meant so much to me, a new beginning, lots of luck, prosperity, and new life. I couldn't even begin to express what this means to me!

Photo By Me

Wes and I went to the Santuary of Truth in the afternoon yesterday, and oh my goodness! Words cannot even begin to amount to the level needed to explain the majesty of this building! Many times I started to get emotional, the love I have for this culture is unexplainable! I am just filled with complete love and gratitude for this amazing experience.

Photo by Me

At sunset, I sat on the beach working on my heart work packet for this month. This has been a year long process (I am on month 11) and it is all about finding joy + (in)courage. This whole trip has been about me going outside of my comfort zone and being brave. I have definitely succeeded at finding the joy in these experiences, and have done MANY things that I would have normally held myself back from with fear paralyzing my adventure.

Photo By DV

I was invited to come to the beach and start the day off with Yoga and Meditation, I jumped at the opportunity! My hippie, yogi spirit is right at home here! I am not a religious person, but very connected to the spiritual guides in my life and have no doubt of the purpose I am here...which has taken a LOT of exploring and learning about myself over the last few years, this past year especially.

I love and appreciate @steemitmamas for being the first group to love on me, and welcome me into the community. I have felt so welcomed into the Steemit Community!! I have so so so many more pictures I want to share, but wanted to do an overall experience post! I will be writing more about our cute hotel here in Pattaya and the incredible service they have!!

I am heading off to the beach again to soak in as much warmth and sun as I can before we go back to cold Utah for the winter. One thing is for sure, we will be back with our kids!!

Lots of love and gratitude to my Wesley for supporting me always, for wanting me to come experience this beautiful country with him and for being my best friend!
And much love to you all Steemians! I just cannot begin to express the JOY in my heart for you all!!


It was so good to meet you @faitherz33
Hugssssss.... hey hang on!! We managed to do it for realz ;D..haha
Enjoy the rest of your holiday

I am so glad we met!! And I am soo glad for a real hug!!! We are gearing up to leave...so sad!! But, it has been an incredible trip!!!

Here's to everything falling into place for next year <33

It was awesome singing with you!
I am actually a terrible singer, @joythewanderer can confirm, but I can't resist Bohemian Rapsody =D

It was so much fun!! You sounded lovely :) . I had a blast singing with you!!

Yea this was so much fun ! =D

When I get a formal invitation to Malaysia x)

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