The Road to Steem Fest | Planning, wanting, doubting on going to SF?

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The Road to SteemFest! Yes... Once again we are counting down to our SteemFest 4... Another 4 months (slightly less than 4 months) to go. This week our topic is "Planning, wanting, doubting on going to SF?"

Uhm... Doubt! Let me start with DOUBT... I have NO DOUBT at all... I WANT TO GO TO STEEMFEST! OK, let's come back to reality... I WANT to make it happen! My main roadblock now is my funding... Yup... A little bit over spent early this year due to accidents and family matters... So I need to make it happen by getting myself extra income. My existing job is not going to cover my travel because that is already planned for my family expenses.

So here's the planning part. Thanks to @bitrocker2020, @khimgoh... Meeting up with you two cleared up my fear and blurriness... And thanks a lot to @joannewong... You have been superbly awesome and supportive and believe in me more than I believe in myself... I need to hangout with you more... To kick myself and to kick you too... 🤣🤣🤣 You know what I mean...

What big bro said is so true... Don't overthink things. Just set goal and go get your goal. What I need is not really a job, what I need is a way to get myself the income I want and I need. True. Well, I am not quitting my job yet. Nope. But yes, I have an idea of how to get my funding to SF4.

Planning and executing in process... I need more discipline and consistency... To fund my trip, I would need about 0.1 BTC (assuming the price of BTC is above USD10K). Average I have 100 days to make this 0.1 BTC. So daily I will need to make 0.001 BTC. Having it break down into smaller figure seems doable.

P/S This is no financial advise or any expert suggestion. This is just a sharing from what I am doing.

So my plan is to stick to my plan and execute it to reach my goal. And then I will be seeing you all in Bangkok. And yes, having the beer with you @anomadsoul... 🍻 and we can look forward to see what surprise this year @detlev is bringing us for the BeerSaturday.

Just in case I couldn't reach 0.1 BTC on time, SBD and STEEM I earn on a daily basis will be the final resort to fund my trip. Powering down is not something I want to do, but if I need to I will do it. 🤞

OK. Let me see what else... Uhm... Planning... I don't know... What should I bring for you all? HUGS and SMILE! 😍 ❤ Of coz... And what else... No idea yet... Gonna need to sit down more with the gang and plan more on this...

And I am so so so excited... I have never been to Bangkok before... Uhm... Technically never been there before... Last year just transit via the airport... So that doesn't count... 😂😂😂

Will I be posing like this when I am there? Who knows? I don't know... Maybe... Maybe not... When we are there, we are supposed to have FUN... So ya, let's enjoy the Road To SteemFest journey and build up the FUN...

Looking forward to see your "Planning, Wanting and Doubting" post...

Need to start learning some Thai too!

Hello - สวัสดี (S̄wạs̄dī) / Sawasdee
Thank you - ขอบคุณ (K̄hxbkhuṇ) / khop khun


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@elizacheng you should go , it's very lively event and you get to know more people good for networking. @adityajainxds #thealliance #fambalam

Yup. It's a superb awesome lively event! Love the fambalam moment too when I meet up with @enginewittty @rhondak @katrina-ariel @yidneth @gmuxx (did I miss someone out?) last year at Krakow.

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