Road To Steemfest | My Actual Plan For Steem Fest 4

Hello dear Steemians and all beautiful Blockchain people!

Let's talk about Steem Fest 4, because it will take place in Bangkok in about one month from now:
SteemFest image.jpg

And in this post I would like to share with you what my plan about Steem Fest looks like.

First of all, I would like to say that I've already bought a ticket to Steem Fest 4! Actually I bought it in the second half of August - at that time the prices were the most cheap ones.

In addition I want to say that at the end of May I booked a room in Prince Palace Hotel Bangkok on the site of I've chosen that hotel, because it is recommended on the site of
Steem FEST pic 2.jpg
And, also, I would like to say that probably most of the Steemians will be in this hotel. So it will be really fun to be there!

The only detail of my trip to Bankgkok that I still haven't taken care of is the plane ticket ... The cheapest tickets from Sofia to Bangkok are with Emirates (airline) (with a stop in Dubai)and Qatar Airways (with a stop in Qatar) at a price of 450 EUR - 460 EUR:
Ticket prices.jpg
And 450 EUR - 460 EUR is a lot of money for me as I am unemployed and the crypto prices are quite low, unfortunately ...

To be honest, in addition, I've had some financial issues recently (since I've been unemployed for a few months). And probably I will have some additional expenses within October that I didn't expect earlier. Because of this I've been looking very actively for a job in the last 3-4 weeks. No doubt that I have to find a job as soon as possible. That's why at the moment I don't know if I will be able to make it to Steem Fest.

Probably in the next two weeks I will already know if I will be able to come to Steem Fest ...

That's my plan so far.


Wow Bangkok! All in all I expected the plane ticket to cost even more. Of course it's still a lot of money.

Yeah, the price are quite decent, actually!

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Sometimes even the best laid plans don’t work out .
Make sure you look after yourself. If you make it to Steemfest awesome. If not don’t stress there will be another one .
I hope you find some work .
Have an awesome day!

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@mickvir, thank you for leaving that awesome comment!
You are absolutely right, that there will be another great events as well. So, I don't have any stress.

Have an awesome day (Friday) as well!

Hi @cryptospa bro

I hope you get the job soon and able to make it for Steemfest. Have a great weekend bro

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Thank you, @alokkumar121! I hope I will find a very good job very soon.

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Great plan @cryptospa, and I really hope you can get the money for the flight ticket, stay awesome.

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We will see what will happen, @flaxz. How about your plans?

Sadly I don't think I will make it, but I will be on Dtube Forum in Hamburg.

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Thank you!

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Thanks for share your thoughts

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You're welcome!

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