Am I going to Steemfest?

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I've been holding back from saying anything about Steemfest3 this year as 2018 has been in a love-hate relationship with me. Who knows that even the most positive year for me still gets me caught in bouts of depression and rut? But I digress..

Upon reading @anomadsoul's freewrite initiative for those who are going to Steemfest, I knew I have to do something.. No longer must I keep it inside and watch things unfold from the sidelines like I always have. So this is it I guess.. the first post that will either end in excitement or a letdown come November 6th.

Steemfest2 no doubt left a huge impact in my life, so much so that I still keep a 5 Euro note in my wallet just as a reminder to myself of the place i've been to everytime I need to pay something in my local currency (The Malaysian Ringgit, about 1/5th in value to the Euro). Steemfest was the eye-opening week where I've meet more type of people over the span of 8 days than all my life prior to it. As a small town boy, I've become this dreamy boy who looked beyond his borders and imagined himself in all the places he can go if he put enough effort in the right place at the right time.

In fact i guess you can say that Steemfest was the central theme of who I am as a Steemian. Steemfest Amsterdam after all was what made me first know about Steemit and the world-changing implication that the Steem blockchain is bringing about right before our eyes.

So it's really no brainer that I must do all I can to meet all the awesome people that has inspired me as well as those who I may meet for the first time face to face.

Myself, @ned, @bitrocker2020, and @vaelriey during Steemfest2

It's funny that even a year after Steemfest, meeting new people and gaining inspiration and vigor to go all in on Steem, I find myself kinda in the exact spot financially where I was last year when @roelandp announced Steemfest Lisbon. Life likes to kick people in the balls.

So would I power down my SP dry to pay for the trip (again)? Heck yea, There's no better reason and investment in meeting all the heavyweights and entreprenuers who despite coming from all sorts of background (Holy shit... the kinds of people you meet on Steemfest..) somehow still share the same mindset as you.

And the things you'll learn when being with some many different kinds of people.. Some who are undisputed experts in their fields.. I'd say the main appeal of Steemfest isnt the nice place or the booze (the booze tho) or the parties.. it's the people who inspires and teaches, who shows you new things and perspective that is possible in few other places.. Did I ever tell the story of how @anyx and @lukestokes blew my mind just by me overhearing their discussion? I knew my mouth went agape like an idiot.. Maybe I should tell them in another post... It's a story worth telling, i hope..

So yea, @anomadsoul I know you made explicitly clear "Only Steemians who are certain they will attend Steem Fest 3 please.". Lets hope miracles happen and I dont end up breaking any rules.. And If I don't please make sure we get to play pool again eh? hehehehe

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We never met and I likely only seen your steemit blog for the first time ever. Touching story you have told so full upvote from me on this post. Hope you reach your goal soon and be able to go on steemfest3. Thanks


thanks @mawit07! Appreacite the support and if you're going to steemfest3 too this year, lets meet up!!

Hell yeah we will play pool again man, it has to happen!


Haha woohooooo.. Lez DoIT !!!!


@anomadsoul OKAY!!!! I'll make sure to be there!!

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Do not trust in any not that speaks to you Lol.


hahaha of course. magic8ball doesnt play around though hahahahaha!