The Road to Steem Fest | Let´s get to know each other

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Steem Fest 3 is only a bit more than 3 months away from us and I came up with an idea. Bear with me, read til the end for the love of Zeus

Freewriting is the best way to get to know ourselves, it is when we just let our feelings and thoughts flow out of our mind into paper. It is an excellent way of letting people know a bit more about us and to "walk in our shoes" for the few minutes it takes them to read our post.

If you have no idea what Freewriting is let me explain: When a person writes continuously without regard to spelling, grammar, or topic. Writers use this style to get rid of writer´s block but I use it to write my most honest, uncensored and sincere posts.

Some of you already know if you are going to attend Steem Fest 3 so why not take this chance and use freewriting to get to know each other a bit more?

I know I want to learn more about some of you and hopefully some of you want to learn a bit about me. This is what a freewriting post looks like.

Do you remember that feeling in Steem Fest 2 where you didn´t know anyone in person but when you recognized the username, it felt as if you were meeting a long time friend?

I do. I loved the feeling. I didn´t know some people in person but I read all their posts, we had some conversations over or discord and when we met, it was just plain awesome.

So start Freewriting for Steem Fest.

Let the Steemians who are going get to know more about you and let that "feeling of familiarity" start growing so when we meet, it´s as if we´ve been friends for years.


1 - Only Steemians who are certain they will attend Steem Fest 3 please.
2 - Can´t edit the post, thats what freewriting is about.
3 - Use the tag #roadtosteemfest so we can all find the posts and get to know each other.
4 - No more than one post per week per Steemian using this tag, we want to avoid spam.

Only Steemians who are planning on going to Steem Fest 3 in Poland please. If a lot of posts from people who are not going to SF use this tag, the whole purpose of this initiative will be lost :(


This is SUCH a cool iniative and it honestly felt so good to just free write and get all my thoughts out there. I can't wait to go read everyone else's posts too. <3

I love that you are encouraging people to free-write up to once a week on this tag. Seems like a cool way to document and share your thoughts as they evolve and change leading up to the event.I may have to do another one next week.

That post was amazing Lea!
It's definitely a nice way of documenting our process starting today up until that day we all meet in Poland :)

YEAH !!! We will be there. I cannot wait for such a splendid moment. Resteem - the big day in Poland. Cracow is soooo remarkable my friend.

It's going to be awesome to meet you and Margaret there! I remember you guys right from when I started on steemit, can't wait to put a face/voice to the steemit profile pic :D

Amazing idea fav Mexican! It’s gonna be one interesting road ahead of us, I’m sure.

jaja justo escribí, casi al mismo tiempo, mi primer post para el SteemFest! . No se si hago freewriting, pero algo por el estilo debo hacer. Que lindo que nos vamos a ver pu!!!

Rio de La Plata presente man!

jaja yo diria mas Cordillera de los Andes presente, pq estoy para estos lares...

Bueno vamos arriba...! Sale que sale Tinchoooo...!

Entonces ya por fin nos vemos por un truco!!! Segurisimo que Eric @anomadsoul juega con nosotros ;) - solo falta uno mas :D

jaja vas liza??? Que genia! Espero verte bella! Perdon la demora, pero recien lo veo.

Ya tocaaa, demasiado tiempo conviviendo desde una pantalla como para no volverlo "real" pronto jajaja abrazo Tincho!

ya era hora eriiii! Vamos a ponerle calor a Poland!

That's a great idea! Mine will be filled with typos :P

YAY for steemfest 3!!!

As long as it comes from the heart the typos are just collateral damage :P

Great idea @anomadsoul. In the past I have wished to know who was coming. At least this will give us a taste of some of those who plan to attend.

I would also like to know who lives in Krakow (or Poland in general). It's great to be in touch with some locals! Glad to know you'll be there @hashcash!

Full upvote and resteem. May we get to know each other even better through this fun initiative together.

Thanks for the vote and resteem! I'm thrilled we'll get to meet again, this time I hope to see you knowing a bit more about you through your freewrites :)

May it be so for all of us! Thanks for getting the ball rolling @anomadsoul.

Actually I am already living in Poland these days. When I saw that the steemfest was going to happen in Krakow, I couldn't have been more pleasantly surprised :-)
I am in Warsaw, Just a few hours of bus ride and Voila!

What a blessing to have this magnificent event so close to you. It will be great to meet some locals. I"m glad you'll be making this a priority @hashcash.

When I saw that steemfest happening in Krakow I actually had to look twice. Poland is nice but it is not the hottest destination......... It was a pleasant surprise and I am not about to let it go waste :-)

Great! It seems that we will be meeting there. Glad to know you are there as our greeting committee!! See you in a few short months!

HA ha!
..... Greeting committee - that's a nice idea. I just might take that position if its still open :-)

I would like to be welcomed by you @hashcash. You are the first I have heard to step up to the position--maybe even making it for yourself! hehehe!

Woow, I am coming for sure 1000% together with a big cryptoexpert from Moscow!😉😉😉
Новый точечный рисунок (2) (3).jpg

Thanks @anomadsoul for this post and the created tag is a great idea as well!Thumbs up!

That is awesome! I can't wait to meet you and the expert :D maybe we'll have some chats about Russia haha

To be honest, I will come with a top expert from Russia, he does not like to speak much of him, about me, I was doing over the cousre of the last 10 years Hospitality Business, now I am with Wechat QR ( I am the CEO, but we keep calm for now, till October, most likely of the company ) codes implementation in Russia, was very satisfied to hear just few days ago Wechat is gonna wotk for now with BTC , so really I am sure if we meet meet we can discuss many topics, btw, where are you from, Holland, and are you interested in proceeding any Crypros through Wechat, just let me know, In case you have any idea, any willingness, we can discuss it for sure.Nice meeting you here.
If you want to discuss the opportunities of Wechat / BTC implementatitions for now in Russia, glad to share some my thoughts and hear your ideas!
p.S got to know about Steemit back in December 2017, got registered in January, but I was so ignorant, to not know is a great opportunity till end AprilThat is when I got active.




Such an amazing idea ma' man! I will attend SF3 with no doubt an will be a great way to know so many Steemians that are like a Family by the Way.
I also think that maybe we can add a Video Style for this #freewriting initiative using a #SF3RawVideo in where we can upload videos related to SF3 without ANY edition, just the Raw! :)

Counting days in here!

Peace V!

Oh damn that idea is kick ass! For sure, you are one of the Spanish community people I really want to meet in person. Abrazo Leo!

Abrazooo Eric!

It's a wonderful idea. I am going to steemfest, so I would like to participate in this project.

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Do you remember that feeling in Steem Fest 2 where you didn´t know anyone in person but when you recognized the username, it felt as if you were meeting a long time friend?

YES, I do - and I loved it! :-)

Great idea - resteemed
Since I don't know if I'll be able to participate in the event by myself yet, I won't join the freewriting contest for now. But I'll save it for later..:-)


It would be amazing to see each other again surfer, I really hope everything goes well over there and you find the chance to escape for a few days to Poland :)

Hey, rad idea. I'm game

freewriting is definitely a cool way to get to know someone. It's more like talking in person.

in fact im freewriting right now.

cheers bud. Cant wait to meet you this year

Omg!!! Will you be attending this year? :)

yes, I'm coming this year. I'm so pumped. Was sad to miss you when you came through Santa Cruz

that feeling in Steem Fest 2 where you didn´t know anyone in person but when you recognized the username

I've never been to a Steemfest before and that's one of my biggest worries lol I hope everyone has username nametags, so that I have an idea who they are :D
This sounds like a super fun challenge, Eric! I must get to it <3 Can't wait to get to know everyone :)

Oh yeah, everyone wears name tags (except for those who want to remain low-key). So with name tags and these freewrites I'm pretty sure that awkwardness of meeting "new" people will completely vanish.

I sure hope so! My, this is so exciting :D

You read my post before I was even able to comment on this post - I love your idea and am loving you're challenging the whole Steemit community to already 'meet before the meet-up'! I already met a few Steemians I wouldn't have met if I hadn't written my post today. We'll make it a few days to never forget - see you in Krakow!

What can I say I really wanted to read every post there and yours was truly one of my favorites, glad to meet you before the official meet up :)
We'll make them memorable I'm sure!

Warning! Freewriting is so addicting it's hard to go back to organization and editing habits :P
It's also a sort of relief, up to recently I didn't even realize how "perfectionistic" and sterile I was with my posts :)
Thank you for starting the initiative!

Oh, I became an addict to freewriting once I found my mojo and you are right, it's hard to go back from it :P

Are you going to Poland? Should we expect a freewrite from you anytime soon?

I'm from Croatia. I've been told that I tend to use slavic sentence formation in English and vice versa. However, when I edit text I have no issue finding mistakes :)

I will post a short story writing practice later, but I'm not sure about freewriting as my daily life is quite repetitive :) (Maybe I'll share some dream journals)l

Edit: I did a bit of a freewrite rant recently, but it's probably not worth the reading time :)

WOW my friend. I am looking forward to at least give you a big high five ;)

They could not choose better, it is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland

See you there ;)

It has to be the biggest high five Poland has ever seen! Can't wait to meet you and Greg :)

@anomadsoul, In my opinion you've come up with unique idea of Freewriting regarding the SteemFest and not this time but will join one of them for sure, and want to read the posts under this tag because everyone holds different essence for the Fest.

And in my opinion, with whom we have connection through Words and Texts and then meeting in person gives surprising and great essence, and good to hear your experiences.

And for sure i believe that this SteemFest will be amazing in all aspects and we are waiting to watch the videos of SteemFest so that we can also experience that essence.

So, i want to wish you good luck for whatever plans you hold for this SteemFest and we hope that we will going to hear some awesome stuff and news after the SteemFest.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thats a great idea Eric! Im looking forward to our little reunion together with @luzcypher to have the dream team back together :) - I will write a post with #roadtosteemit this week and I am curious to read all the others!!!


Last year it was a shame I couldn't come, but this time will be awesome!

I think @twinner @theaustrianguy @mammasitta @manncpt and many others, hopefully also @uwelang will be joining us :) - I also would like to read more about @roxane since we have similar soccer taste ;)

Cheers :)

What beauty!!! So hope to give you both hugs this year!!

Fantastic idea. I remember that feeling wad like meeting familiar strangers. Can't eait to see you again.

cant traveI make it happen in kmr :)

I will love to attend the Steem fest 3 and in fact I've started planning as I will be applying to get my visa soon. But the problem we have here in Nigeria is getting the visa. It's a lot difficult to get the visa here in Nigeria as I know a lot of my friends who have been denied visa.

Nevertheless, I will still try my best to make it to the great event

I hope you can get it my friend! If you need invitation letters from Europe or a letter from the event @roelandp can help you with that, he helped me for Steemfest 2 in Portugal.

OK, will contact @roelandp foe invitation letter. Thanks

Getting visa from Nigeria to a Schengen country is a huge challenge
Sadly, I will be missing the SteemFest but I would have wished to attend if visa issues is less troublesome

Wow amigo Eric @anomadsoul es impresionante la cantidad de gente que motivas a escribir en Freewrite yo soy uno de ellos, es hermoso como puedes ir leyendo conociendo a esa persona por como dice las cosas, el lenguaje que usa, la manera de expresarse tan natural, tan cercano.
Yo particularmente pienso y siento que un FREEWRITE es como echarle el cuento de algo que estas viviendo, pensando o sintiendo a alguien que esta a tu lado, si, a tu mejor amigo, de manera que te das el permiso de hablarle como vaya fluyendo.

it is great all people are join this fest. @anomadsoul

Good luck to you all! Happy travels 🤗

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I consider it as a personal journal yesterday I was reading the memories of Agatha and I think that if I had this tool, my god, I really love this kind of initiatives, greetings and my respects.

Great idea. I won't be participating since I know there is no way I can go to Poland for a week in the middle of my build, but I hope to be at a Steemfest soon. I hope your success with it this time will inspire you to do it again then.

Fantastic! I’d love to attend but not sure it’s gonna happen this year. Still will be trying for it though.

Yeah, see you at Steemfest3 again! 👏👍👊

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Awesome man! Prepare for some poker huh?

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It is a good idea to use this label to have more or less an idea of those who may go and so in certain ways to know that you will find, I would love to go alone that is a little difficult :(

awww i would love to go but wont make this one! hope we can meet someday in person!

Ohhhh it would be amazing to meet you guys in person! I hope that crypto goes up and you find a way to make it, it was one of my best decisions to make an effort and go to Lisbon last year.

O my God in Poland for, which is so far away? I'm going to take my biggest wish is to go to the Steem Fest hope it will come true my dream this year!

Buenas noches @anomadsoul, complacido de poder seguir comentando sus interesantes e instructivos retroalimentacion!..

I have been enjoying writing post lately and yessss! It's gonna be fun doing this #roadtosteemfest every week!! hahaha hope to see you at the Fest! ❤

Will you be coming from Thailand? It would be awesome to meet in person!

Siiiiii amigo! hahaa I might be going from there. Heard you live in Mexico?? so yesss would be great to meet in person. I backpacked in Mexico for 3 months a few years back. Till next post 😆❤️

yes that look good :)

Great idea.Have a nice travel.

@anomadsoul i want to convey that You can rake in huge profits on shitcoins, yet you can likewise lose your cash so you should be cautious – more on that in a bit.

Sadly not sure I can afford it :( though it would be great to perform.
I actually freewrite a lot on my diaries and dream diaries even if not related to steemfest been seeing the tag and encouraged to try

Spain is pretty close (and cheap) to Poland! And I'm sure there will be a lot of contests to win an entry ticket. If you really want to come I'm sure there will be some chances to make it on a budget.

If free time is your enemy, I hope you find the way to free yourself a few days!

How much will ne the tickets? So far i just saw price for housing /Hotels.

Great initiative for the Steemfest 3! I really wanna go but I am not yet sure if I can save enough in 3 months. It would be great to see the people behind the usernames :)

So start Freewriting for Steem Fest. Let the Steemians who are going get to know more about you and let that "feeling of familiarity" start growing so when we meet, it´s as if we´ve been friends for years.

Summarily summed up
I love your idea

I'm newbie here on Steemit and I don't have good reputation yet I'm excited for Poland meet..
Yet, I wish to participate in this event. But I hope qualified Steemitians will enjoy and learn a lot from that upcoming event.
Best of luck

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there are same fest to improve our steem-relationship in korea !

Thanks again you for sharing this wonderful information with others. Good luck to you and Love.

Еще раз спасибо, что поделились этой замечательной информацией с другими. Удачи Вам и Любви.

LOL. Thanks for this opportunity and I had just created my first freewrite with this topic!

I read it! So great to see the person behind the username opening up to us :) glad to meet you my friend!

Me encantaría asistir a ese festival, pero a pesar de todo estarè pendiente por esta misma via, así que compartiré y participaré de alguna manera en ese festival

What a fantastic idea @anomadsoul!! I am also really enjoying the whole #ulog thing... writing them as well as reading them. It really allows you to step into the actual world of the other person.

You know the uncertainty facing a person when he wants to go, planned to go, but not 100% sure he's gonna land in Krakow? I'm feeling that now..

But you what.. It was "impossible" for me to get to Steemfest2 last, didnt stop me though... Lets challenge myself to get to Steemfest3 once more. May the odds be in my favour.

Flights - check
Accommodation - check

Hell yeah! See you there mate!

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