Road of Rich (ROR), Next-Generation STEEM Blockchain Game! starts Token Sales on STEEM-Engine

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This is the team "Road of Rich"

Currently, ROR Team is developing game called "Road of Rich"
There is the explanation and information of "Road of Rich" in the previous post.
This time, we are going to introduce the information of the Token economy system and sales information of RORS token

What is Road Of Rich (ROR) ?

Road of Rich(ROR) is an Economic Strategy Simulation RPG game.

In this game you can collect and trade resources through various activities such as combat, gathering, and trading using mercenaries.
Each player must hire mercenaries for Combat, Collection, Mining and Trading to be the great merchant. The Growth of Mercenaries can help them to gain a competitive edge.
It's an Economic Strategy Simulation (SRPG) game to pioneer its own play route and became the best merchant.

More information about the token economy system is available at the link below

Introducing Road Of Rich (ROR) / Next-Generation RPG Game Based on STEEM Blockchain!!

Road Of Rich Token Economy

First of all, we are very pleased to have an official introduction of the token economy of the Road Of Rich on Steemit website and to launch the RORS token sale.
The "Road of Rich" is the project which is developing with the specialists from the game company named "Zip-lab" and the blockchain company called "UseB"

This project will lead you to the new stage of the blockchain game
The game will be released on the steem platform.

The RORS token has been issued as STEEM-Engine and has already been raised over 160,000 STEEM, and it's an awesome project that many people are expecting excitingly.

The Steem Power of @roadofrich is now 240,000 SP, and it keeps increasing.

RORS’s Token Economy

토큰 이코노미 영문.png

The most impressive feature of the Token economy system in "Road of Rich" is that the game offers the 100% of its paid payment income to the Token holders and game players.

60% of the profits will be rewarded to the Token holders and 40% will be rewarded to the game players. based on this system.

The RORS token becomes the main payment method for the ROR game. You can pay with STEEM, but if you use RORS Token, you will receive a certain % discount. This can increase the demand of RORS tokens.

If you want to know more about the token economy, please check the link below

Introduce Road Of Rich(ROR) Token Economy.

RORS Token Sale Schedule

The ROR game, which is scheduled to be Alpha Test at the end of July, has decided to take plenty of time for ROR token sale. However, as we're selling out faster than we thought, I'd like to remind you that there will be a change of the token sale schedule.

1st RORS Token Private Sale June 03, 2019 - June 16, 2019
2nd RORS Token Private Sale June 17, 2019 - July 07, 2019
3rd RORS Token Private Sale July 07, 2019 - July 31, 2019

80% of the sales are converted to STEEM POWER, which is used for voting to token holder, event and marketing purposes.

RORS Private Sale Event

1st RORS Private Sale price is 1RORS = 0.0045 STEEM.
2nd RORS Private Sale price is 1RORS = 0.0050 STEEM.
3rd RORS Private Sale price is 1RORS = 0.0055 STEEM.

All participants in the 2nd private sale will be given $5 worth of paid game items.
All participants who purchased over 200,000 RORS during the 2nd private sale will receive a $30 worth of paid game items.

You can trade RORS Token on a STEEM-Engine site

STEEM POWER(SP) Delegate Event

SP Rental event is held to promote Road of Rich.

We will rent the SP on a four-week basis and pay the RORS token.
We will pay 20,000 RORS tokens per 10,000 SP. (10,000 SP = 20,000 RORS)

For those who have rented more than 5,000 SP, we offer $10 worth of paid game items.

** The RORS token will be paid in four weeks after the SP lease.**
** Steem power lease events can be terminated early.*
Thank you so much!

For other questions, please contact the channel below.

Official ROR discord channel
Official ROR kakaotalk channel

Road Of Rich Official Web site

The English version of the site will be ready soon.

Delegate SP to @roadofrich
5,000SP, 10,000SP, 20,000SP, 50,000SP

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@roadofrich nice to see these developments! But not nice to see that you are abusing bid bots (tremendously) to promote your posts in ways that it's toxic to the whole Steem ecosystem. You created negative ROI for you and others. If you don't stop it I have to flag this kind of behaviour. Or you can rename your game to "road of poor" ;)

Peace out, #Roger

I'm just curious why you think this post is abusing the bidbots?

It's well presented has an announcement and if he has negative ROI that means he cares enough about the visibility of the content to promote it.

So, again, I'm curious why you see it as abuse.

I had the same question..

곰돌이가 @jayplayco님의 소중한 댓글에 $0.013을 보팅해서 $0.010을 살려드리고 가요. 곰돌이가 지금까지 총 5322번 $59.413을 보팅해서 $67.676을 구했습니다. @gomdory 곰도뤼~

Thanks for asking! From this angle which you put quite well it makes sense. From my (& others) POV it's considered abuse if there's no need to create a negative ROI if there are sufficient slots available in the bot's bidding rounds - which was definitely the case. Good to care about a post's visibility, but even better to care about the ecosystem as a whole too, no!? With the help of the vote calculator or a service like @Steemium they would have achieved better results for them AND for all of us. And that's what I question. Why not going for the 💯 ?!?

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You mean you are bot farming for rewards and he messed up your round? lol. That's not abuse.

I also don't mind that you are doing that, but I find it funny that's what you would call abuse.

No need to spin my words, read my comments. "bot farming for rewards" 😆 you can call it whatever it doesn't make it right. If you support and even defend exploitative behaviour that's your choice. I prefer to choose well 😊 have a nice day & may God have mercy on your soul 🙏

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Yeah stop abusing STEEM. MUTED!

Game concept seems awesome ☺

es un buen juego pero normal mente juego MOBILE LEGENDS en mi celular, tiene mejores graficos y jugabilidad y paga mas de 1000000 de dolares en premios.

This post has received a 10.00% complementary upvote from @swiftcash 🤑

Very impressive project. Its another great stuff on top of steem blockchain. Blockchain Game has huge potential to grow.

I am looking forward to participating in this game. That's a huge support! Once my delegation will return, it will be automatically be delegated on ror.

Thank you for your support @jassennessaj

Nice project 😀.... hope to succeed .... gd luck

looks interesting.... keep us posted!

Thank you :) We will keep updating.

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