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Hello, This is the team "Road of Rich"

First, I would like to thank all of you for participating in the first private sale. Most of ROR contents has not been released yet, but the first private sale was closed early. we will make a good game to meet your expectations.

Today, We are going to summarize and introduce RORS' token economy.

Road Of Rich Token Economy

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Since ROR game is based on STEEM blockchain, STEEM and RORS token will be the main payment method.
The price of each paid item will be determined based on the dollar price, and a certain percentage discount will be applied for payment with a RORS token. This can increase the demand for RORS tokens.

All paid STEEM and RORS tokens will be incorporated into the reward pool 100% and will be rewarded to the RORS token holder and game player by 5% per day (excluding the reward tokens).

Five percent of daily reward tokens are rewarded by 60% to tokens holders and 40% to game players.
Token holders are automatically rewarded according to the token holding ratio, and by excluding the company's holdings and unsold tokens from the reward, we want to return more tokens to the holders who are stacking the RORS token.
The 40% reward paid to game players will only be given to users who have put their game money into the ‘Reward safe’, not to all players. Gold (Game currency) can be acquired by playing the game (i.e., I'll explain in detail below). Gold generated at the town auction house will only be reward to the token holder for 5% of the auction house's total fee, and 95% will be burned. Likewise, Gold that is in the ‘Reward safe’ is to be burned to reduce the inflation that occurs in the game.

Also, the ROR project requires a lot of marketing and external activities. For these activities, we need to have sufficient SP(STEEM Power), and we will distribute some of the RORS token to those who have rented SP.
ROR is going to vote for Steamit users and token holders who post for ROR through SP of the @roadofrich account.

How to get Gold(ROR currency) in the game

In ROR games, Gold is a very important economic currency for players.
As we explained, Gold can be paid by holding RORS token, but it can be acquired through various game plays.

ROR, like a typical unattended game, can earn Gold based on the player's choice and activity, rather than an infinite amount of game money. Gold earned through game play depends on the player's choice to use it for character growth and future greater profits, or to incorporate it into the daily reward safe for immediate profit.

As an example, let me briefly introduce you to one of the economic systems in the game, the investment system in the village.

There are countless villages in the ROR game. Players can operate in a variety of villages, using various services in the village and paying a certain fee. The fee will be allocated to the top investors who have invested in the town in the future.

Players who invest in a village and become top investors can become the owners of the village and manage the village, and can also establish guilds. And the top 20 investors can be compensated for the fees that come from the village. Winning Gold(fee from village) by maintaining the top 20 investment ranking may be one of the strategies for players.

With so many economic systems in the game, players can earn more money, and they will have to constantly think about how they will get it in a variety of economic systems. You can make profits by adding the money you earned right now into the reward safe, but you can make more money by investing it in the economic activities in the game.
If a lot of players add their game money to the reward safe expecting reward, the reward token you can get can be reduced, which can be another fun element for the psychological warfar.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at the channel below so we can give you feedback as soon as possible.

Thank you so much!

Official ROR discord channel
Official ROR kakaotalk channel

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2nd sale?

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I wish I have a lot of time. I would love to play this very exciting game.

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Wow... this project needs more publicity now. Well thought out so far.

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