Introducing Road Of Rich (ROR) / Next-Generation RPG Game Based on STEEM Blockchain!!

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Hello Steeminas! We are Road Of Rich (ROR) Team and We are very excited to announce ROR informaiton throwgh an official account.

We think 2019 is the year of the blockchain game. However, compared to popular games in the established game industry, the level of blockchain game’s graphics, story completion, contents are far behind. It was sad that only gambling blockchain games were played by a small number of users. There have been a lot of great blockchain games recently, but it's still a lot to be upgraded.

So, ROR is going to introduce next-generation blockchain games that combine fun, completeness, and profitability that haven't been in the blockchain game market.
For this, many game professionals have been closely involved in the ROR project for a long time. Since we've been doing this behind closed doors, please look forward to the opening of our beta version.

What is Road Of Rich (ROR) ?

Road of Rich(ROR) is an Economic Strategy Simulation RPG game.

In this game you can collect and trade resources through various activities such as combat, gathering, and trading using mercenaries.

To be the great merchant each player must hire mercenaries for Combat, Collection, Mining, and Trade, and the Growth of Mercenaries can help them gain a competitive edge.
It's an Economic Strategy Simulation (SRPG)game that pioneered its own play route and became the best merchant.

All players can play games in the direction they want.
All players' activities are closely interconnected and can sometimes co-work or compete.
Afterwards, the grown mercenary can enjoy playing games through various activities, such as the following.

1.Mercenary - The basic elements of game play. We will foster various mercenaries and use them for all activities such as combat, trade, etc.

RORS (7).jpg

2. Mining & Collecting - ROR allows mining and gathering to obtain resources. Resources can be gained by mining & collecting. Mercenaries will be grown through mining & gathering.

RORS (3).jpg

3.Dungeon - You can acquire valuable resources through warfare in dungeon, gain experience(EXP) and grow mercenaries.

RORS (6).jpg

4.Trade - Trade allows you to sell resources, local specialties, items, and mercenaries to each village.

RORS (2).jpg

5.Guild warfare - The town's top investor can establish a guild and build a community. Players can join and collaborate on guilds and use communion (guild warfare) to make war between guilds and consequently plunder resources.

RORS (5).jpg

6. Investment System - Invest in a village to become a top investor and receive taxes from the town. You can become a top investor and manage your town.


7.Item system - One of the biggest features of ROR game is that all items are created only through production. All items are made only in individual houses or production facilities. The manufactured item can be used by the player and can be traded. Resources from collecting, mining, and fighting are all used to make items. So in the ROR game, all resources are used meaningfully.
Players can gather resources and trade items to become a competitive player in ROR world.


8.Token Economy -The most attractive property of RORS token economy is that 100% of the paid payment amount (Game sales) are distributed to token holders and the game players as reward.

The reason why the system is designed to allocate 100% of the paid payment amount (game sales) is to make the most of token economy within the ROR ecosystem and to eliminate unnecessary payment. This enables game users to establish ecosystem where they can enjoy higher profits while consuming economic costs.

For more details about token economy, we'll notice through @roadofrich account.

ROR Team has issued RORS Token using Steam Engine and we are going to proceed a private sale before the prototype opens.
We'll guide you through more details, including game information, token allocation, token economy, token sale schedule, and more.

The ROR homepage website is being prepared quickly and we will open it soon.
We'll keep you posted on @roadofrich and @ai-channel for details, images and news about the game.

Thank you.

ROR Public Discord Channel

*The In-Game screen may be different from the actual Play Screen as an example screen.
All images were produced by Zip-Lab and @ai-channel teams.






Is the game live or not yet ? Also don't you have a discord server yet ? Discord server is a great place for like minded people to form a community.

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Thank you @blog-beginner

Here is our Public Discord Channel

Our alpha test will be released in July.

Nice to hear about this game look very similar to the Clash Of King i am a big fan of clash of king actually i am a gamer i like online games so much ! when this game will be live ?

Thank you for your expectation.
Our alpha test will be released in July.

Do you need to buy RORS Tokens to start or can start with nothing and earn the tokens while playing? Looks like an awesome idea/game so far btw

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ROR game is a 100% free game.
You do not have to buy tokens to play the game.
But there are some paid systems in the game.

Are the paid systems inaccessible to free players or just harder to use?

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The pay system is like a "EXP booster". All players have access to the ROR gaming system. There is no inaccessible.

Awesome! Thanks for the replies 😊

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this is looking good. higher end graphic game developers are coming on steem chain. maybe u guys can do games like pubg mobile legend coc clash royal etc down the roadmap. having a mobile version is a must and do enable the game sales purchase via ios pay and playstore payment. Plus option to cashout via paypal.

if you have social media accounts for marketing such as twitter, youtube, instagram, medium do take advantage of share2steem dApp to auto share content over to steem chain.

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Thank you @onepercentbetter
The ROR game is planning a mobile version.

Thank you for your kindness and we continue to study about share2steem systems.

Those are a bunch of character images from darkest dungeon they sure do look cool @cheetah

We used some open source image to make understand the game.
However, STEEMIT is directly related to revenue, we understand it can be problem.
We will fix the image and upload it again.
Thank you for your intellectual.
This will not be a problem because the actual game uses character art produced by the @ ai-channel team.

Thank you.

RORS (7).jpg

So you are announcing game but not a single screenshot? Logo? Concept art?

This looks like a scam but I might be wrong

wow, i can't wait to play it, please keep giving us updates..

is this browser based?

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For now, Yes

We have a plan to prepare a mobile version.

ohh coolio, sounds awesome. Sign me up!

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Nice to see many things happening and being created around the Steem blockchain.

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Thank you.

Our alpha test will be released in July.

True love is when cryptocurrency and gaming come together and do stuff

Interesante proyecto!

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This post has been resteemed!

You're welcome

Nice job, i am waiting for it...

Thank you. @abdullahyusuf

Our alpha test will be released in July.

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Wow, that actually looks like a real game. Good job!

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Interesting, when is the launch planned 🚀 ?
Good luck to finish it as this game seems very ambitious.

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Thank you.

Our alpha test will be released in July.

Oh interesting. Where will this be released? Is this going to be on Google Play for Android? Or where? 😄

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first impression looks cool

Wow if those are the actual graphics this is truly a step above the rest. Good luck with your quest!

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Thank you @crypticat
Game backgrounds and characters can be found at @ai-channel

Looking good so far !

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Screenshots look good, hope its a good game :)

Looks quite interesting. I am a big fan of crafting and gathering games. How far along are you guys?

This looks really, really cool. Screenshots look great, and I personally like the idea of the strategy game. Awesome!

interested, how do we get updated?

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Looks like a great idea I'm looking forward to learning more about it!

I'm super interested in this!

Great to see a new game coming to Steem!

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