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RE: Diversify Rewards for Diverse Contributions

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Good idea. I've suggested a similar "investor class" SP, where those who choose to give up voting in exchange for more interest. I like how you have put numbers on it and set a balance in reward pool between voting SP and non-voting SP.

I would like to get rid of the 'flexible' author/curator split though, which has the effect of greatly reducing curator rewards and discouraging real curator effort. We can still have the reverse auction (ideally shorter) but instead of giving the extra rewards to the author, put them back into a pool to pay out more for curation on other posts (in particular the more obscure and less heavily voted/autovoted ones).

Another point in favor: Bot autovoting adds spam to the chain. If even some investors choose to sit passively and earn interest instead of autovoting for profit, it means less transactions on the chain and better scaling.


I think this makes sense. I think lock-in and lock down period should be the same for investors and curators. (13 weeks)

I'll be checking back what other people think of it.

@teamsteem I definitely agree with this idea from @clayop . This could potentially help get important investors on the road. @gold84

By the way, I was wondering if you saw the last post about "creating a Mentions tab" for steemit, to help steemians interact and communicate faster in projects or important messages. I mentioned you there and your welcome to steemit post, because I like to encourage people to read it, because it really helps to understand the aims and power of steem and the decentralized blockchain technologies. @gold84

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I haven't seen it but that would be a great idea.

Or, lock-in Steem Power (not Steem) immediately, and lock-down for a week. Then you can do power down.

I think it might make more sense. There's a lot to take in consideration with such a change.

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