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RE: Diversify Rewards for Diverse Contributions

in #roadmap20185 years ago

I think this makes sense. I think lock-in and lock down period should be the same for investors and curators. (13 weeks)

I'll be checking back what other people think of it.


@teamsteem I definitely agree with this idea from @clayop . This could potentially help get important investors on the road. @gold84

By the way, I was wondering if you saw the last post about "creating a Mentions tab" for steemit, to help steemians interact and communicate faster in projects or important messages. I mentioned you there and your welcome to steemit post, because I like to encourage people to read it, because it really helps to understand the aims and power of steem and the decentralized blockchain technologies. @gold84

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I haven't seen it but that would be a great idea.

Or, lock-in Steem Power (not Steem) immediately, and lock-down for a week. Then you can do power down.

I think it might make more sense. There's a lot to take in consideration with such a change.

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