Drama irl to go with drama online.

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I have the displeasure of working at a motel that will remain nameless. There were at one time 3 employees who could get along ok then the 3rd manager employee got tired of drama in her life and the issues surrounding keeping a run down old motel running. And she quit but not before hiring one of the worst hires she could. One of the maintence personel who was sickly due to a life of burning both ends with drugs and sex alcohol and cigarettes. And the 4 of us worked together for some time and it got to the point the owners took pity on him. And he sweet talked them and built himself up. Then the head employee our manager quit one day out of the blue. Left with little choice me or the slick car salesman scumbag. They chose to have the slick salesman who was able to do construction side jobs and such be the day clerk I would have my hours cut and would remain the night clerk.

3 years have passed since that happened and things finally erupted today. He got into yet another violent altercation with a member of the maintence staff and then he called the police. His attitude had not calmed down by the time the owner had come here and he was finally formally fired. Leading up to today he had been unhinged numerous times in the past he has broken phones and 2 way radios and tv remotes. He even had been caught drunk on the job several times prior and had been told if he is caught again he would be fired. He had also been caught vandalizing and manipulating the video survalence equipment. All and all the past 3 years have been like coming to work for a small business owner who doesnt have the fluid assets to keep an old motel like this running and a psycopath...as some would call it a living hell.

Manager hires bad hire
Owners choose bad hire to run business into toilet
Bad hire walks around like a rooster making everyones life hell getting into fights treating thus place like his own personal brothel.
Bad hire gets in 4 fights with owner in 2 months.
Bad hire finally fired.
I am left to pick up the slack and hours he leaves behind.

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