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I use to like XRP a couple months ago when it was making me money but, as I said before, for me its just a money maker.

It's a centralized solution to a centralized problem in many people's view, including mine.

It goes against the libertarian view of a decentralized currency system.

My thoughts for this was purely to trade this on a short term basis, for as long as the banks were clamoring for a solution to the decentralization of currency, traders of XRP could make easy money.

But, I'm back from vacation, and less time to trade, so now, I'm back in buy and hold mode. And you can bet that if I see XRP hit all-time highs again, I'll be folding.

Let me know what you guys thing by commenting below.



True its for a centralized economy and not really a decentralize coin but if technology can be applied to areas to make it more efficient why not? Personally i think it is a good hold because it does have a good use case. The only pointless centralize coin i see so far is IOTA i'm still trying to figure out why it has a coin its unnecessary

I use to think the same thing. I'm all for efficiency, and I've even said that it's a short term solution for a longer term problem but, I'm beginning to think I need to take a stand on principle here. And for me, I'm gonna treat it as a means to an end rather than the end itself. And that 's why i rather trade it, the hodl it.

I'm not a big fan of IOTA either. I like WTC for that sort of thing.

Thanks for the comment.


My predictions if Ripple will be $100 or $1000 one day! Also, don't forget, that you can be easily rapped by Ripple!

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