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Although Steemit shall not be about rewards and money primarily, but about interacting with interesting individuals with the added bonus that we can be rewarded for our efforts in monetary values, it can be very useful to get statistics about our monetary history and status. We have our Steemit Wallet (the Wallet tab in our own home/profile page) showing us how much Steem Power, Steem and Steem Backed Dollar (SBD) we have; Our wallet also gives us an indication of how much our account is valued.

Until Steem Supply application was released, we had no good tool to get a quick view on our pending rewards of our posts and comments. For various reasons, it can be very useful to see the status of what is expected to be paid out to us, and when it is paid out; With summary and details. Steem Supply is addressing exactly that! I for one, was very pleased when this tool was released and I use it daily.

Steem Supply

Steem Supply gives us a summary and a detailed view on our pending rewards. It shows us amongst others for the account that we like to review:

  • Total pending rewards
  • Total pending rewards on posts and comments and the ratio between them
  • Pending rewards on posts per day (in graph and table)
  • Pending rewards on comments per day (in graph and table)
  • Pending rewards on posts per post (in table)
  • Pending rewards on comments per comment (in table)
  • Expected payout date and time per post and comment (in table)

In addition the tool gives following information:

  • Available Voting Power
  • Vote Value
  • Potential growth of the account
  • Time the account is open

The image below is a screenshot of my own account, taken a little after noon CET (Central European Time) on 31 July 2017. At the top of the page, summary values are given for the total (expected) pending rewards, the account value and potential growth of the account. The later is simply the pending rewards as a percentage of the account value.

The middle part of the screen shows the pending rewards split between Steem Power and SBD per day in the bar graph. The pie chart shows the split of total pending rewards between posts and comments.

Liquid and Invested rewards are also shown. Liquid rewards are all those monetary currencies that we can use freely and immediately when they are paid out to us. These are SBD and Steem. Invested rewards is our Steem Power.

The bottom part shows all the details of the pending rewards, per post (post tab) and per comment (comment tab). Totals per day and time before payout are also shown.

Clicking on a post (in post tab) or comment (in comment tab) brings you directly to the post or comment on Steemit.

The image below is the same image as above, with the difference that the image below shows the comment tab.

Reward Uncertainties

For various reasons the real rewards that we are getting paid by the Steem blockchain may be different to what the tool shows us as pending rewards. For the same reasons, the pending rewards may vary in value over time for a particular post or comment, even when such post or comment does not get more votes - and with that rewards.

Steem / US Dollar value

We are rewarded with Steem Power and SBD. However, Steem Supply shows as pending rewards in US Dollar. The value of Steem in US Dollar is determined by the market and varies constantly.

Steem Supply indicates what Steem / US Dollar value it uses and gives a timestamp for that value. Keep in mind the Steem value Steem Supply uses may be different to the Steem Wallet Steem value, or the Steem/Steemit internal market Steem value. These are all different, and have their own dynamics. However, for all posts and comments the same value of Steem is used when we take a snapshot view.

Author / Curation split

By rule, 75% of the pending post and comment rewards goes to the author, and 25% goes to the curators, the voters. However, votes casted in the first 30 minutes after publishing the post or comment are split between the author and the voter. Steem Supply assumes all votes are casted after the first 30 minutes to calculate the expected pending rewards for the posts and the comments. In reality the rewards on the posts may be higher, whilst the pending rewards on the comments maybe lower.

Reward Pool

Every day the Steem blockchain creates the same amount of Steem for which the largest part is used to distribute as rewards to posts and comments. Depending on many factors the rewards allocated to a particular post may change while the rewards are still in pending status. For most of us it is not necessary to know the exact details; You just need to be aware of this.

Steem Supply Web Address

Steem Supply Web Address (URL) =

Type in the field at the top right of your screen the Steemit username - without the leading '@' - you like to get pending reward details for and click the "Lookup" button or hit the return/enter button on your keyboard.

Test Results

In general the tool does well. The tool is at times not super quick, but I didn't experience to much lag.


It is a new tool and has active development. A very recent update - click here.

A roadmap is - however - not provided, but the developer invites the community and users of the tool to come forward with suggestions.

My suggestions for enhancement are:

  • Remove the Ad-windows and links; These seem not to be in use anyway
  • Fixed time window to define the day - currently a day seems to be defined based on the current time with 1 day old being 24 hrs earlier - therefore the day is not our calendar day
  • Show pending rewards in Steem and SBD
  • Show pending curation rewards


Steem Supply is a tool created by @dragosroua (one of our Steem witnesses).


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Thanks a lot for the review and happy to see this tool is useful. Thanks also for the suggestions, I will try to answer each of them:

Remove the Ad-windows and links; These seem not to be in use anyway

The ad network I'm experimenting with is oriented towards crypto-currencies and it pays directly in Bitcoin. grew very fast and I already have costs with the server and maintenance. What I make from ads is not covering even a tenth of these costs. One way to get rid of ads would be to gather enough votes as a witness to afford to run this server off of the witness rewards. Right now I'm on the 65th position and although I still get a decent amount of witness rewards, these are mostly covering the costs with the witness hosting and maintenance, at the moment.

Fixed time window to define the day - currently a day seems to be defined based on the current time with 1 day old being 24 hrs earlier - therefore the day is not our calendar day

I will think about it, it's a bit tricky, because of the client time zone, but I think it's doable.

Show pending rewards in Steem and SBD

At the moment, the blockchain is paying only in SBD and Steem Power, when it will change that, I will update as well.

Show pending curation rewards

I think this is much more computational intensive than the posts and comments rewards and I suppose it will take a lot more time to implement. It's something that has been requested many times, though, so I will think about it.

Once again, thanks for the shout out and keep those suggestions coming :)


Clear and very reasonable view you have.

Ads: I understand you have cost, so I do understand the 'commercial' model.

Revenue model: depending on the evolvement of the tool, you could think of a freemium model, basic service, statistics, reporting free of charge, and with paid service, statistics, reporting.

SP/Steem/SBD: today you show $ values per post and comment in the detailed table, I was suggesting to show (also) SP, Steem and SBD per post and comment. Clear Steem is not what is distributed today as rewards, therefore only SP and SBD.

thanks. very detail.. im looking for this such a long ago.


Super! Now you found it! Included some suggestions for enhancements, would be great to have SP and SBD per post and comment in, as well as MVEST; the real values we get.


thanks sir.. i just resteem to keep on my wall. so that i can reach anytime.


Super you liked the posts and tool.

Very nice tool; I have just done an *If I Were A Dev" post on how we can improve on the current reward model. Hopefully someone like @dragosroua can make it happen! :-) ian-baldwin-blue_easter_eggs_steemit-cryptogee_R.jpg



Will have a look at your post a little later. Thanks for reading and commenting. Nice pic BTW :)


Thanks; I'd love to know what you think.

Thanks again for the tool tip off, I've already used it :-D



Just posted a comment to your post! :)

@edje sjees wat een lap tekst ! lees het morgen wel ! !!!
Nice post !


Je kunt ook gewoon de link proberen die verder in de post staat, dan zie je direct de tool en kun je hem direct zelf beoordelen.

This steemit tool is really helpful it gives a clear idea and expectations about rewards and more !


NJOY using the tool!

Yaaassss!! Thanks for this important info🙌 Im def going to make use of it right away. Thank you!!


Great you like it and success with using the tool, very useful indeed.

great post.. helpful


Thanks! Hope to tool helps you.

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