Steem.Supply Update: How Much Is Your Vote Worth, Code And UI Cleanup, Bug Fixes

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If it's Monday, then chances to have another update are pretty high.

One of the most requested features was to display, along with voting power of an account, the actual worth of an upsteem, in USD, based on the Steem Power, current voting power, in percentages and the current price of STEEM.

It proved to be quite a time consuming task, as the formula for calculating this was changed over time (in HF 19, as we all now) and there aren't many places where you can get a hang of it. That's why I decided to mark this improvement as experimental for now. I will monitor the value for various use cases and update the formula if there will be significant information along the way.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 6.34.17 PM.png

Here's the full change log:

UI cleanup:

  • processing comments only when there is a valid comment in the last 7 days
  • added a chart div wrapper to group together the two chart divs
  • solved extra width for the jumbotron at the bottom

Bug fixing:

  • if there’s no value of either posts or comments, it correctly shows that in the table (before it was skipping the table creation if there wasn't any rewards for posts, BUT there was a reward for comments)
  • added standard user icon if the user didn't set up his profile image

Experimental features:

  • added current vote worth - experimental, I’m still doing the math

As always, looking forward to your feedback, criticism and suggestions.

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You have a great tool and as mentioned some time ago, I would test it an d make a review and promo post. I done that, since I lie the tool very much and have it always open in a separate tab of my browser. I including some suggestions for enhancement. I hope this help spreading the word. If you are interested, my post here.


Thanks a lot, really appreciate it! Will have a look now.


Really Cool Tool and very useful!

Great addition, you are doing a stellar job as usual @dragosroua, thank you!

Well that's some nice improvements. I've been using this all the time and it's cool to see it getting better and better.

i just checked out mine great stats it show working flawlessly is a great tool, and now looking even better with these new updates. Thanks!

hey thanks for sharing mann. i didn't knew about this as i just had one week here at steemit. i just checked mine . thanks

I finally can see the adds, up to know for some reasons they were invisible to me. I like the experimental feature with the vote worth even though mine is almost insignificant 😀

Im wondering that your site working at this time!
steemd steemdb steemstats all down!


working ok for me

That's such a handy tool, thanks for taking the time to create that for the community.


You're welcome (feel free to support my witness node, that will help me continue building on this and on other projects).

Thanks for the update. You have a very useful tool. Voted you as a witness.


Thank you, appreciated :)

Nice job dear i voted you for witness.

Yeah that's very helpful,before I did not know about that ability

I could not live without steem supply!

this post means alot for new users thank you keep updating new ones

I know I'm late to replying, but I just found the Supply site today. It's a great tool.

Thank you for putting it together.

I'm not following you, and I voted for you as a witness.

thanks a lot Mate
have been using it for quite a bit of time
helps me to keep an update on my profile
thanks for the new 1

Thanks for all the bug fixes and tweaks to make a more pleasant user experience.
I'm really glad that you can see your voting power now. I'll sooner or later only use rather than going back and forth between your site and