#ReviewMe Restructured with SP and free upvotes!

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First of all, we would like to take this opportunity to make an apology for being absence for 4 months. #ReviewMe has been going through major restructuring, the original operating team is no longer here. We came to an agreement of Powering down the balance and return them back to the previous operator.


FFF activity

Now! We're back with 1000sp delegation! We would like to call for a rather NOT welcoming activity, which is FREE to participate for all! Give us a follow, leave us a comment at the bottom, we will check on your portfolio. Once your account approved, we will give you a follow and reply to your comment. Once you've been followed, we will give free upvote on daily basis! The amount we vote may not be big, but atleast it is something. Stay with us, who knows soon we will get a million delegation? Or even launch our own token? Mind you we will only take care of those who grow together with us.


This activity will make us stay united and be strong. We encourage our friends here to follow each others to increase your follower base. You probably not knowing, the amount of follower will indirectly effecting your post payout be it with or without upvote from your follower.

How does follower SP effect

I would like to inform our fellow follower and friends, SP is a form of influence token in Steem blockchain. With big SP, one can affect a post's reward. To increase by upvote or to decrease by flag. How do we know how much we can affect post payout? We can check it from below link.
By changing the account name to your name, you'll be able to see your effective SP. Now we know how much we can rely on our own SP. But, what if you have small SP? Have you heard of Busy and eSteem in this Steem blockchain? If you have not, it is time my friend. With these web base dApp, you can earn a possible bigger upvote if your post meet their curation criteria. The larger follower SP you have, the bigger upvote you'll get if you're being selected. Those who have no try these dApp, please download and try it out.
Ok. How can we check on our follower SP? Here's a link that can help you out. Do remember to change the account name to your own account name.
Go to followers_mvest column, you will find the long number. Use that to divide by 2002(sp/mvest). We will get around 90k of follower SP, which is very insignificant to earn a bigger upvote from the dApps.

How to participate

  1. Give us a small upvote on this post. Be it 1%, we want to see the numbers
  2. Resteem this post so it may reach many more possible followers
  3. Strike the follow button for @reviewme . If you have already followed us previously, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for following and please proceed to the next step.
  4. Leave us a comment below before post payout, if you have followed us and wish us to do the same
  5. You may also start looking for followers from our follower and followed list


@ReviewMe official account are still not fully independant yet, currently undergoing power down. Our promise to our follower is, we will not power down in the future, after returning the initial fund from previous operator, unless we lose control of the account or the active key being stolen. We will strive to continue giveaway free upvotes to as many as possible. For FREE!

Free !




Special thanks to @cn-malaysia and @team-cn who worked together to make this happen. We wish to bring #ReviewMe to the next level, to bring free resources and upvotes to the community, to quality content!


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Learn more: https://esteem.app
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Try to inform all your friends. We already started voting the Chinese group from last week, you're a week late, but its better than never. We shall start to vote you from next week onwards.

Proud to be one of the @reviewme members, hope more will be joining this parade in near future!

You are already in the list. Thank you for supporting

Done. It sounds greate!

Followed you. Thanks. We shall start to vote you once this activity concluded.

Congratulations @reviewme! You have completed the following achievement on the Steem blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s) :

You made more than 50 comments. Your next target is to reach 100 comments.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard:

Are you a DrugWars early adopter? Benvenuto in famiglia!
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Cuenten conmigo @reviewme para apoyarlos en lo que pueda, tal vez esa reestructuración sea para mejorar y pulir aun más las ideas que tienen solo solo para crecer ustedes sino que al mismo tiempo podremos tambien creciendo nosotros. Saludos desde Venezuela hasta todo el equipo de #ReviewMe y como dices a llevarlos al Próximo Nivel.

Gracias amigo. Actualmente no encontramos a nadie que pueda usar el español para comunicarse todavía. Si conoces a alguien que pueda traducir esta pieza, házmelo saber. Vamos a patear en la multitud española después de cerrar esta semana de seguidores en inglés. Parece que no muchos están interesados ya que nuestro SP es pequeño. Intentaremos mantener esto dentro de nuestros primeros usuarios.

IS the plan to still have this as a way of getting feedback from the community?

Yes, we will come back to that. The first step is, build a follower base, and we're giving free upvotes. Unfortunately, we will not be able to give free SBD anymore as those are from the previous management. We will come up with better tier of upvote for higher ranking reivewme user.

done and done

Had followed you. We will put you in the voting list once this activity concluded next week.

You will be upvoted on daily basis.

All the best! 🌹🌹🌹

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Thank you for your support. You have been followed and upvote since last week. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the sharing. I have been using steemdb since I started Steemit.
@doraemon526joice for your exposure.

Thanks for promoting. You have been followed for upvote from now on.

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