@reviewme I can see this being a good thing.

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@ReviewMe! I'm @krazypoet ≧◠‿◠≦✌



About Me:

I'm Jason Arnold otherwise known online as Krazypoet, a trademarked name I use and brand of my many works be it poetry, music, photography, or art! I believe in community and being fully involved to the best of your ability in your niche community, which steemit does. I am a spiritual person and I believe in love and guidance from the spirit above to put it simply.


I'm in the Central Valley in California close to my dear friend @dreemsteem and would like to have a steem meet up sometime with my niche community and talk about a sustainable future and inspire one another to keep creating and prosper.

Contact Info:

I can be contacted many ways, as most know about discord. But links are at the bottom of this post in my footer that I'm proud of and hope to bring in more banners from my new tribes.


ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっPlease review your experience interacting with me on steemit.com!

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Me hanging off the edge of the cliff were we jump from at our old swimming spot.

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A positive, joyful attitude helps to keep us strong and promotes peace and unity.

I'm Jason Arnold (@krazypoet)

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5 cred stars
Ohhhhh do I get to be the first??? I do I do!!! And I'm thrilled to do it!!!

I remember the first day I met you! You were talking about where you were from and I thought hmmmm a Steemian close to me??? How cool! And then I met you and the flood gates opened!

Creative, talented, ambitious,supportive, dynamic, encouraging... When our project became a "thing" I was so excited to get to officially work with you!!! I love how invested you are in everything you do...and how your heart is genuinely open to showing who you are. (How easy it is to talk to you!!!)

I'm so thankful for who you are in my life and can't wait to keep building on what we've started Jason!!! As you always say... "Be well" and.... Stay well 😉

Your girl, Dreemie 😊

Oh my! such an awesome encouraging comment my friend. So glad you were the first for sure. Thank you so much you made me super happy to hear your thoughts. Yes always be well...

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Nothing other than 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
I wish I could give you more 😊

You are such a great person and has a big heart and great humor 😉
Have many talents and are passionate and that is inspiering.
I've known you for a while and you have grown tremendously and it's a pleasure to call you friend 🤗💕
You are humble and ambitious and so supportive.
Im glad to have gotten to know you and much love 💕🤗💕🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Omg thanks so much my friend your awesome and encouraging and support to all of us thanks so much. Be well my friend

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4 cred stars

I like your photography style !

oh wow thanks so much my friend , be well

I feel something in your intro. LOL
You have the doubts to say God's name to avoid disputes. Hahaha... Because you said,

I believe in love and guidance from the spirit above

But your intro was good! (^^) I would like to read more about you! (^^)

Hey bro yea thanks for stopping by, not to many I know have seen it, sometimes that happens here. No, no doubts, just a simple poetic reference to God. Good job pointing this out. Believe or not it's your choice but the world so beautiful and clear to see how wonderful we are as these being that are in this colorful world so artistically created for us to enjoy, how could you not. Still Love for all either way you hear the call. Rise to your highest frequency of life and enjoy the ride. Be well my friend see you around.

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Nice response! Thanks for that! (^_^) God bless bro!!!!

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