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@ReviewMe! I'm @katrina-ariel ≧◠‿◠≦✌



About Me:

I am many things: Musician, poet, novelist, dragon rider, mama bear to twins... I dance and run and imagine I can fly. I ride the waves of life, holding onto my surfboard when life knocks me down.

Singing is part of my soul, nature is part of my essence, and the community I've found via the Steem blockchain has become part of my life. I am immensely grateful for the friendships that have sparked here. 💞

I've published two books thus far, and have more in the works.

yoga for dragon riders
Yoga for Dragon Riders (Non-Fiction)

wild horse heart
Wild Horse Heart (Women's Fiction/Romance)


I live in British Columbia, Canada. I'm on Pacific time, though time does tend to get warped in my world. Winters are long, but I'm surrounded by wild beauty. I love where I live.


Contact Info:

To get in touch with me, you can leave a comment below, you can try me on Twitter, where I can be found from time to time, but most of the time I'm hanging around in Discord, giggling and gifting emojis. 😊


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Thank you for being you! 💞




5 cred stars
ohhhhhhhh I get to be the first one!!! :)

So happy to give this review out! Katrina, you are one of the most beautiful spirits on the platform. Every time I see you come into a room, the room reacts with love, and hugs, and a sigh of peace! :) its true! hahaha as I wrote that just now, I thought yep! she brings peace into the room. Whether its your love of nature and animals, or its your songwriting that soothes us, or its your poetry that moves us.... we just end up all taking a collective breath of peace when you're finished :)

thank you for being that for us! I love you dearly and am so thankful for the moments that we've shared in public or privately in DM :)

I'm glowing over here. Wow! Thank you so much! What an amazing thing, to read your words and feel the love. I could say the same of you, of course: your presence makes me happy. I'm so glad to know you. 💞

5 cred stars
Also happy to give a review. You’re one of the beautiful spirits on the STEEM blockchain. Generous and sincere, through your words, be it written, spoken or sung, I’m always reminded to pay attention to the important details in my own life. I also know there’s always a warm welcome whenever we bump into each other. That means a lot to anti-social me who never expects it! Lol. ❤️🤗

Oh! Thank you so much! Your words make me feel all warm and fuzzy and loved. It always makes me smile when I see you around, so the feeling is mutual. Much love! 💞

5 cred stars
Well well.
First your Canadian! Fist pump. That alone deserves 5 stars. Ha!
Second your creative and talented, write and sing!
Third your a proud mom
Fourth you smile nice
Fifth your super cute and a little silly in your frilly purple fedora.
Keep Steemin 🇨🇦

Why, thank you so much! Steem on! 🇨🇦

5 cred stars @katrina-ariel is one of those amazing multi-talented artists that leave one in awe. She's an inspiration, a beautiful soul that deserves a lot more exposure!

She's an inspiration, a beautiful soul that deserves a lot more exposure!

^^ Same could be said about you. Thank you for the wonderful review!

5 cred stars
for your awesomeness... your sensitive nature and your courage to share

Aw, thank you! You see me. I really appreciate it. 💞

I can't g3t it 2 work on Partiko but I give you a hundred million trillion stars xxxx

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You're the sweetest, thank you! 💞

5 cred stars
What can I say about Katrina, the first time I met Katrina, I had no clue who she was. It was one of those meet up things. All I seen was her legs. Being the smart ass cocky little shit I try to be, I commented on the legs, ( let me add here, I was not at the meet up and only seen the legs through the pictures being posted in the discord server.) That comment got me another picture, This picture was the middle finger. If I had known this comment was going to happen I would of took a screen shot, Still think you have nice legs :P

I have heard Katrina sing a few songs on Discord. To my ear Katrina sings very well and I have enjoyed having the privilege of hearing her on quite a few occasions. We=hen she sings reggae tunes I think she sings best, Maybe that just cause I like that beat though.

Other than this I do not know much about her personal life. We come across each other in some discord servers at times. We are not the best friends forever with tattoo's on our butts saying so.

I know she does have some young folk to care for and the tiny bit I know about how she does that, I give kudos to her for it, She considers the development and the future of her young folk in later life.

I think I got her a bit paranoid when first met, saying she had nice legs. So I might just add to that paranoia by saying now, Yep! you got nice legs, and showing off the freshly shaved armpits in this post.
While she has a pretty face and nice body, Her personality is the most beautiful. She is considerate of others and a core part of the community of people I chat with from time to time.

I have a lot of time for Katrina, Not because of her face her body or how beautiful she is inside, but! for the time she gives and shares with others. Katrina in your circle of friends, will definitely add to the calibre of the community.

Ha! I did flip you off the first time we met on discord. That isn't normal for me, I was in rare form that day. And you said my legs were too white. ;) Glad we've had time to get past flippant introductions. You might be a smart ass but you've got a heart of gold. Thanks for the review.

I'm happy you were able to see the humour in my cheek. Now that we are talking, let us not fight about it and agree I got the better deal here :)

Hello @katrina-ariel, I'm a little late in getting to this, but I hope my review still helps you get your 1000...

5 cred stars

my 5 star review is based on the following criteria:

  • consistent and generous engagement
    in my experience, you not only upvote, but also leave thoughtful and insightful comments often, you enter and create challenges, and are an all around good citizen on this platform.

  • quality content and consistent posting
    when you post it is always worth reading. it seems to me that you've found that sweet spot of creating posts that are both engaging for readers and for you as the writer, the process of it is life-giving in some way.

  • quality relationships
    and lastly you've created loyal and meaningful relationships here and this is an essential part of being a positive presence in this social platform (and in this social world too!!)

Keep up the great work @katrina-ariel!

Thank you, Muxxy. You're top notch as well.

5 cred stars

You are perfect!

Imperfectly perfect. ;) Thank you, Snook. 💞

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