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RE: Would you please ReviewMe?

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ohhhhhhhh I get to be the first one!!! :)

So happy to give this review out! Katrina, you are one of the most beautiful spirits on the platform. Every time I see you come into a room, the room reacts with love, and hugs, and a sigh of peace! :) its true! hahaha as I wrote that just now, I thought yep! she brings peace into the room. Whether its your love of nature and animals, or its your songwriting that soothes us, or its your poetry that moves us.... we just end up all taking a collective breath of peace when you're finished :)

thank you for being that for us! I love you dearly and am so thankful for the moments that we've shared in public or privately in DM :)


I'm glowing over here. Wow! Thank you so much! What an amazing thing, to read your words and feel the love. I could say the same of you, of course: your presence makes me happy. I'm so glad to know you. 💞

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