Need testers? Hunting for Reviews? Looking to Earn for 'Trying before you Buy"?

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..then this is the post for you!


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|ReviewHunt|: the bigger, more mature & loving Sister of 'Steemhunt'

..Maybe like me some of you were never a fan of 'SteemHunt' - I imagine if you got on that bandwagon early it might have been fun.
Heck, maybe early on it was the best way to earn...

But now I see 'SteemHunt' like the ladies on the old block - used up, dry, and a word that rhymes with hunt.

I had tried to submit some 'hunts' but what I thought was unique and new was already hunted down and shot by most of you. One thing I'm thankful for is that it will let you know if a URL you're trying to hunt has already been 'hunted'.

Since I was never innovative enough to submit anything new, I thought it was pointless to use the dApp since I'm not earning anything from it.. At first I was hanging around as a way to discover new things, but I found myself wishing the hunter left a better review, or that we could earn for contributing reviews too.

Not to mention, people were so excited to be the first to submit something on SH, that their posts tended to seem hurried and not very informative (as I mentioned, not well reviewed 'hunt items') -- This led to SH posts being chalked up as SPAM and so the SH community became secluded and excluded from many user's feeds...

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Review Hunt, campaign Hunters and Quest Makers!

I introduce to you: [Review Hunt]( where they take hunting and reviewing to an entirely new level! No longer do you need to decide what's new and worthy of hunting, now there are actually campaign makers who use the platform to reward you for your feedback and opinions! They tell you what they'd like you to do, and you enter your proofs by uploading a screenshot of your completed missions!!

Depending on your network reach you may be worth more or less to Makers, but each network you attach to RH is independant.

failed part of a hunt

For example, as you can see in this screenshot I was on the last quest of the Onboarding Mission, which is the first campaign you get to do after signing up - basically like a tutorial to show you the ropes so that you know how it's done when you get 'hired' by a real Maker - but I failed it with a Rejection because my time for submission had expired!

You get 24 hrs to complete your 'quest' before your time is up!

Stupid me accepted it before I was ready and so it failed on me, otherwise it would have just sat there waiting for me to start (some will have time limits so you'll want to accept the various steps right away after completing the previous)
Of course as soon as I went to write this post and a different draft popped out at me and was almost complete.. So of course I just wanted to finish up that one which of course led me down the rabbit hole of STEEM again, and I ended up publishing my opinion on bid-botsinstead of spreading the love about Review Hunt.

I also thought I could just make a quick tweet and my quest could be done - but I was wrong, I needed to review this new review platform!

So here I am, it's straight forward enough to partake, but how do I really feel?

So far, it's been great! It's hard for me to judge 100% at this point though because I've only done the starter campaign, which does have a structure like what I imagine we will see in the wild (sharing referral links and uploading when you've clocked # number of referrals), or spreading the word on social media, or even writing a review about the target product ((sound familiar? I'm doing that right here!))

You can attach your different social channels, like FB, Insta, Twitter, and of course STEEMit. Your channels are given a rating based on user attention levels in a similar fashion to what we see with - you are provided an estimate as to how many HUNT tokens you might receive per 'hunt'.

My 'buzz channels'

I have stopped using FB pretty much all together, I use Twitter more often than ever before but still not as much as I use STEEM. -- I'm on Minds if anyone wants to check it out and follow me, great thing is you can link Minds and other custom networks with your Review Hunt as well - but there won't be an estimate for the 'Unknown' channels until you hunt with them :)

Well, that's it for now until I can do some 'real' hunts! My advice for those of you who want to try it is new so be patient - my quest proof took a day or two to process each time. Another tip is to not accept the next steps in a quest until you are about ready to submit the proofs.

Also there won't be a huge amount of Mission Makers at this point but I am loving the fact we can earn for making reviews, spreading the word and testing new products!!

Head over to Review Hunt and sign up with your email address Use 33 mail to make an alias.. They won't spam you but it will need to be valid of course for the verification text to go through.

After registration you can link your social and STEEM accounts :)

Get Hunting!

«♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥»

🇨🇦 Happy Hunting and Turkey Day to my fellow Canadians - Thanksgiving Monday! 🇨🇦

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I need you to steemhunt my SAND token and its newdex listing! I already got one steemhunt about it but i need more :D I need moar! MOAR

I've heard about SAND token but how in the world does one get SAND token?

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