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This show premiered tonight, and I have to admit that I have been waiting for it, for months since it was announced. John Krasinski is best known to fans of "The Office" as shown below in "Office" form, and then in "Jack Ryan" form.

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As a HUGE fan of The Office, I was already on board to support this show and give it a try. As one of the recent commercials for something says lately, I have been in a "show-hole". They took away Designated Survivor and Lucifer from me this season, and they were the only shows I was watching. I was watching Designated Survivor because of being a HUGE fan of "24", and at least this gave me a little bit of Jack Bauer back.

The Jack Ryan series is not necessarily based on any one book of Tom Clancy's; it is based on the character himself in modern day, so he is basically re-invented. We had Jack Ryan in "Hunt for Red October" as rookie analyst who is forced to become more of a CIA agent, and we see it continue in Patriot Games for example. They don't try to pick up where previous movies left off.

This Jack Ryan is just that character who was a former Marine in Afghanistan, and has now turned into a CIA financial analyst who follows money to a potential large terrorist group. I have only watched 3 of the 8 available shows tonight. I can tell you that if I started earlier in the day, I would have gone into marathon mode and watched all 8 in a row.

They provided a moderate level of suspense that "24" did. They present Jack Ryan as the unlikely or underestimated hero. In "24", Jack Bauer is portrayed more like the tragic hero. I sense some foreshadowing that the character will drift that way, but hasn't quite yet. In movies like Patriot Games, where he is married, he has a weakness that makes him a tragic hero, by having his family being made to suffer.

I am guessing that this sort of thing will show up in the next few episodes to round out the character. I have to say that I really liked it a lot. If you like shows about people fighting terrorism or movies in that genre, you would probably like this.

I am also happy to see John Krasinski has been able to overcome getting stereotyped into comedy roles as the loving jokester. He did an awesome job of being "Jim" on "The Office", but you really wouldn't know this character was Jim after about 10 minutes of watching. I've seen every "Office" episode at least 10x and I was able to dismiss "Jim", and really get into a "pseudo Jack Bauer like mode" with John K.

Feel free to comment if you watched any of the shows, and try not to add spoilers into the comments. I don't think I made any spoilers in this commentary. I am endorsing it for the fan base in the "24" show-hole too.

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nice review, I have not watched any of the show, but I might do now :-)

I see you are here on steemit a few months now, just had a look around your account. I know when people start here they get a few welcome messages, but after that, if you have not joined a community you can easily get lost in the sea of posts. How are you getting on here on steemit anyway?

I’m doing a little bit of outreach this week with those that have been here a few weeks and have had some time to get a feel for the place. Would love to know your thoughts so far? Is there anything I can help you with or questions I can answer for you?

One tip I am spreading this week is to check your mentions. being part of steemit includes engagement and if someone happens to mention you in a post, you should really check it out. You can find your mentions on https://steemworld.org/@inspire1, if you look through the tabs, you will find all your mentions.

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Thanks @paulag - No I have not joined a community but I would love to do so because I am not really engaged fully with any interaction except for a handful of people that follow me. If I were part of some discord group or group that interacts, talks to one another, helps one another, etc.

Admittedly, I did pick up on the "mentions"feature at one point and then I lost sight of keeping up with it because I wasn't getting mentioned anywhere. Perhaps I am and I am missing some interactive opportunities. Thank you for the tip. I'll try to play "catch up" with that and/or start looking at that regularly.

I have been getting along on well enough but would love to hear more about communities I can join or that would be interested in having someone like me. Based on your reading of my blog, I assumed you ascertained that I am pretty diverse in a lot of different topics and I have worked pretty aggressively to keep this account growing, with the exception of the past few weeks due to some medical issues. I am getting back into the swing of things this week for a few days and then heading back to Atlanta for the weekend and will lose time for steemit there again and then be in full swing again next week.


what I am finding from this outreach is that many people are not yet part of a community. there are so many awesome communities, it really depends on which ones will suit. I bounce back and forth between 10-15 communities, lol but then that also takes time. One can spend ages on discord and then forget to engage on steemit. getting the balance right is key.

The first community I tend to suggest is minnowsupport and the PAL discord server. they have load of different things going on from contests to radio shows and they have side groups for many different niches. You will find a link on their website to their discord server http://minnowsupportproject.org/discord/

You could also check out the engagement league held by @abh12345. This is a weekly post and the top engagers on the platform tend to hang around this post a good bit. the latest post is here

Hope your health issues are not to serious!


Thank you @paulag for the reply. I am slowly trying to follow all or most of the people that @flyingdutchman put in his posting:

Coincidentally, @abh12345 is at the top of the list and I just started following that a few hours ago. I've only added about 15 people from the list so far. It gets a little distracting because I end up looking at their blog for a bit and then eventually click back to the posting where all of the references are. I am hoping this will make my feed more interesting and then I can add interesting comments as well and dialogue.

I will check out the minnowsupport discord. I appreciate the counsel.

And no, my health issues were more about dealing with someone else's health issues. I should've made that more clear. I am just fine. Just been super busy.


I had a look at that list and it is a fantastic list of people to follow and engage with, its a good move what you are doing, although yes it does take time.

If you have any questions or need any help at any stage, do pop over to one of my posts and leave a comment and I will make sure I get back to you. We are here to help :-)


Thanks, I will do that @paulag - I appreciate the light mentoring you've reached out with.

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