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Launching STEEMRATEIT: A Rating and Reviewing platform based on steem

Dear STEEM community,
I am very happy to Introduce http://steemrateit.com/

Made by - @alltimefun

What is RATEIT?

Everyone has a different view and every view has a value.

Rate it is a platform you can share your experience about Movies, Games, Blogs ,Songs and so on…..
You can Write , Rate and see others rating.
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We are now releasing version 0 and planning for many improvements.

How to use RATEIT ?

Click on Login
Enter your STEEM username
Enter your Private Posting Key, or Login using Steem Connect

you can find private posting key using your steemit account as below:

write your Post

Write your content and click post

How To Get Rating?

Every Rate is a up vote.

Click the star first and then Rate

Top Rated

Get Your post listed on Top rated. Get more attention also enjoy reading top rated

Share on Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Linkedin and pinterest

on the left side you could see Facebook,Twitter,Google+,Linkedin and pinterest button to share your content on other social network

Steemrateit is free to use like all the rating websites.No Charge for posting on steemrateit. If your post makes profit then we will be charging you 25% of reward. It will be collected by @Alltimefun for developing STEEMRATEIT and used for data cost, bug fix, developers etc...

over the time i feel rateit will bring more value to the community.
More things are gonna come.... Stay connected.

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it!

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rate 0 for FB ;)


nice one lol!

Wow! I’m going to try this. Good job @alltimefun


Thank you, i hope you enjoy it over the period of time when more number of users started using rateit

Wow! Great Initiative. tenor.gif

Hello, please follow the rules of the group Steemit for Resteem ↕ and you will be resteemed by the most active members in the group.

You have to resteem a post from the group before you post yours there.