My Weekly Post Review.

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Welcome to my weekly top three post from project.hope. Project hope is an initiative of @crypto.piotr, @pedrobrito2004, @juanmolina, @fucho80, @gbenga, @jadams2k18, and @lanzjoseg, which started growing and has now become a community of over 1000 subscribers and about 150 active members both on steemit and on hive.

Without delay, I will be reviewing three posts from the @project.hope community written by amazing writers. I hope you enjoy them.

Learn to utlise your Failure to achieve Success.


image from @mandate post

That we experience failure at some point in our lives doesn't mean we should give up on life completely, the times we failed should be a reminder of the progress that we can achieve in life.

You can read about it Here

Putting Knowledge To Practical Application @unbiasedwriter


image from @samminator post

It has never been enough to have information about a thing, putting those informations obtained to a good practical use makes a great and impactful difference.

To learn more, read

How fast things Change in the Crypto Space - Are You Participating?



The level at which things are changing so much in the crypto space calls for a better attention from us and a serious and better level of dedication to the cryptocurrency network.

You can read more about the topic Here

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