Putting Knowledge To Practical Application

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I normally hear people say that "knowledge is power", well I agree to an extent but it is worthy to note that knowledge itself may not command power until it is put to application. A hungry man does not get satisfied by reading about foods but by eating the food practically. In the same way, the knowledge that will benefit your life is not just the one you have acquired but the one you have put to use.

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You will agree with me that the only thing that proves that you have knowledge about something is not by convincing people that you have the knowledge but by acting towards the line of the knowledge. Your actions are what give expression to your knowledge. Without having an application for your knowledge, then the knowledge was not necessary.

In this contemporary times and in this world that is very competitive, your knowledge and ideas alone may not give you an edge because many other people may have the same knowledge or even better. What gives you an edge is the execution of the knowledge at the right time and of course, at the right place. The world, at this moment, does not depend on theories but you need to substantiate the theories with practical.

If theories were to be everything, then having a certificate will be preferred in lieu of having skills. If you have ever attended a recruitment exercise of maybe a big engineering firm, you will realize that they will focus more on what you can do instead of what your certificates say. This is not to invalidate having certificates but much more than that, you need to put your hands to practical use.

Okay take this instance: you may have a doctorate degree in aquatic science but when you are involved in a shipwreck, you will discover that theories will not save you but you need to add practicals by swimming through the water. This is how putting knowledge to practice will bring about the desired result. Depending on only residual theoretical knowledge may not save you when real life problems come up, and remember, problems do not always give prior information before coming.

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You would be surprised how many people may have thought about heavier-than-air flying machines but the honour now goes to Orville and Wilbur Wright for engaging their own idea to create the airplane. You are only celebrated by the results of what you have done not just because of what you know. In exams, you do not pass by having idea of what to write but by writing it down. Similarly, in real life scenarios, the application of your knowledge is what justifies the knowledge.

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Theory and practice are necessary, if these two elements are linked we can excel and be successful.

That's right. We have to combine theories and practices in the right proportion to achieve the desired result. Thanks a lot Sandra

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts (perhaps in a new article) on the barriers to putting knowledge into action. My thinking here is that it's not always as easy as you put it. The example I have in mind is access to capital. To use the 'heavier-than-air flying machine' example you gave in your post - it's harder to put that knowledge into action without a considerable amount of capital.

The "heavier-than-air flying machine" was only an example. It does not have to be that. You can start from where you are and then keep progressing until you get to a higher point.
Orville and Wilbur Wright did not start from creating the flying machine, they started from repairing bicycles. Same with other big inventors, they started from where they were.
Thanks buddy

I hear you. Thats a good point too

Hi @samminator, this is a great post. From the beginning, with few words you can make the message very clear with very concrete examples.
Thanks for sharing this post.

I'm glad that you found the post worth reading buddy @josevas217. Thanks a lot for your continuous support

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Hello @samminator
It is essencial for us to know that knowledge is useless if we don’t put it on practice. Currently the things that we put on practice are much appreciated than, for example, an university degree, since that doesn’t prove how you develop in real life. People that put on practice the things are the ones that right now are giving the face for our world and taking jobs, money, etc. For that reason it’s important to understand that knowledge is just a little part, and that we have to be better than that, and improve how we are in the real part of the world.
Very interesting and important post, greetings!

The first line of your comment summarized the whole post. The only usefulness of knowledge is when it is put to practice.
Thank a lot for the comment. Bless you

This is really educating!! Nice one @samminator.

It's really sad that some Nigerian schooling system aren't considering this aspect when it comes to learning and this is really affecting the student they produce from school. The lack of practical experience is really quite bad and this is what some other developed countries don't do.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕💓

Exactly. The students are normally subjected to only learning how to balance X and Y without practicals. This is so sad. Practicals should always follow theories to achieve the best result.
Thanks bro Adebola

In this contemporary age seriously, there are so many links to gain knowledge and people are gaining more knowledge every day but putting the knowledge to good use makes a great and significant difference.

That's the point. It is almost a waste of time to gather knowledge without putting it to work. Thanks a lot buddy

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Having a good knowledge about something is never enough, it is the practical use of the acquired information that makes healthy difference.

Knowledge is not well utlised unless been put into practice. It is one thing to acquire knowledge, it is another thing to been able to utlised it