Learn to utlise your Failure to achieve Success

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Many people have really given up due to the failure they encounter. Well we are always quick to judge those set of people at times. We regard to them as people who are not ready to succeed at the first place that's why they give up. That's quite understanding.

One thing that I have noticed that made successful people stand out is not that they don't encounter failure along their quest to succeed. No not at all. In fact for every quest to succeed you embark on, be prepared to face some obstacles and one of these certainly is encountering failure along the pathway.


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But what will stand out is your ability to dust off the failure and even use it by utlising it to succeed the more. One thing that failure even help us in if only we can realise the importance of it is that it always help us to even achieve our success faster.

Success achievers are failure utilser. I have seen and heard many people giving up in a quest to achieve a goal wether academically, financially or maritally and many more and what they say is because of the failure they encounter, they can't go on any longer. That can't be true. In fact failure should push you to go through more fatter than before and more than you can imagine

If only we see the beauty in failure and the positivity it can bring if it can be well utlise, we will certainly stop condemning ourselves, others when we or they fail.

Learn to utlise your failure to achieve success

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This is a very motivational article. I will very encouraged. And it's true, we have to look at our failures as stepping stones to our success.

I really like this phrase;

Success achievers are failure utilser.

Nice article @mandate

Hello @mandate
A very beautiful and emotive article. We have to learn to use our failures as motivation to move on and overcome, not as a excuse to stop and to never progress.
Thanks for these motivational words! A lot of people needs them in orden to improve their lives and reasons to go forward.

Failure shouldn't be used as an excuse to quit, it should rather be seen as an opportunity to try harder and get a better result from it.