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Where we take all our post submissions, put them in a turbine jet engine and display the best ones here for your reading pleasure!
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Resteemit Featured List-

CONTEST: Post a beauty in a comment and win 20% final payout, 2 SBD, and a boost package

@lifenbeauty like.png 161 eye.png 121

Those of you who are already following me know that, in addition to life philosophy and psychology, beauty i ...
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China builds artificial intelligence zone with $ 2 billion investment

@erkander like.png 126 eye.png 2

According to the official news agency Xinhua of People's Republic of China, Beijing plans to build a $ 2.12 ...

Flying Cars Are On The Way - Too Cool! (Contest Prizes Given To Top 13 Comments)

@davemccoy like.png 42 eye.png 51

Its a fact, flying cars are coming... check this out: the EHang 184 Have you imagined the possibilities? T ...

Exploring the Town Under the Castle on the Rock

@adonisabril like.png 236 eye.png 75

Fellow Steemians, today I will take you to a super cool place that you most likely haven't heard of yet. I'm ...

Sneak Peak of a 70,000 Square Foot Commercial Property I am Buying

@investfourmore like.png 34 eye.png 3

I have had a goal to buy a 50,000 square foot or larger building for over a year now. I had a 250,000 square f ...

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