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Hey everyone!
A few months ago I registered the domain for a project that I wanted to work on. Unfortunately I never really got around to it and the domain has been sitting idle most of that time.

Today I decided that I wanted to give the domain away to someone else in the Steem community who might want it. I think the fairest way of doing this would be to auction it off.


  1. Highest Bid will Win
  2. Payment is in STEEM
  3. Minimum Bid of 25 STEEM

At this time there I am not going to set a deadline for when the auction ends (well see how it goes) but if you happen upon this post and its a bit old, check in the comments to see if I have declared a winner.

Proceeds from this auction will go towards continuing to host AskSteem, a community-run STEEM search engine.

Even if you don't intend to bid, upvotes and resteems are especially appreciated for visibility. If you know someone who you think might want the domain make sure to send them a link to this post.


Domain Sold

Thank you to everyone who participated. The domain has been sold to a private bidder for 25 Steem Dollars.

@thekyle, interesting post, at least for me. I am not interested in the domain, but I've just learnt about #AskSteem. I will start using this STEEM search engine.

Btw, I will resteem your post. Just, in case, some of my followers will be in interested in the domain.

Alright well, thanks for the Resteem! Glad you like AskSteem.

@thekyle, is the idea behind AskSteem to search information only on Steemit, or something more? For example, to start competing with Google in the long run?

For now, the goal is to optimize it as much as possible for Steem apps. There are some cases where we have collaborated with other search engines though. For example, DuckDuckGo uses AskSteem for searching the Steem blockchain.

@thekyle, clear! Thank you!

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Should have used Steembay

Hi @upvotewhale I sent 0.005 SBD on 2 days ago for
and I dont see an upvote or refund.

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