Scruffy junkie posting libel all over Steem (@abusereports his circle-jerk buddy)steemCreated with Sketch.

in #reportabuse2 years ago (edited)


As is typical for a coward and junkie, he has nothing to say that isn't libellous.

This has already been reported to the police and is likely to result in civil action. Just because it's an immutable blockchain, doesn't mean you can be a cunt.


As you can see he is obsessed with paedophiles and has a serious drug addiction.

I have no doubt he thinks he's anonymous on here but I'll be passing on the details to the correct authorities.

Wait about three seconds (because he's properly stalking me) for his idiotic, infantile response. The brain doesn't function properly full of THC.


Hilarious. @abusereports is an abuser. You people really do need to give your heads a shake.

And you wonder why the price is fell through the floor? Wake up.


Please keep your nose out of peoples business.

When you stop flagging me I will stop calling you a pedo. You won't threaten me, or bully me into anything bitch, I don't care who you snitch to. You started randomly attacking my medical marijuana use, so I retaliated. Every time I wake up and see a bunch of red flags from you and your 10 fake accounts I will retaliate. It will stop when you stop

I seriously think a stoner must've liked boinked this dude's girl at some point or something. Nothing else would explain why he's got such a bug up his ass about cannabis users, or as he likes to call them... junkies.

I wonder if he consumes alcohol. If he does, he's not only a dick, but a bloody fucking hypocrite to boot.

And it was random, he just started randomly attacking me one day

His photos suck too. ha.

Yeah I'm familiar with him because I get alerts any time someone uses the word or tag cannabis, marijuana, etc. I have no idea what his deal is, but he's clearly insane.

Guys can't you just get along or just ignore each other and please stop reporting to the @steemcleaners . We don't get involved with arguments. 💩💩💩

I don't know what this whole thing is really all about or where it started but:

@kennybobs - please stop hating on weed and calling people junkies 😒

@viraldrome - please stop calling people paedophiles without evidence 😁

Calling someone a junkie is a cunt move.

Okay, if he's a junkie, then you're a dick.

no in not a junkie I make more money he does too

Why are you so obsessed with circle jerks?

Your reputation is now at 3. If you don't stop now, you're fucked.


I don't know how else to say it? Eventually u get sick of seeing flags every fucking day, and start calling him a pedo, he has no stake in steemit there is nothing you can do to him. So I started my kennybobs is a pedo campaign I can't wait for it to end, once kenny stops flagging me

How long was that? YOu fuckinng lunatic IMG_20181215_165758.jpg

Now he's making new weak accounts that he's not posting from so he can inflict teeny tiny little amounts of butt-hurt damage? He's like a mosquito.


I don't know how else to say it

I guess I will ignore this. I don't what else to do how to reason with us you have no SP u cant do anything, your flags have no value maybe i will take a nickle off of you now and again.

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15 Steem Power would basically double his Steem Power. ha.

Fuck you Kenny!

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See you are act like a victim, and today you are flagging me again I haven't flagged you, you attack, and yet somehow you are a victim.

LOL you are flagging @berniesanders with your no SP @scruffyjunkies and @dumb-as-an-ox you might as well change your name to the invisible man

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